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30 responses to “Two scum bags hanging out!

  1. AmericanInSURGEnt

    “What’s the alternative AI? Give up suring the net entirely?”

    Um no just use smartpage or scroogle.

  2. Thanks AI, but I already know how to make a dirty bomb, one part dirty to two parts bomb, toss lightly.

  3. I hope everyone is watching Rachel right now!

  4. memo to Rachel:
    President Obama did not appear at this year’s national prayer breakfast, he declined the invitation.

  5. TempeBev

    I think the title of the thread says it all. Couldn’t have put it any better. Good job!

  6. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Im not getting the dirty bomb thing. What do you mean?

  7. dog's eye view

    Anybody else out there watching this marvelous speech in real time?

  8. Morning peeps, just waking up here dog, I’ll have to see the repeat of it.

  9. dog's eye view

    You will like it, Brian. A terrific speech. Maybe Nobel video and transcript are our next thread, and you get a day off!

    What an anecdote to the mug up on today’s.

    Hmmm. It should be fun to hear Cheney’s take on the speech and how it put us in danger.

  10. nannymm

    Excellent speech by Obama. My ONLY objection was his use of the word “evil.” It’s just sooo “Bushian.”

  11. eProf2

    I can’t even bear the thought of opening these two videos. Why do we give this guy so much free publicity? Almost as much as the media gives Palin. As the politicians say, “I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right!”

  12. Hey nanny you snowed in? epfrof the the core of today’s thread is the title, not the videos! 🙂

  13. nannymm

    Re: Rachel: She is doing a fabulous job on this Uganda and The Family thing. The people behind the Family and the “gay cure” are odious; they need to be exposed and held up to public scorn.

    Re: Cheney: My hero, Alan Grayson, siad it best:

  14. nannymm

    Not even close to snowed in here. Poor Canyon! He wants a blizzard.

  15. I suspect Obama’s people had info that something was up with the entire prayer breakfast crowd, very smart for him have declined the invite, this story has lots of legs and we’re just getting started!

  16. nannymm

    You know, I don’t get this so-called “National Prayer Breakfast” thing anyway. If people want to pray, fine; but it ought not to be a “National” thing. Politics and religion just don’t mix. What part of “separation of Church and State” don’t these crazy right wingers get?
    As to why Obama declined to attend the prayer breakfast, I have no idea. I’m just very happy that he did. I hope he continues to do so.

  17. Well there is a history of presidents proclaiming a special prayer day after certain events, I believe Lincoln started it during the civil war after the Union won major battles, Bush of course was the only president to make it a yearly event, go figure.

  18. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Nanny ~

    FEMA routinely recruits pastors to relay messages to their congregation concerning government compliance. I can post articles and pdf files regarding if you’d like. This practice went into full swing after the patriot act was signed and has not stoppped to this day,so again,its what our government does no matter what party is renting the white house at the moment.Its all based on romans 13:. Just an fyi.

  19. nannymm

    Hmm, please explain a bit more, AI. The patriot crap..oops, I mean act, was enacted during the Bush/Cheney regime. Are you telling me that FEMA under the Obama administration “routinely recruits pastors to relay messages to their congregation concerning government compliance?” If so, can you please post those links?

  20. Pelosi: We’d do ‘almost anything’ to pass healthcare bill this year

    “House leaders are open to returning during the Christmas recess to pass healthcare if the Senate acts quickly. ”

  21. nannymm

    Dumb thing for her to say IMO. Sounds desperate.

  22. That’s why I put up the quote, it’s about urgency, not desperation.

  23. nannymm

    This is an interesting read:

    The Demoralized Democratic Base
    — maybe President Obama and Democrats won’t face the same price Democrats faced, say, during the NAFTA debacle when a Democratic president rolled “over the dead bodies” of the progressive base and then watched Democrats get crushed at the polls.

    There’s just one problem — more specific polls about the state of the Democratic base show. For instance, new polls show much of the erosion in support for Democrats’ health care effort is coming from the progressive base that believes Democrats have compromised away too much to the insurance industry. More broadly, those polls show a general demoralization among self-identified Democratic voters:

  24. AmericanInSURGEnt


    Sorry for the delayed response I was with a client.
    I just re-read my post and I wasnt clear,my apologies.

    “FEMA routinely recruits pastors to relay messages to their congregation concerning government compliance.”

    I meant to put this into the context of during or anticipation of”emergency preparedness”. But my main point was ,mixing church and state is our governments policy not the policy of Bush. Also as far as the patriot act goes,it was my first major Obama let down. I had hoped that a “scholar of the constitution” would have abolished that immediately.

    Here is a link from a FEMA website explaining the procedure ,starts on page 3 and also a clip from Katrina on how this worked ..

  25. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Also Nanny I know youve been laid up a little lately,didnt know if you saw this..

    18 months? who said 18 months?

  26. Senators offer Copenhagen boost

    Three senators crafting a compromise climate bill have endorsed a national greenhouse gas emissions cut of 17 percent by 2020.

    The emissions target was included in a proposed framework on Thursday from Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.). It mirrors House-passed legislation and represents the target President Obama will offer on behalf of the U.S. at the Copenhagen international climate talks.

  27. nannymm

    Thanks, AI. I appreciate the clarification and info. DHS is an incompetent and dysfunctional agency that should never have been created. The best thing we could with it is to abolish it completely.
    Re: the Patriot Act (damn it! I hate that name; it’s anything but a bill that a true patriot would support.)
    I agree with you; Obama should have fought to abolish it on day one. What a disappointment!
    As far as ‘church and state,” it irks the hell out of me to see any mixing of the two. While it has been around for a very long time, the right wing crazies seem to revel in it and the chicken-shit dems are too afraid to stand up and vigorously oppose it.

    Finally, I saw and heard Karzi’s comments as well as some of those by “senior WH officials.” Can’t say I’m surprised. But I am disgusted. Thoroughly.

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