Mary Travers (November 9, 1936-September 16, 2009)





Mary Travers Wiki

NY Times Obit

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18 responses to “Mary Travers (November 9, 1936-September 16, 2009)

  1. TempeBev

    The good ones from my era are leaving – my age is showing. PP&M were always a delight when PBS did their pledge drive. Henry was great on Boston Legal. They’ll be missed.

  2. Morning peeps,
    Nothing like waking up and finding one of the dogs has been sick overnight, yuck!

    Yes Bev, our ages are showing and it sucks!

  3. nannymm

    I agree with both of you, Bev and Brian. It definitely sucks!

  4. nannymm

    More proof that the Baucus bill is lousey:

    Health Insurance Stocks Rally With Release Of Baucus Health Bill

  5. nannymm

    This doesn’t surprise me:

    Teen birth rates highest in most religious states
    Link may be due to communities frowning on contraception, researchers say

  6. Nanny I suspect so called religious people aren’t exactly having healthy frank conversations with their children regarding sex either.

  7. nannymm

    Healthcare industry loves Baucus’ bill. Just more proof that it isn’t good for the people.

  8. dnd

    Today kicks off Constitution Week. First signed into law by Ike in ’56.

  9. Insurance Company Must Pay $10 Million For Revoking Policy Of Teen With HIV

    Read more at:

  10. dnd

    The Weavers were probably the first folk group to bring folk music into the mainstream, but PP&M were the first to really unleash it on the popular masses. Without them laying the foundation for this sort of popular adoption, it makes one wonder if all those who proceeded them would have been so successful. And that is a very, very long list.

  11. dnd

    As to this getting old thing, frequently friends kids who are in their teens or twenties are showing me what’s on their iPods: Beatles, Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, etc.

    They all tell me how lucky I was to be growing up when these bands were in their heyday. I can only smile at them and say: “yup.”

  12. nannymm

    It’s official — the Respect for Marriage Act has been introduced and now it’s time to repeal the discriminatory so-called “Defense of Marriage Act.”

  13. dnd you have to learn to read between the lines, what they are saying is they are amazed you’re still alive and able to take care of yourself!

  14. Bird moron is a gross understatement.

  15. Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?,8599,1924348-1,00.html

    Taking a page from Stephen King — who once called Beck “Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother”

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