Last month it was reported that the Climate Research Unit of University of East Anglia had their e-mail hacked.  The MSM reported that many emails anonymously disseminated by the hacker allegedly indicate that climate scientists have been fudging the numbers to support their position on that anthropogenic climate change is real.

Watching this unfold, I was reminded of the basic axiom of reporting I learned in journalism class: who, what, when, where and why.  No where in the reporting was there a “why.”

I wondered about “why” in three areas:

1. What was the climate scientists motivation to “cook the books?”  This makes no sense.  Science’s objective is to uncover truth’s in understanding the natural world.  The only scientists who don’t operate this way are those who are paid by corporations to justify a position.

2. Why was this done so close to the date of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen?

3. Who was (were) the hacker(s)?  What was their motivation?  Who were their backers?  Why would they spend so much time pouring over thousands and thousands of 13 years worth of e-mails to  find some out-of-context phrases to try to discredit climate change research?

The last point is the most significant, yet most neglected question that has not been investigated by the MSM journalists, and that is unfortunate in that it has generated more heat than light.



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32 responses to “Climategate!

  1. AmericanInSURGEnt


    Great post ,thank you for bringing this up. You make some good points.

    1. “The MSM reported that many emails anonymously disseminated by the hacker allegedly indicate that climate scientists have been fudging the numbers”

    Whoever stole these emails is by no means the only person to disseminate the info in these emails. The university verified their authenticity.

    2.”What was the climate scientists motivation to “cook the books?” This makes no sense. Science’s objective is to uncover truth’s in understanding the natural world. The only scientists who don’t operate this way are those who are paid by corporations to justify a position.”

    I think you pretty much answered your own question there,”to justify a position”. Just think for a min how far reaching and how intrusive a global tax scheme on being alive could be. What if Obama signs this treaty in Copenhagen(I think he will) and Dick Cheney wins in 2012(god please no)and he has the ability to tax you for breathing based on your B.M.I. (body mass index).

    3.”Why was this done so close to the date of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen?”

    Timing obviously, just like the EPA’s sudden announcement that carbon dioxide is making us sick and is a deadly poison. Its meant to influence your train of thought. Is this the same EPA that declare the air safe for 9/11 workers at ground zero?

    4.” Who was (were) the hacker(s)? What was their motivation? Who were their backers?”

    Motivation was to expose,in their beliefs,a fraud I’m assuming. To prevent the signing of a global treaty that will change our lives forever. This isnt about saving polar bears,its about control.

    Here are few quotes from top environmentalists wich may answer your first question dnd~

    “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.”
    – Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis.”
    – David Rockefeller, Club of Rome executive manager

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Program

    One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly form the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.” David Rockefeller founder of WWF -New York Times, 8-10-1973.

  2. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Correction ..Rockefeller Foundation is a major financial contributor of WWF,not the “official” founder.

  3. d,
    More heat than light indeed and from everything I’ve read on this no smoking gun either!

  4. Excellent post, dnd. Thanks for your thoughtful insights.

  5. nannymm

    I’ve had many of the same questions, dnd. Thanks for raising this issue.

  6. dnd

    Climate change denier Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) going to Copenhagen to tell the world that Congress won’t vote in favor of climate change measures:

    This is really embarrassing. Everyone knows that his only motivation is to protect oil and gas interests in his home state.

  7. Everything about Inhofe is embarrassing, friggin neanderthal.

  8. nannymm

    Can you just imagine the hullabaloo the repugs would raise if a Dem dared to do what that moron Inhofe is planning? All the screaming about dissing our president on foreign soil? Isn’t this a bit like situational ethics? Damned hypocrites!

  9. nannymm

    But they read our blog, don’t they, dnd? 😉

  10. AmericanInSURGEnt

    WOW..ok two things…

    Obviously you people feel there is no validity to my last two posts concerning climate change. The lack of acknowledgment that my posts even exist has lead me to that conclusion. No wonder you believe your exhalation is destroying the planet. Hey I have some land in Fla I want to sell ,any takers?
    And yes obviously the republicans are only against climate change to protect big oil. The democrats would never be influenced by corporate interests,i mean Baxter,Merc and every other big pharma company didnt rake in massive profits from the democrats over hyping and fear mongering H1N1.
    The entire system is beyond corrupt ,we live in a global corporate structure that does NOTHING BUT bow down to its masters. And yes my little lost liberals that includes your precious democratic party. Im sorry its true,I truly wish it wasnt.
    Nanny and eProf have already had a taste and there will be more to come.
    And I will state this again just as not to confuse anyone. I voted for Obama,I am a registered democrat. I hated Bush,Cheney,Wolfowitz,Ashcroft,Rumsfeld,and Rice with every fiber of my being…only the rhetoric has changed.

  11. NEW RULE:

    Nothing to do with Tiger Woods should be labeled “BREAKING NEWS”

  12. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Brian you should rename this blog “Pat on the Back Channel”

  13. AI Surge: I empathize with the lack of response to different posts such as the one you posted first here on BC early this morning. Two things come to mind about your 4:38 pm post: You’re absolutely right re: corporate control of the political process today (all Senators and Reps should be like NASCAR suits with their sponsors prominently displayed on their $2000 suits; second, I have so little knowledge about climate control and/or global warming that isn’t contradictory from everyone. While I’m personally trying to reduce my footprint on this earth, I’m more or less sitting on the sidelines until all the nations of the world have a plan for me and my government to follow that will be meaningful for all of humanity. I’m following developments at Copenhagen today and I’ll watch with anticipation what comes out of this world-wide conference. I’m pleased that the president of the US is attending. So, standby and keep posting, Surge, your posts are read.

  14. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Thank you eProf! I agree with you 100%. All I am saying is that before we enter into a global treaty that we cant get out of unless its 100% agreed upon by all nations. If there is any hint or even a sliver of doubt then I think we need to pull back and take another look before making a commitment such as this. I am not a climatologist and neither is anyone who posts here so we have to TRUST. Unfortunately I feel we as the people of this nation have been lied to and mislead enough. I mean talk about timing with the EPA’s announcement basically telling us all to hold our breath because we emit a deadly poison!!?? Remember the EPA’s claim about air quality at ground zero,anyone care to guess how many of those workers are either dead or dieing from the air they breathed?
    And like I said,wtf is the carbon footprint of a tank,a hummer,a round being fired,drone planes,c-130’s and that? Whats the carbon footprint of Airforce 1,of Al Gores leer jet ?
    I love nature and hate when people destroy it but Ill be godamned if Im going to made to feel bad for breathing and driving my fucking car to work so I can pay my taxes. I wouldve bought an electric car but they were all sold out. Seriously people stop focusing on the details and look at the big picture..taxes will not save your ass from the big wave!

  15. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Well that 18 month thing Obama mentioned last week didnt last long..Im shocked!

  16. AI Surge, et al, see my post yesterday over on my blog re: Afghanistan:

  17. dnd

    “I am not a climatologist and neither is anyone who posts here ”

    Well, I can cogently discuss the difference between semi-Lagrangian and Eulerian methods used in climate simulations, so I can safely say that you are incorrect.

    But let’s just say that anthropogenic climate change is false. There are other significant reasons to get off the carbon energy. Who doesn’t like clean air? Who want’s to send money to terrorists for oil? Green energy could be the next big economic boost. And coal, oil and natural gas are finite resources.

    ps. semi-Lagrangian approximations develop colder tropical tropopause than Eulerian approximations. Semi-Lagrangian methods are what are typically used by climatologists these days. So we could be in deeper shit than is currently being forecasted.

  18. dnd

    It is highly unlikely that Gates will be SECDEF in 2011 (by his own admission), so his projections about American involvement in Afghanistan need to be taken with that in mind.

  19. See AI Surge’s link to the NYTimes where Karzai says his country won’t be ready to stand on its own until 2024. He’s wrong, too, but if you split the difference we’re still talking 2017 or so. And, witness the mass killing yesterday in Iraq where we still have 130,000 troops and can’t stop the violence. I say get the hell out of both places and keep our troops in reserve for a real fight should one present itself in the future. We’re going to go the way of the Soviet Union — spending ourselves to dissolution and chaos.

  20. dnd

    “We’re going to go the way of the Soviet Union — spending ourselves to dissolution and chaos.”

    That is the final chapter in all failed empires.

  21. Evening peeps, looks like things have been lively!


  22. AmericanInSURGEnt

    “Well, I can cogently discuss the difference between semi-Lagrangian and Eulerian methods used in climate simulations, so I can safely say that you are incorrect.”

    The fact may be that you can cogently discuss those differences dnd but unfortunately you have a problem with cogently grasping the meaning of my posts. I would be willing to bet that you do not draw a paycheck for doing the latest research on climate change,nor would I imagine you actually own such a company . Now if the U.N has consulted you on these subjects and is carefully reviewing your latest findings ,then please accept my apologies in advance. But if none of the above apply to you then I am sorry my friend, for you are not a climatologist.
    But if you did happen to be the climatologist you consider yourself to be. I would have to be wary of any data you had compiled knowing of your inability to grasp content,meaning,and context. Like the post you banned me for for example. I used a famous line from a famous movie in reference to a social situation not in reference to a person or group of people,but alas your ability to cogently grasp that escaped you once again and in your obvious confusion you accused me of racism and banned me for your own personal satisfaction because my views differ from yours. Lets all try to be grown ups ok dnd?

    eProf ~ Thank you for the link ,I couldnt agree more with your post. Id like to visit and post on your blog if its ok with you. If not I understand.
    And thank you again for pointing out my link I never know if anyone looks at them and Im forced to ask myself .”If I post a link and no one looks at it,does that make the content untrue?” lol

  23. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, December 08, 2009 — 9:05 PM ET

    Massachusetts Democrats Pick State Attorney General as Candidate to Replace Kennedy

    Martha M. Coakley was projected to win Tuesday’s primary
    election in the race for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s
    storied seat, according to The Associated Press. She was
    projected to face State Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, on
    Jan. 19. Massachusetts has not sent a Republican to the
    Senate in 37 years, so Ms. Coakley has the stronger chance of
    laying claim to the seat.

  24. Rachel did an outstanding job with that homophobic nitwit.

  25. AI Surge, I’ve been asked before about guest posts and I’ve turned them down as there are other places, including here, that are very receptive to guest posts. And, they have bigger audiences than my three or four visitors each day. Also, Brian is always looking for guest posts here on BC.

  26. dog's eye view

    dnd and others: terrific topic; good to see the discussion here.

    It’s like being at the dawn of the 1960s, and too many in the opposition party is saying: we can’t go to the moon. It’s full of Martians, which will attack us.

    And they’re serious.

    Or at least, they don’t want to embarrass their serious[ly ignorant] constituents.

    Meanwhile, Chinese and other international students are taking full advantage of the education available in our public and private universities. And good on them.

    War on Christmas? The War on Science is far more disturbing (and seems to actually exist. Just saying.)

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