True Compass: Kennedy Recounts Decision To Endorse Obama In Autobiography


In the early months of 2008, out of a crowded field of talented Democratic primary candidates, there emerged a young man so compelling, so electric, his mind so alive with good ideas, that before I knew it, I was hopscotching around the western states for him like a fellow half my age, pumping my fist and telling wildly cheering crowds, "I smell change in the air!"



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20 responses to “True Compass: Kennedy Recounts Decision To Endorse Obama In Autobiography

  1. dnd

    WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Iraq on a previously unannounced mission to show the White House remains focused on the Iraq war.

    Ya just can’t get good baba ghanoush in DC…

  2. nannymm

    The Health-Care Debate, From Up North

    A year ago, America had a great appetite for change, and a catalyst in candidate Barack Obama, that might have been able to shift the national myth enough to transform American health care, much like Lyndon Johnson established Medicare so firmly that it now needs protection from government hands. But having used up his superpowers on the global recession, Obama is left to slug out the health-care debate with nothing but facts. He needs more than this to overcome a national myth that denies health care as a public good.

  3. Ok, I’ve done my civic duty and voted in the Dem primary.

  4. nannymm

    This may be the most outrageous thing I’ve heard in a long time:

    “It turns out that in eight states, plus the District of Columbia, getting beaten up by your spouse is a pre-existing condition.”

  5. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, September 15, 2009 — 5:33 PM ET

    House Votes, 240-179, to Rebuke Representative Joe Wilson Over Outburst

    By a party-line vote of 240-179, the House of Representatives
    approved a resolution expressing disapproval of
    Representative Joe Wilsonâe(tm)s âeoeYou Lie!âeť outburst
    that disrupted President Obamaâe(tm)s address to Congress
    last week.

  6. Carter derides ‘racist’ tone against Obama
    Sept. 15: In an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, former President Jimmy Carter said he has been extremely bothered by the heightened climate of racial and other hate speech since the election of President Barack Obama.

  7. dnd

    Jimmy Carter is my hero. His comments on racism were spot-on.

    Everybody here knows that I think the last two honorable Presidents in the last 50 years were Ford and Carter. Carter is still alive to prove it.

  8. I sent the email below to K.O. about Colonel Joe Wilson since I have heard nothing mentioned about him still being active duty. That is if he still is active duty or not and if it would make a difference in regards to a court martial.

    Dear Mr. Olbermann,

    Have you looked into whether or not Colonel Joe Wilson violated the UCMJ and should be subject to a Court Martial under Article 15 or Article 88 for his derogatory comment to President Obama before a televised joint session of Congress and the American People.

    I believe he is still under military law since I have heard that he is in the reserves and if this is true then the Military should be filing Court Martial charges against him. Or will this end up like we saw with the Abu Ghraib white wash by the military where only the lower ranks faced consequences for their actions while the upper brass walked away free of any liability what so ever?

    Please check on this and do a segment to let those of us who believe he should have been censored and removed from his seat for his actions instead of a reprimand. Since he really paid no price for what he has done it would be fitting if he still is active duty to be striped of all his military benefits including his pay, pension and military insurance.

    Thank you for any consideration you may give to this email from me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Will have too watch and see if anything comes of this.

  9. Good night and …

    God Bless.

  10. I also sent this to K.O.

    Mr. Olbermann,

    Please see the explaination on whether or not Colonel Joe Wilson is subject to the UCMJ or not.×6517908#6519256

    Sincerely yours,

  11. nannymm

    Well done, AP.

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