Put up or shut up week

Ready or not, House Democratic leaders say they are pushing for a healthcare vote this week.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is poised to send a bill to the floor Monday in its final form, setting up a vote as early as Thursday.

Pelosi preps for healthcare plunge



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45 responses to “Put up or shut up week

  1. nannymm

    Morning, Brian. Did you watch the game last night?

  2. Nah, how was it? I started to watch it but drifted off to sleep, old age does that you know.

  3. TempeBev

    Ok, you Yankee fans may pull this off. Kurt W of the AZ Cards is not looking very good lately. That’s OK with me because I’m usually for the other team.

    I’m not even watching the news about healthcare anymore because they’re all a bunch of jerks who seem to be only thinking about themselves and their political career. It will be what it will be. I’m sure there’s Spanish for that, but I can’t think of it now.

  4. I can’t decide what would be better, for the Yankees to win tonight and humiliate philly on their own turf or to let philly win tonight so the yanks can win the serious in the new stadium

  5. nannymm

    I’m having the same problem, Brian. It’s a tough call…

    Bev, I agree with you about healthcare. I’m so disgusted with all of her politicians. The ones who exhibit any political courage are few and far between. So, we’ll get another crappy bill that does very little to change the healthcare mess and could make some aspects of it worse. And the politicians will all pat themselves on the back and high five each other on the way to their next fundraisers. So much for “change we can believe in.” As for “Hope,” well, it was “just words.”

  6. The last thing we need is a flu breakout at Gitmo, this who discussion about whether the prisoners should get the vaccine is just absurd.

  7. nannymm

    I totally agree. And the few hundred doses of vaccine that are to be used at GITMO, wouldn’t even be enough for a typical grade school. This is just more right wing craziness. They have nothing constructive to contribute to the governing process so they make noise. And the MSM willingly gives them the air time to spout off.

  8. nannymm

    Vitter Confronted By Rape Victim Over Franken Amendment Vote

    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/02/vitter-confronted-by-rape_n_342051.html

  9. TempeBev

    Like I said, the ones who voted against the Franken amed need a man-o-gram. If one of their daughters was raped, I’m quite sure the bill would pass in a nano-second. However, they probably don’t let their daughters work for companies like that.

  10. nannymm

    Bev, I’m not so sure. Vitter doesn’t seem to care a whole helluva lot about his family. Guys like him generally don’t. All they care about is themselves. But, if THEY were raped, we’d see a deluge of new anti-rape legislation.

  11. Now there’s a mental image I could live without!

  12. WTF is up with the Yanks tonight?

  13. nannymm

    Good question. It’s definitely not their finest showing. But, it ain’t over yet. And if worse comes to worse, they’ll be back in The City when they win the Series. 🙂

  14. nannymm

    Btw, where is dnd tonight? I expected to see him here gloating. 😉

  15. I think he’s afraid of you!


  16. Now that was sweet what Arod just did!

  17. nannymm

    LOL, I serious doubt that dnd is afraid of me or anyone. He does a good job of giving as well as he gets.

  18. nannymm

    Yankees aren’t gonna give up tonight without a fight. Go Yankees!

  19. We can still pull this thing off!

  20. nannymm

    Yes we can!!! We only have to win one; they need all three. And THAT isn’t going to happen. A win tonight would be sooo sweet! But I won’t be upset if we have to wait till they return to Yankee Stadium. Neither will all those fans with tickets to Game 6.

  21. nannymm

    I was about to make the very same comment!

  22. I just changed the blogs time zone, it doesn’t adjust for daylight savings time, so posts may get out of order for an hour or two.

  23. nannymm

    No problem. I’m about ready to turn in for the night anyway.

  24. Top of the morning peeps, Nanny let us know how voter turn out looks up your way!

  25. nannymm

    I’ll do my best but I have a sick child at home. Looks like he may have H1N1.

  26. nannymm

    The unions are waging an aggressive get out the vote campaign up here, especially the Teacher’s Union. Although Hoffman is ahead by 2-5pts in the polls, depending on the poll, that union support is for the Dem, Bill Owens. So we shall see…

  27. See if you can get a union member to baby sit for you, every vote counts!

  28. dnd

    Hope it’s not H1N1. Is it too late to get tamiflu?

  29. Is it going through his school nanny?

  30. nannymm

    His best friend has a confirmed case of H1N1 so I would be surprised if it isn’t H1N1. I have a call in to our doctors for Tamiflu scripts for both of us. Although I don’t have any symptoms, I want to take it prophylactically since my surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. If I get sick, I’ll end up waiting another 6 weeks for the surgery.

  31. nannymm

    Don’t worry, Brian. I will vote this evening when hubby gets home. No way am I going to sit this election out!

  32. dnd

    Interesting piece on Lieberman’s motives for opposing health insurance reform:


  33. nannymm

    Police Called To NY-23 Polling Sites

    It’s getting ugly out there.

    I just got off the phone with former state Democratic Chairwoman June O’Neill, who informed me the police had been called to at least two polling sites in St. Lawrence County due to overzealous electioneering (O’Neill called it “voter intimidation”) by Doug Hoffman supporters.

    “We’ve gotten reports that people are standing there, covered with Hoffman stickers and yelling anti-choice stuff at voters,” said O’Neill, a St. Lawrence native who has been running the party’s GOTV effort for Bill Owens in NY-23.

    “Apparently, there’s some woman claiming to be a commissioner,” O’Neill continued. “Commissioner of what, I don’t know. She’s from Texas, I think, and she won’t leave.”

    “This is not the way we roll in the North Country.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2009/11/police-called-to-ny-23-polling.html#ixzz0Vp3JRjNy

  34. nannymm

    I’ve received SEVEN get out the vote calls for Bill Owens today, all from different groups. I’ve never seen anything like this here.

  35. nannymm

    Hubby and I just voted. No problems at the polls here. I spoke with the poll workers; voting has been heavy and steady. Since this is the most Democratic area of the district (the eastern side), that’s a positive sign for Owens.

  36. Evening peeps, god it’s good to be home, damn Nanny things get scary up in your part!

  37. nannymm

    I have never heard of any kind of trouble at the polls up here until today. Damned right wing crazies have invaded parts of our district from places like Texas and Mississippi. They may have done more to hurt Hoffman than help; I’ve heard and read quite a few reports from people who had planned to vote for Scozafava anyway (she’s still on the ballot.) But they changed their minds when they saw and heard the crap Hoffman’s crazies were spouting and cast their votes for Owens. We’ll see….
    Another good sigh, two bus loads of voters just showed up at my polling place as we were leaving. That’s is unheard of! Also, today is the first time we have ever waited in a line of more than 3 people to cast our votes. Hopefully, people are coming out for Owens. Two hours till the polls close.

  38. Damn that pizza hit the spot, I was hungry.

  39. Hoffman has just conceded, NY’s 23rd is now blue! Thank you teabaggers

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