You be the judge!



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18 responses to “You be the judge!

  1. nannymm

    This is welcome news:

    Obama to Set Higher Bar For Keeping State Secrets
    New Policy May Affect Wiretap, Torture Suits

  2. hey nanny how you feeling today?

  3. nannymm

    Feeling bitchy. Pain does that to me.

  4. Nice to have an excuse!


    Is Khaddafy ever going to shut the fuck up?

  5. nannymm

    I don’t need an excuse. LOL

    As for Khaddafy, what a borish windbag.

  6. nannymm

    Dems Ramp Up Push For Colleagues To Block Filibuster On Health Care

    Read more at:

  7. Palin Hong Kong Speech Blames Government For Financial Crisis; Some Walk Out In Disgust

    Read more at:

  8. nannymm

    This is horrifying:

    Census Worker Hanged: Bill Sparkman Found With “Fed” On Body
    Read more at:

  9. Horrific indeed! Good catch on that article in The Times nanny about the gay teens.

  10. nannymm

    I wonder if Glenn Beck is happy now? BASTARD!

  11. nannymm

    That was a great article,Brian. I passed it on to all my teacher friends.

  12. dnd

    So Palin criticized the U.S. in Hong Kong. Where’s the Dixie Chicks style outrage?

  13. nannymm

    Good point, dnd. But I doubt we’ll see any outrage from the lying republican hypocrites.

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