Something to get you in the holiday mood!



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16 responses to “Something to get you in the holiday mood!

  1. The holiday classics live forever!

  2. TempeBev

    It is a classic, isn’t it. I imagine it will appear for several years to come.

  3. TempeBev

    Peep right back to you – looks like the peeps are getting ready for TG.

  4. dnd

    Will Obama’s first state dinner the first to be held in a tent?

  5. TempeBev

    It may be the first, and it maybe a tent, but I’m sure it’s a really, really neat tent!

  6. Lots of parties have been held in tents at the WH, this is nothing new. The tent also could be used as additional prep areas, we’ll find out tomorrow night.

  7. dnd

    But I think this is the first state dinner to be held in a tent, due to the number of attendees.

    Since Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the guest of honor, I wish I could be there. Love me some Indian food, especially southern.

    I wonder if everyone will be seated on the floor and if there will be silverware.

  8. d it’s not usually the habit of the White House to serve the cuisine of the guest of honor, they usually try to showoff the best of American cuisine.

  9. dnd

    Singh is a vegetarian. Maybe squash, corn and beans? Bean burritos (better in a ventilated tent)? Fried okra? Chile rellanos? Cheese enchiladas with mole sauce?

  10. dnd

    Fried okra, gumbo, and especially pickled okra, it’s all good.

  11. *stretches and yawns*
    Morning peeps.

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