I’m just wild about Harry!



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38 responses to “I’m just wild about Harry!

  1. nannymm

    He’s gettin’ with da program

  2. dnd

    Too many people think of Reid as weak. He didn’t get his position by being weak, he got it by being smart. Reid was a boxer. He’s tough. He knows strategy. He knows how to rope-a-dope. He knows when to deliver the knockout punch.

  3. Hey he saved me from having to think up a new topic for tomorrow, that makes him a hero in my book!


  4. speak4dogs

    hi peeps……
    dnd…I know you love your mysterious ways, but did you know you can get a FB even with the name dnd?

  5. speak4dogs

    now I am freaking speaks 4 dogs….I am just way too busy

  6. it’s me……burned out and jus relaxin….

  7. that’s a good next name……I am wired and have to get to sleep so that I can get up in the AM to do another day of chaos.
    How are you doing?

  8. I’m good too, tired ,I’m off to bed too, night night.

  9. I have already pass my first weight goal, and now it’s like I don’t even have time to eat……seriously , I could blow off sleeping start drinking coffee and just keep going…….sorry you cant make the party….

    I think we may shoot some video then edit and post…no live feed ….too many privacy issues with that

  10. How Reid Found His Silver Bullet: Opt-Out Pitched Just Three Weeks Ago

    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/26/how-reid-found-his-silver_n_334687.html

  11. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I don’t do Facebook. Twitter either. Why? I’m too easily distracted. There was a good piece on this in the NYT Sunday Magazine:


  12. Pelosi Wants to Change ‘Public Option’ to ‘Consumer Option’


  13. nannymm

    This SOB needs a good swift kick in the ass… right out of the Democratic caucus.

    Lieberman: Sure, I’d Filibuster A Health Care Reform Bill With A Public Option

  14. I think the trick here nanny is what does Lieberman want? He’s holding out for something and it’s got nothing to do with the public option.

  15. nannymm

    I agree with you, Brian. But he’s still an SOB. And I’m sick of him blackmailing Dems to get whatever he wants.

  16. No argument there nanny! Lets home moveon starts running an ad campaign in CT real quick!

  17. nannymm

    That’s one ad campaign I’ll donate to big time!

  18. dnd

    “Pelosi Wants to Change ‘Public Option’ to ‘Consumer Option’”

    The funny thing about this link is the comments from those on the right. While they condemn this “re-branding” no one commented on the right’s attempt to re-brand the public option as the “government option.”

  19. dnd

    Pissed off Patricia has a great post on her blog today about “Suckers and News Readers.”


  20. nannymm

    Pelosi claim CIA lied validated by House Intelligence Committee
    By Jared Allen – 10/27/09 04:22 PM ET

    Democrats on the Intelligence Committee have concluded that the CIA did not fully inform Congress about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques during a September 2002 briefing.

    The new report seemingly validates House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) claim earlier this year that she was lied to about the program.

  21. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, October 27, 2009 — 9:10 PM ET

    Brother of Afghan President Is on C.I.A. Payroll, Officials Say

    Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a
    suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium
    trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence
    Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according
    to current and former American officials.

    The agency pays Mr. Karzai for a variety of services, and
    those financial ties and the agency’s close working
    relationship with him raise significant questions about
    America’s war strategy, which is currently under review at
    the White House.

    Oh fuck!

  22. Morning peeps, no thread change today.

  23. dnd

    Hadassah Lieberman works for a lobbying firm that has many clients (wait for it) in the health care industry! Who knew?

  24. “Hadassah Lieberman works for a lobbying firm that has many clients (wait for it) in the health care industry! ”

    What a surprise!

  25. TempeBev

    Lieberman is now added to the list I spoke of last week who needs a mammogram of his nuts.

  26. dnd

    I think Lieberman has demonstrated that he doesn’t have any cojones.

  27. dnd

    Costco to accept food stamps:


    Over 10% of Americans are now on food stamps. So much for “trickle down” economics.

  28. dnd

    Guess who’s finally joining the administration? At the White House today, President Obama will announce that he’s naming former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel as cochair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, which oversees the intel community.


  29. TempeBev

    dnd – you’re right – his nuts have gone the way of his brain.

  30. nannymm

    Brain? Did he ever have a brain?

  31. “who needs a mammogram of his nuts.”

    okay I will repeat that at some point int time tomorrow…..thanks! I don’t know who I am signed in as – but it is I.


    dnd – you are a chicken, you cant be that bad……..just miss you bud.

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