Going, going, gone, the future of the GOP

That cuts to the GOP’s basic challenges finding political footing : Only 20 percent of Americans now identify themselves as Republicans, the fewest in 26 years. Just 19 percent, similarly, trust the Republicans in Congress to make the right decisions for the country’s future; even among Republicans themselves just four in 10 are confident in their own party. For comparison, 49 percent overall express this confidence in Obama, steady since August albeit well below its peak.

The Republican Party’s difficulties are shown in another result as well; in an early assessment of preference for congressional candidates in 2010, the Democrats lead by 51-39 percent.

ABC News-Washington Post Poll  October 19, 2009

If you click on the pic above you can view  party identification poll results for the past year at pollster.com.  If this trend holds up the GOP might want to start thinking about changing their mascot to the woolly mammoth!



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21 responses to “Going, going, gone, the future of the GOP

  1. I find it fascinating that the WH sent Kerry to Afghanistan, a great choice and very savvy.

  2. nannymm

    Good afternoon, BC’ers.

  3. nannymm

    Not much new here. Damned shoulder has flared up again. It kept me up all night. How you doing?

  4. I’m pretty good, starting to feel human again. When is your surgery?

  5. nannymm

    Report: Unprecedented Number Of Death Threats Against Obama — And Secret Service Overwhelmed

    The Boston Globe reports that a new internal Congressional Research Service report and government sources say there are an unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama — and that the Secret Service is insufficiently funded and staffed to deal with them.

  6. nannymm

    Surgery isn’t until Nov. 10th. Three weeks of hell to go….

  7. TempeBev

    Sometimes life sucks, and sometimes you get good news. Life is ups and downs. Hang in there and know the sun will rise again tomorrow.

  8. Bev you forgot to attach the vid to your post, LOL

  9. nannymm

    Thanks, Bev. And thanks to you, Brian, for the music. I love that show.

  10. Hoyer: GOP abandoned focus in Afghanistan for seven years

    An irritated House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday fired back at Republicans who have charged President Barack Obama with jeopardizing U.S. troops by deliberating over whether to send additional forces to Afghanistan.


  11. dnd

    Has your doctor suggested NSAIDs to help with your shoulder pain? If you can’t sleep, that’ll just make things worse.

  12. nannymm

    I can’t take NSAIDs, dnd. They put me right into ICU every time I’ve tried. So, I’m very limited in what I can take. I have the heavy duty stuff but can’t take it too often. So, I use a lot of ice packs. It’s better than nothing….

  13. Pope Sets Plan for Disaffected Anglicans to Join Catholics

    VATICAN CITY — In an extraordinary bid to lure traditionalist Anglicans en masse, the Vatican on Tuesday announced that it would make it easier for Anglicans who are uncomfortable with their church’s acceptance of women priests and openly gay bishops to join the Roman Catholic Church.


    Homophobic? Come on down!

  14. dnd

    Pope Benny doesn’t get it. Women priests, married priests, gay priests are why so many Catholics are becoming Anglicans.

  15. PapaRatzi seems hell bent on offending a lot of people, muslims, jews, gays, females. Lets hope his tenure is a short one.

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