America’s National Parks ~ dnd

gpw-20041023-original-YellowstoneNationalPark-GrandPrismaticSpring grand-canyon

About a month ago I commented on the Wilderness Act turning 45.  As the perfect segue, documentary film maker Ken Burns released “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” on PBS.

I thought of this after my 85 year old Republican mom told me how much she enjoyed the series.  She’s a conservative, and believes that we should conserve what is our heritage.  She’s been to at least a half dozen National Parks and wishes she could have visited more.

For those of you who haven’t yet been to a National Park, put it on your bucket list.  The experience ranges from the spiritual to the bizarre, seeing the weird geologic formations like the geysers and mud pots in Yellowstone or the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado or the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

For those who believe this is “America’s Best Idea” a note to Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar might be in order.  His family has lived in Colorado before Colorado was a state.  He knows.

For more on the Parks Service:

For more on Ken Burn’s documentary, which I’d encourage everyone to watch:

For more on how President Carter made our wild lands better:



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10 responses to “America’s National Parks ~ dnd

  1. Morning peeps,
    nice piece d.

  2. dnd

    From the Krugman column:
    “So what did we learn from this moment? For one thing, we learned that the modern conservative movement, which dominates the modern Republican Party, has the emotional maturity of a bratty 13-year-old.”

    Why do they hate America?

  3. d I felt Krugman was being rather generous in that assessment.

  4. TempeBev

    d- the National Parks series is wonderful. Ken Burns has done another fantastic job.

    Politics was alive and well way back when the Grand Canyon National Monument was created. It’s just amazing how people can see the same thing but see it so different.

  5. President summons congressional leaders on Afghanistan

    I have a feeling sometime late next week we’ll know how the president plans to proceed in Afghanistan.

  6. dnd

    54,ooo turned out for Denver’s Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure yesterday.

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