Peace Prize Speech



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  1. dnd

    The Obama Doctrine.

  2. That seems to be the prevailing consensus d.

  3. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Well it seems as though Obama is in agreement with Rockefeller about Mao. Murdering 60 million people is worth it as long as it results in “your” version of “peace”.

    And lets all raise our children according to Obama’s mantra “peace through force”..”Hey little Johnny beat the shit out of that kid thats bothering,then you will have “peace”.

    This was the first Ive heard of climate change being the reason for wars lol. So according to Obama and the EPA’s conclusive and final concesus that humans exhaling is causing climate change,no wonder he appreciates Mao.

    He mentions Darfur and the Congo like he cares.

    And there you have it… “the dizzying pace of globalization” cant come fast enough for these people.

    “attacked my country from Afghanistan”…WHAT!!!!!!??

    “people fear the loss of what they cherish about their particular identities” ….yes people its time,in the name of “peace”,to cast aside any semblance of your individuality and immerse yourself in the collective for the good of the state. Wow,talk about 1984.


  4. nannymm

    Good morning from the frozen North Country.

  5. Very cold down here too, just barely breaking 20

  6. To quote our former beloved VP, you might as well deny gravity!

    • dnd

      I was waiting for Al Gore to elaborate on gravity in the analogy to climate change: “Some believe in Einstein’s theory that gravity is curved space-time, some of the quantum field theory and string theory crowd believe in gravitions. But only wingnuts don’t believe in gravity.”

  7. nannymm

    It’s 5 degrees here; -5 with the wind chill.

  8. nannymm

    I’d love to see a real live debate between Al Gore and Caribou Barbie.

  9. TempeBev

    Another lovely article about John McCain

    Would Al be as nice as Joe Biden in a debate?

    I feel for all of you who are cold – it’s 50-60 here.

  10. nannymm

    You got a guest room, Bev? 🙂

  11. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Anyone care to put a wager on government health care being used to regulate carbon dioxide emissions? Most likely through the bogus formula known as B.M.I.?

  12. nannymm

    I wonder if Beck, O’Rielly, and Hannity are going to jump on this:

    War on Christmas Just Got More Fierce

    In America, Jews are a relatively small minority, so even observant Jews tend to be supporters of secular politics. In Israel, though, Jews get the opportunity to act like the Christian right bullies we know so well here in the states. In this case by taking the American right’s made-up concern about a “War on Christmas” and seizing the opportunity to wage war on Christmas:

  13. nannymm

    AI, you lost me again. How can BMI aid the government to use healthcare to regulate carbon dioxide emissions?
    Also, why do you call BMI a “bogus formula?”

  14. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Because BMI only takes into consideration height vs. weight ratio. It dosnt take into consideration body composition, ie: body fat to lean muscle ratio.
    Example,I am 5’10 and usually somewhere between 183 -188 lbs. with a body fat level of around 4-8%,according to BMI I am “overweight”.
    According to the government that would put me in a “unhealthy” category wich would put me in a higher pay bracket because Id be more of a risk. If I am overweight I could be emitting more carbon huffing and puffing dragging my fat ass around.
    School systems in my area have implemented BMI testing on the kids for the past two years. Its not right half these kids,especially the girls, end up developing eating disorders because they have been told by their schools that they are overweight or even obese. Ive had to sit down with some of these kids to try to explain why they shouldnt be worried about their BMI.

  15. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Fri, December 11, 2009 — 2:31 PM ET

    House Passes Financial Regulation Bill, 223 to 202

    The House on Friday approved a Democratic plan to
    significantly tighten federal regulation of Wall Street and
    the financial sector, advancing a far-reaching Congressional
    response to the financial crisis still reverberating through
    the economy.

    After three days of floor debate, the House voted 223 to 202
    to approve the measure. It creates a new agency to oversee
    consumer lending, establishes new rules for transactions that
    contributed to the meltdown, and seeks to reduce the threat
    that one or two huge companies on the verge of collapse could
    bring down the economy.

    Any Senate bill is likely to have substantial differences
    from the House measure, necessitating further negotiations.

    • dnd

      One thing I’m amazed about is that none of the pundits have picked up on how Obama could bring up the necessity of war when speaking in Norway. Didn’t any of them read about the Nazi invasion of Norway in 1940? I’m sure it wasn’t lost on the Norwegians.

  16. nannymm

    “Any Senate bill is likely to have substantial differences from the House measure, necessitating further negotiations.”

    No surprise there. The damned blue dogs and Joe the Jerk will weaken it until it’s worthless.

  17. nannymm

    Thanks, AI, for the explanation. I know see where you are coming from even though I don’t agree with you on this. BMI needs to be looked at as once piece of the health and fitness equation. Far too many of us, especially our children, are overweight and unfit. The societal costs of this are great; the human toll is tragic. We need far greater emphasis on healthy eating, healthy weight, exercise, and healthy life-style choices. While I do agree with you that children should not be frightened and badgered about weight and fitness, they should be given appropriate information, guidance, and support to achieve improved health and fitness levels.

  18. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Honestly BMI needs to be forgotten,think of it like this. According BMI Terrel Owens would be obese.
    Nanny I agree 100% about greater emphasis on healthy eating and I also agree that the cost resulting from unhealthy eating is a major problem in our health care system. This is why I could care less about health care reform,its putting the cart before the horse. This why I believe its about “paying” for health care not helping people become healthier therefor negating the need for so much care.
    People get sick from weakened or compromised immune systems. This happens primarily from nutrient deficient food and our enviroment,ie: poisoned air and water. You can argue the case of certain things being “genetic” wich I used to believe. Now Im not so sure.
    If any leader we ever had wanted to improve the quality of life for people in this country and the world,they would overhaul the food and water industry and get rid of the revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA.
    If you have never seen any of these documentaries, you should.
    Food Inc.
    King Corn
    The Future of Food
    Blue Gold:Water Wars

  19. dog's eye view

    dnd: amazed at pundits without a sense of history? That’s so darned optimistic.

    It’s cold in Virginia, but nowhere near nanny’s temps. Spilled some icecubes in the car last night and they were still there this morning, in perfect shape. That startled me.

    Scanning USA Today at breakfast: “In the interview, Palin praised President Obama for [his Nobel acceptance speech in Oslo]. She said the president’s defense of war to combat evil could have been taken from the pages of her memoirs.

    “Wow, that really sounded familiar,” said Palin, a frequent Obama critic.

  20. dog's eye view

    Link for that USA Today story.

    ” … Earlier this year, Palin made a much-publicized intervention in a New York congressional race, backing a Conservative Party candidate over the GOP nominee.

    A Democrat ended up winning the seat that had been held for more than a century by Republicans.

    Things haven’t been smooth for Palin in Alaska, either. [Senator] Lisa Murkowski … blasted Palin last summer when Palin abruptly resigned ….

    Palin has no regrets. “God has blessed the decision I made,” she said.”

    [Aside from my cherry-picking, the USA Today story is actually pretty balanced, and does touch on her unique appeal. Kudos there.]

  21. Morning peeps, happy Hanukkah

  22. nannymm

    Happy Hanukkah, Brian.

  23. TempeBev

    Happy Hanukkah to you

  24. TempeBev

    Remember the free health clinics that have been held around the country that no member of Congress visited? Now one in their own front yard, it may not be possible.

  25. Lame game, lame song but I appreciate the sentiment d.

  26. dooty

    Greetings and Happy Holidays,

    Considering Obama’s speech accepting the Nobel Prize, why has no one talked about how the right wing nuts are now praising the speech? Just after the speech Joe Coffeeface said he should have not gone to Norway to accept it and should have been in some town talking about jobs. The next morning after the speech he is praising Obama for a very well written speech. It makes me nervous when the Left is joined up with the Right.

    Also, didn’t Candidate Obama talk about how Iraq was the bad war and Afghanistan was the good war? I believe that is the case, so I ask, why is anyone surprised that he is putting troops into Afghanistan?

  27. dog's eye view

    A Doots sighting! It has been a spectacular week.

    Hello from looking at the Atlantic through the rain. Could look at the ocean any day of the year.

    Heading out west again soonest.

    I am not sure Obama is envisioning the same perma-war in Afghanistan that MorningDouche and others are. They’re praising him now. Wait a while.

    Paged through a hardcopy Politico last night. Lots of full page political issue advertising. Will check on how close the rag is to profitability.

    Per Politico Gallup nugget: Obama has 47 positive/46 negative approval rating.

    Per USA Today Gallup nugget: Palin has 50/40 approval rating.

    However, one of these individuals has real responsibilities.

  28. TempeBev

    Congratulations to the new mayor of Houston!

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