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If you read one of my past posts, you may remember I like quotes.  As we all begin a new year and a new decade, we are given a chance to stay the same or change – it is an individual choice – no right or wrong involved — it’s an entirely personal decision.  I would like to offer the following quote on how easy some changes can be.  To all of you, a safe, healthy, peaceful, love-filled and happy new year.

The Simple Things

Lord, I pray to stay uncomplicated and do well these simple tasks:

If I open it, I will close it.

If I turn it on, I will turn it off.

If I unlock it, I will lock it up.

If I break it, I will admit it.

If I borrow it, I will return it.

If I make a mess, I will clean it up.

If I value it, I will take care of it.

If it will brighten someone’s day, I will say it.

–Author unknown



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27 responses to “A New Beginning ~ BevnTempe

  1. dnd

    “If it will brighten someone’s day, I will say it.”

    That will be my New Year’s resolution. Thanks.

  2. nannymm

    Good morning. I wasn’t going to make a new year’s resolution but I’ve changed my mind. I resolve to stop pushing myself to do more than I am able to do.

  3. I resolve to eat more trans-fats, smoke more, and vote Republican.

  4. nannymm

    Isn’t it a bit early to be smoking that wacky weed, Brian?

  5. I never wake and bake on a work day!

  6. nannymm

    Brit Hume needs a brain transplant.

    • dnd

      It’s interesting that Brit Hume thinks Christianity is the only religion that believes in forgiveness and redemption. Says something about how little he knows, but that doesn’t stop him from his opinion on an alleged “news” show. Even worse that he thinks you can get off the hook by proclaiming you are a Christian.

  7. Lets help his health care plan covers colo-rectal surgery!

  8. nannymm

    I don’t think he has brains hiding there either. 😀

  9. dog's eye view

    Check out google’s homepage today. Happy birthday to someone special.

    The brightening one’s day does make for a good resolution, but often for a dull blogsite. Happily, I know bc is not in danger there. (I say that in a good way. Creative bitching rocks.)

    Happy New year a bit late. First visit online in days. (Am reading books again! The attention span is longer, but miss the continuous newsery.)

  10. nannymm

    Another rethuglican asshole:
    “Allen Quist, a Republican candidate seeking the nomination to go up against Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN), has made a serious pronouncement: That the political battle against the Democrats is the defining fight of this generation, even greater than the fight against terrorism”

    • dnd

      “they’re not liberals, they’re radicals”

      The funny thing about the Quist statement is that he and his teabagger compatriots are, by definition, the radicals. Certainly a contrary position for those who consider their party as conservative.

  11. dog's eye view

    Balloon Juice is discussing the Quist remark now.


    Money quote from John Cole: “So while everyone wants to pile on Quist, they should realize he is exactly right. What the radicals in Washington and in your state house do is far more threatening than anything the terrorists can do. Quist just can’t figure out who the radicals are.”

  12. dooty


    here ya go Brian, I am sure you will want to be a part of this….. 🙂

  13. whatever that is it doesn’t work doots

    • dnd

      That link on the teabagger’s ‘planning a “strike” against corporations they call responsible for “funding socialism” and “backing the leftist agenda” of the new president.’ is a hoot. In this context, one assumes the term “strike” to be either a labor strike by organized labor — but that can’t be the case because the teabaggers hate organized labor — or a violent attack. If it is indeed the latter, I hope the FBI is looking into it. Or perhaps it’s just that the teabaggers are too dumb to understand the meaning of the word “strike.” They are certainly too dumb to understand that those corporations that fund Reid, Pelosi and Dodd also hedge their bets by funding McConnell, Boener and Hatch.

      What’s even funnier is the link to the NYT’s David Brooks column where he writes “their movement is likely to outgrow its crude beginnings and become a major force in American politics.” Yeah, right. Like the John Birch Society became a major force in American politics.

  14. dooty

    I also found a story today that was about Michelle Bachmann not on the anti-census attack any more because someone explained to her that the census is how the House of Reps knows how many reps each state gets and if the number is lower then it is HER seat in the House that is gonna get cut out. Self preservation rules over wingnuttery.

    • dnd

      The right wing talking points in light of the underware bomber (or Christmas bomber — no doubt part of the left’s war on Christmas) are interesting. I assume they are talking points as each of the right who can get in front of a microphone is repeating them verbatim. I first heard Dick Cheney say it. Goes something like this:
      1. Yemen is the new home of al Qaeda.
      2. A couple of the Gitmo detainees who were returned to Yemen have joined/re-joined al Qaeda.
      3. When Obama closes Gitmo, all detainees will be put on the first plane to Yemen and bussed to an al Qaeda training camp.

      When it is pointed out that all detainees who were returned to Yemen occurred during the Bush administration, they snap back that Bush was a failure.

      So the question is: was this retort planted by Cheney?

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