The Day Will Come



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  1. eprof2

    Thanks, Brian, for posting Bernie Sanders’ Senate speech on a single payer health care system. Health care is a right; not a privilege!!

    What America needs now more than ever is about 60 Bernie Sanders who will make health care for all a reality — the day will come!

    I’ve committed myself to never vote again for an elected official who will not support a single payer system for health care. Period!!

  2. TempeBev

    Sen. Bernie Sanders is often the only member of the Senate who makes sense. Eprof2 is right, we need 60 of him because he thinks of the people – something that never occurs to the many of the other members of Congress.

    Ok, to all of you who were complaining about the cold weather – I understand now. We are in Salt Lake City for a week and it’s COLD.

  3. AmericanInSURGEnt

    “I think the WH is shaping him”

    eprof~Im surprised you think a man who appeared to have such conviction in his beliefs would be so easily and drastically swayed from his core in such a short time.Lets say this is the case. What type of man IS Obama if he is so easily influenced? What other ideology could sway him if he is that weak minded? I personally do not think this is the case.
    I think Obama is staying true to who he is. The campaign rhetoric he sold us on with such conviction is who he is. Unfortunately the majority of people that voted for him assumed the “hope and change” he spoke of was the same “hope and change” we wanted or expected. His version of “hope” was the weapon used against the american people to get him into office. His “change” is global governance as is his masters wish. The romantic view of global governance is just that ,a view of living in peace and harmony. If we have learned anything from history its that centralized power becomes dictatorial and oppressive always.
    Obama is not a victim of WH influence,he is our leader into a centralized power structure being set up under the guise of “climate change”, carbon credits, and terrorism.
    Again if a man,who is president,is that easily swayed from his core convictions as you say,then he is dangerous and unstable and should be removed.But again,I dont feel this is the case.

  4. nannymm

    eprof and bev, I agree with you about Bernie. He has a core set of beliefs and is always ready to stand up and fight for them, unlike our president. Hell, I can’t help wondering WTF Obama’s core beliefs are. Does he even have any???? I feel like we were taken for a ride. All that “hope and change” was “just words.”
    Bernie has a spine; Obama seems weak and gutless to me. He wanted to govern, to lead, or so he told us. Well, I don’t see much of it from him. All he has done is kept his hands clean while others shaped the agenda. If he truly believed in universal healthcare he would have been pushing and pulling and fighting for it all along. Instead he has sat back and watched as the so-called moderates screwed it all up. He has done nothing that I have seen to shape this bill into a progressive bill, a bill that provides real reform.
    Personally, I don’t think Obama even cares about this issue; all he wants is something he can call a win so he can put it behind him. Of course, he’ll trot it out again when it’s re-election time and try to convince us all that this lump of coal is really a big sparkly diamond. Good luck with that! The progressive wing of the Dem party isn’t buying.
    I am with eprof in this resolve to never again vote for any candidate who is not totally committed to single payer healthcare. And I will add one more qualifier: That candidate has to have a proven track record of strength and leadership in something other than his or her own campaign. Never again will I vote for an untested or unproven
    I know most of you here hate Hillary, but I think she would have been a far better leader than Obama has turned out to be.

  5. eprof2

    AIS, a sociology friend of mine used to say over and over again: “It’s all a matter of perspective.” And, the first Secretary of Health and Human Services, which no longer is a stand alone department, said: “Where you sit is where you stand.”

    Do these insights automatically mean Obama is a weak president? I don’t believe so. I believe he’s been caught up in the aura of the White House and being the president with all of its power and prestige, leading him to believe that all he has to do is order it and it will get done. That’s why he’s been relying on his commander in chief position so much because the military takes orders, most of the time.

    On health care and other program issues, he’s left it to the Congress thinking they will just fall in line because he’s the president and he’s in the WH. And, that has lead him to this disaster. I hope he can learn from this, but I fear it’s too late as every Republican opposes him and so many of the Democratic base are deserting him.

    Time will tell!

  6. nannymm

    eprof, I hope you’re right. But, if “he’s been caught up in the aura of the White House and being the president with all of its power and prestige, leading him to believe that all he has to do is order it and it will get done”, then he is very naive. As to him relying on his CIC position, well, let’s not forget how MacCrystal undercut Obama. That speech he gave in England should have cost him his job. So even as CIC, he appears weak to the generals.
    Obama’s intentions regarding bipartisanship and consensus building may have seemed like a good idea. But they don’t work in today’s political climate. He should have caught on to that right away and told the repugs where to go and coralled the blue dogs and laid down the law to them. As for Lieberman, he should have cut his legs out from under him for what he’s done. That would make others think twice before they decide to double cross him in the future. Instead, Obama expresses no anger at Lieberman while he and his administration rip Howard Dean to shreds. Bad move!

  7. nannymm

    That should have read, “eprof, I hope you’re right that Obama can learn from this.”

  8. dog's eye view

    Here’s a comment on an EJ Dionne thread. It resonated for me.

    PrairieDog60 wrote:
    In my humble opinion, Obama is trying to hard to reach out to the right and to compromise. They’ll have none of it. Their goal is obstruction. “Do whatever we can to make the Dems look hapless and ineffectual. Then we’ll win next time.”

    Someone needs to tell all these people, D & R, that it’s not their job to get re-elected. Their job is to take whatever number of years the voting public has given them, and do the best for the people of this country. If that means upsetting enough voters that you don’t get to go back, then so be it. You’re there for a limited time to do the best job all of us. So do it!

  9. nannymm

    That’s good advice, dog’s eye. But in this case, Obama isn’t doing the best he can. If he’d fought for more and lost, then this would be easier to take. But he hasn’t fought for universal healthcare, nevermind single payer. He just wants a win. That’s despicable IMO.

  10. dog's eye view

    PS: PrairieDog is not a relative or any one I know.(This being the internet, it could be dnd, for all we know!!)

    Here’s the EJ Dionne column, on how Democrats cannot blame Bush or the GOP for their own internal divisions.

  11. dog's eye view

    Hi nanny. Hope you are feeling 200% better.

    I think Obama needed to get out there and really sell the American public on the travails of those without good and reliable health insurance, in our economy. With examples, and in short speech after short speech, to get the public behind the plan.

    As it is, the selfish have their message out there, front and center.

    It’s not fair or accurate to say that he just wanted a win.

    I think he’s aware of the terrible obstructive power of the insurance industry, Big Pharma and its paid servants (formerly known as our Congress, present and past).

    Obama was going for the best he could get in this political climate. And I hope we still get a workable deal out of the process, that can be improved upon.

    I am ashamed of American public that has been on display throughout this.

    Meanwhile, great numbers actually want the competition provided by a public option.

  12. nannymm

    Thanks, dog’s eye. I am feeling somewhat better but still have a long way to go to full recovery.
    I don’t think Obama started out just seeking a win; however, that is exactly where he is right now. Anything that he can get passed now will be good enough for him. I hate to say it, again, but this is his own fault. His failure to lead on healthcare reform has gotten us to where we are now. He looks weak because of it; he is weakened because of it. Just try to find anyone out there who considers him a strong leader. It would be almost impossible. That doesn’t bode well for the future of his administration. If he wants to turn it around, he’s better step up to the plate NOW while he still can. If he persists in his current style of leadership, his presidency will be a failure.

  13. dog's eye view

    Hitting the road and writing again from Dootsland later tonight.

    I think Obama is learning the ropes, but definitely a leader for our times. He’s gotten a LOT through already, and health care is a tough nut.

    He’s not a despot or monarch, a la Bush. Who might look like a strong “leader”, but look where it got us.

    Have a good one. Catch you later.

  14. AmericanInSURGEnt

    “I think he’s aware of the terrible obstructive power of the insurance industry, Big Pharma and its paid servants (formerly known as our Congress, present and past).”

    I have to agree with you dog he is aware. Who do you think wrote the bill? If you disagree with my insinuation wait and see who will benefit most.

    “I am ashamed of American public that has been on display throughout this.”

    I agree with you again ,although I think we are “ashamed” for opposite reasons.

    Obama made a fatal error in his “sales” approach during his campaign. In sales if you are smart,you under-promise and over-deliver. If you do the opposite you end up with unsatisfied customers.

  15. nannymm

    “…it didn’t have to be this way. If we had had some real leadership from two key Democrats named Obama and Reid, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

  16. AmericanInSURGEnt

    Prepare to repent for your carbon sins my children…

  17. DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote

    Sen. Jim DeMint said Thursday he is prepared to use every procedural tool to delay a vote on the Democratic healthcare legislation.

  18. tonyb39

    “I know most of you here hate Hillary, but I think she would have been a far better leader than Obama has turned out to be.”

    Hi Nanny,
    Love Hillary!! Your posts today have been spot on.I also think Hillary would have been a better leader because of experience.Experience, its the very reason I supported Hillary! I personally like the President and I sure hope he changes soon.We need leadership from him.I long for him to just take a stand and fight for progressive issues..

  19. nannymm

    DeMint is an ass. Harry Reid should keep the Senate in session, even on Christmas Day if necessary, until a good bill is passed. It’s time the Senate got the job done. They can call their families from the Senate floor to wish them a Merry Christmas while they fiddle around with nonsense and legislative games.

  20. Who here said they hate Hillary?


  21. tonyb39

    “Scared to Death of Howard Dean”

    “Someone needs to save Pres. Obama from himself, because he’s headed to a political point of no return.

    But I sure recognize the tactics. It’s as if the elves in Obamaland have revved up his primary machine all over again. No holds barred. Making deals with devils, as long as they’re your devils. Telling tall tales with no resemblance to truth, as long as it gets the job done.

    Now it’s coming straight at you, Dr. Dean, and it’s not going to stop. You’ve been here before (via Glenn Greenwald) and I have too.

    The only question is whether it was Rahm Emanuel or Pres. Obama who sent Mary Landrieu out to lie to Dean’s face (via satellite, that is) by making up out of whole cloth that Dr. Dean wants to “eliminate the insurance companies in America.” A talking point straight from wingnut land. Mind you, Chris Matthews helped Landrieu at every turn, protecting the establishment as he must.

    However, Dean got in the last words: “You want to take away our choice.” Bingo, baby, there’s our ballgame.

    Watching Democrats parade on cable, it’s like invasion of the Democratic principle snatchers. So, don’t trust a word coming out of their mouths right now. The Administration has scared good people into parroting talking points that you can see they don’t even believe. Except for Landrieu, who’s got to pay back boss Obama for all that cash she got for her vote.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Meanwhile, Pres. Obama was in rare form for ABC News, as he did a Bush impersonation I never thought I’d see from him, using every scare tactic he could think of to warn people of the dire, I say DIRE!, consequences if we don’t pass health care reform before Santa Claus comes to town. Honestly, where was Obama’s sense of urgency this summer when his mentor, Teddy Kennedy, was still alive; before Sarah Palin hijacked the entire debate that sent us all into the tailspin?

    If the current health care bill isn’t passed “the federal government will go bankrupt,” warned Pres. Obama.

    Bwah-ha-ha! …and also absolute rubbish.”

  22. Bill Clinton Stumps For The Senate Bill

    President Bill Clinton gave his two cents on the Senate’s health care reform bill today. His message: it will be a “colossal blunder” if health reform falls apart amid liberal opposition to the Senate bill.

  23. eprof2

    Anyone else sick and tired of hearing: “America can’t afford to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

  24. Just as tired as I am of hearing people threatening to take their toys and go home!

  25. eprof2

    It’s interesting that the Atlantic article cited above also goes on to say, and paraphrasing, “Of course Bill Clinton is a centerist and it is expected that he will say this is a good bill.”

    There is perfect, there is good, and there is bad! Take your pick!

  26. dooty


    I have always said that if Hillary were the Dem candidate I would have supported her. The fact that I liked Obama has nothing to do with not liking Hillary.

    You do realize that Hillary is much more conservative than the current President? How are you so certain that Hillary would be a better president? Different, for sure, but better?

  27. nannymm

    Well, Doots, she has guts and a backbone. She fights like hell for what she believes in and knows how to twist arms to get things done. She’s a hell of a lot more like LBJ than Obama ever thought of being. She’s TOUGH. And for the record, she wants real healthcare reform right down to her core. Obama doesn’t act like he really cares what’s in the bill as long as he gets something to sign and tout. Furthermore, Hillary learned from her mistakes in ’92. She has far more experience, too. Obama should have consulted her on how to get this done.

  28. Seriously this is not a Hillary vs. Barack topic, the entire premise is just absurd. She and Bill fucked up health care so bad that’s it’s almost taken 20 years to get it off the back burner. Really people if you want to have a Hillary vs. Obama slugfest take it elsewhere. I’d rather close the blog down that let you do that to this place.

  29. tonyb39

    “Bill Clinton Stumps For The Senate Bill”

    Thanks for posting that piece with President Clinton’s thoughts on the current healthcare bill.I would expect the former President, like the current one to make a purely good political choice here.The question is are the few good things in this bill worth taking on all the bad things?I’m with Big Ed Schultz,let it go to conference and let’s see what they come up with.

    Experience and resolve…Personality and likability have nothing to do with it..

  30. Well I hope everyone has taken a deep breath and had a good dinner!


  31. nannymm

    eprof, I’m totally sick of hearing that phrase! In fact, I’m so sick of it that I can’t even bring myself to write it here.

  32. eprof2

    My dinner is in about an hour as we’re in the southwest. But, the back patio is nice and clean and free of desert dirt for at least a couple of hours as that’s what I’ve been doing while the Obama v. Hillary debate started up again.

    Obama is our president for three more years, like it or not. So, why fight now on “could have been, should have been?” Let’s move on and try to get some movement on a decent bill from the House as the Senate bill sucks.

    As far as taking our toys and going home, progressives have no toys left to take home as the insurance cartel took them all away one at a time through bribes (campaign contributions?) and promises “to do better” with Senators. Yeah, right!

  33. nannymm

    “As far as taking our toys and going home, progressives have no toys left to take home as the insurance cartel took them all away one at a time through bribes (campaign contributions?) and promises “to do better” with Senators. Yeah, right!”

    LOL@ that!

    • dnd

      “never let the perfect be the enemy of the good,”
      — Ted Kennedy

      Kennedy knew how to get legislation passed.

      • dnd

        I’d feel a lot better about Bernie Sanders if he didn’t hate Ben Bernanke so much. If it wasn’t for Bernanke, a lot of Sanders’ constituents would be standing in bread lines right now.

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