A Case for Single Payer

If there’s two things we Americans like to preserve it’s our money and our health.  This year over 100 banks have gone belly up, yet no depositor has lost any of their savings.  Not one.  This is due to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  The FDIC is a single payer system whose  premiums are paid by member banks.

To those who think that insurers of banks should be open to all only need to be reminded of AIG, their insurance acumen, their profit motive, and their bailout by U.S. taxpayers.

The single payer model doesn’t work well for many insurance types, e.g., auto, homeowners, life, etc.   But it has worked well for banking in the U.S. and it has worked well in other countries for health insurance.



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32 responses to “A Case for Single Payer

  1. Morning peeps, spot on piece d!

  2. nannymm

    Ditto what Brian said.

  3. “Ditto what Brian said.”

    That should be a mantra!

  4. dnd

    It was nice seeing the First Lady and Jill Biden with Yogi Berra last night.

    Seeing Cliff Lee pitch reminded me of why the Rockies lost to the Phillies in the post season.

  5. I hope Philly savors their victory last night, it will their last!

  6. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Thu, October 29, 2009 — 10:58 AM ET

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Unveils $894 Billion Health Care Bill

    The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, on Thursday unveiled an $894
    billion health care package that is similar in size and scope
    to a bill being developed in the Senate.

    Read More:

  7. dnd

    Jill Biden is a Phillies fan.

  8. TempeBev

    This is a little late, but if you didn’t see Stephen Colbert’s show on Tues, it’s great.


  9. dnd

    If Scranton trash is babe-a-licioius PhDs, I’m moving to Scranton. 😉

  10. Well think about this, Scranton makes Delaware look good!

  11. dnd

    Do they have scrapple in Delaware?

  12. I wouldn’t actually know, one never really stops in Delaware, you just pass through on your way to Baltimore or DC.

  13. We have a jobs crisis going on right now and Boehner is criticizing the health care bill because it’s going create thousands of govt. jobs, friggin genius!

  14. dnd

    Maybe the Boner may not realize is that a lot of the jobs that administer Medicare are bid out to private contractors who operate very efficiently. I’m guessing the public option would follow that model.

  15. dnd

    BTW, I contend that the correct pronunciation of “Boehner” in English is “boner.” Why?

  16. A dick by any other name is still a prick!

  17. dnd

    That is just gross.

  18. dnd

    Sen. Pat Roberts wants to give insurance lobbyists enough time to read the bill:


    You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

  19. You don’t like meatloaf d?

  20. Newsmax is now calling it “Pelosi Care”, I guess they weren’t bring in enough cash with “Obama Care”

  21. President lifts ban of people with HIV coming into the country, bout friggin time!

  22. I don’t get this repug whine about the length of the bill. It’s not they have to read it, they aren’t voting it for it anyway.

  23. Finally we have a Surgeon General!

  24. dnd

    The same people who are bitching about the length of the health care reform bill bitched about the length of the TARP bill. I think one can safely assume that they just like to bitch…

  25. nannymm

    I think you just hit the nail on the head, dnd.

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