Full Body Scanners


I don’t have a problem with them, what’s your take?



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41 responses to “Full Body Scanners

  1. TempeBev

    Regarding the full body scanners, I would definitely describe myself as a prude. However, I personally don’t have a problem. No one touches you, I don’t have a body they would remember in their dreams, and if it makes flying safer, I’m all for it.

  2. nannymm

    I think it’s an invasion of privacy. We must stop this insane over-reaction to every threat.
    Benjamin Franklin was correct.
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    Another point to consider: If the “private areas” are blurred to protect privacy, screeners are far less able and likely to see anything hidden in those areas, thereby rendering these full body scans ineffective.
    On the other hand, if the “private areas” are not blurred, it is a virtual strip search that will be offensive to many people. It will be challenged for years in the courts and will be nearly impossible to mandate.
    Yet another point:
    People claim that these images are not photos, that they show an outline and the contours of the body only. Well, maybe now. But the technology will be improved and it won’t be long before these scans will be as good as high def TV is now.
    The simple fact is that this is just another opening into invading our privacy. It won’t work; determined terrorists will come up with new ways to smuggle their weapons of terror onto planes. Furthermore, what will be next? Will we have to go through these virtual strip searched at federal buildings? Courts? Schools? Where will the limits be drawn?
    Will these images be stored someday? Will they find their way onto the internet like social security numbers and credit card numbers do now?
    Let’s be serious here. There is NO WAY the government can ensure the security and privacy of these images anymore than it can secure anything else.
    Finally, let’s stop wasting money on all this invasive technology and FIRST work at fixing our intelligence sharing and our other security procedures.

  3. dooty

    Well, my days of traveling every week are over. I probably won’t ever fly again, so I really don’t have a dog in this fight.

    • dnd

      I think the easy answer is that unless everybody has these scanners, the terrorists will find the weak link. And even if they do, the terrorist will still find the weak link.

      President Obama’s statement tonight was not that this was so much a failure of screening as a failure of communications of intelligence.

  4. dog's eye view

    I would definitely remove any coffee cups from the TSA screeners area. Otherwise, we will be buying them new computer screens, month after month. There’s your stimulus program.

    Have any women blown up jets, or tried to?

    Maybe we should make all gentlemen under 70 fly in lightweight soft terry leisure suits, issued by the airlines. No Mormon underwear or anything underneath.

    Just sayin’.

    Could do a lot for reducing the carbon footprint, too.

  5. I say they can do if everyone gets see the images…can you just imagine waiting in line and that being the entertainment…..

    it’s all just a band-aid to avoid solving the real issues…

    And what if we wear metal underwear…will that be out-lawed?

    Travel as we knew it is SO over…

  6. Lord only knows what UB is wearing under her clothing!

  7. 🙂
    …..seriously this whole idea…is just too much….I had not given it any thought until this thread…..

  8. I’m all for anything that gets me through the airport more quickly and doesn’t require anyone making the min. wage to lay their hands on me.

  9. There just too much room for like, well you know, complications……”is that a gun, or a fashion statement?” and when they don’t know, what will they do? make you strip naked?, and if its a bomb wouldn’t the person just blow everyone up who is waiting in line at security….right there…..

  10. at LGA you can use an iPhone image as a boarding pass

  11. Good point UB, I think the idea is though that the fact you would be scanned would cause the would be terrorist to not even bother showing up at the airport with a bomb in their knickers.

  12. I don’t think I fit the terrorist profile, but I was stopped and had my bag checked by the police in a subway station last month.


  13. I have always thought why wait to get on a jet, the security and ticketing areas are packed with Americans…..the idea that they will only hit airliners is naive.

  14. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, January 06, 2010 — 12:24 AM ET

    Senator Christopher J. Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election, Democrats Say

    Senator Christopher J. Dodd, the embattled Connecticut
    Democrat who was facing an increasingly tough bid for a sixth
    term in the Senate, has decided to step aside and not seek
    re-election, Democrats familiar with his plans said on

  15. I’m impressed that Dodd is taking himself out, shows he cares about his party.

    • dnd

      “Gov. Bill Ritter will announce today that he is withdrawing from the 2010 race for governor, numerous sources close to the governor confirmed Tuesday night.”


      Dodd, Dorgan and Ritter. Won’t be long before the chattering class is saying that the Democrats are in trouble. Funny how they haven’t reported on how many incumbent Republicans aren’t running. Damn left-wing media 😉

  16. nannymm

    Brian, if they can’t stash the bombs in their undies, they can stash them in body cavities. Or in cargo. Have we all forgotten that planes carry cargo that is not scanned? Seriously, do we need to strip search women and children and little old men? What good will it do??? It’s a waste of time and money and an egregious violation of personal privacy. WTF is wrong with Americans that we would even consider allowing such an violation of our rights? Have we become so damned frightened that we are willing to give up the rights our forebearers fought so damned hard for? If so, we’ve become a bunch of damned wimps who deserve neither security nor freedom. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves!!!!

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

  17. nannymm

    dnd, they’ve been saying that all morning. I had to mute that windbag, Morning Joe, because he kept harping on it.

    • dnd

      “dnd, they’ve been saying that all morning. I had to mute that windbag, Morning Joe, because he kept harping on it.”

      Yet another reason not to watch Morning Joke.

      I don’t understand the people in charge of MSNBC programming. Morning Joke is in direct competition with Fox and Friends, and to a lesser extent Imus. And they are losing, big time.

  18. I for one will be happy to see a new generation of Democrats coming to the hill.

  19. dnd

    “That all depends on what the new generation is like. If they’re blue dogs I won’t be pleased.”

    You’ll be less pleased if the blue dogs get replaced by Republican teabaggers. North Dakota needs to run a blue dog to win. Connecticut needs to run a Al Frankin.

    • dnd

      I apologize. I accidently screwed up replying to your comment. WordPress doesn’t have an “undo” which I sorely need 😉

  20. nannymm

    Where did you “screw up,” dnd? I don’t see it. I agree with you about North Dakota and Connecticut. As for MoJo, I like your term, Morning Joke. Morning Jerk would fit, too. 😀

  21. TempeBev

    An easy solution to the MoJo problem is “don’t watch!”

  22. nannymm

    It’s like a train wreck, Bev. Sometimes it’s impossible to turn away. LOL

  23. nannymm

    A Cushy Landing for Dodd?

    Don’t feel too sorry for Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, who will announce plans not to run for reelection in 2010: According to Marc Ambinder, the Obama administration communicated to Dodd that they thought his position was untenable—he never recovered from his association with Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo—and, as a reward for stepping down, “a sinecure or administration position is likely.” Meanwhile, although the right is jubilant over Dodd’s retirement, it actually makes the Democrats more likely to retain his seat in 2010, since popular state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will run in his stead, and will likely help cancel out the retirement of North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, whose seat will be difficult for the Dems to hold.
    Read it at The Atlantic Politics Channel

  24. d give us the local scoop. Why is your gov not going to run?

    • dnd

      I have no clue why Ritter won’t run again. This has all the political gossip’s tongues wagging. The polls currently don’t look good for Ritter, but the election is a long ways away. Some say this is a tee-up for Salazar, Perlmutter or Romanoff. Some teabaggers say this is their moment of discontent.

      Colorado has been trending blue for a few years now, so I think Ritter could get re-elected. He’s been a pretty decent governor in difficult times, particularly in his effort to bring green jobs to Colorado. Since none of the speculation makes much sense, I’ll take him at his word that the governor’s office has been taking a toll on his family, and since he thinks the Dems have a strong bench for the Governor’s race, he’s opting to take care of his family first.

      Who knew that the Demmycrats were the party of family values? 😉

  25. Schwarzenegger Interior Secretary? Could Arnold Be Next High Profile Face Of Climate Change?


  26. nannymm

    This is a must read. I thought it was a joke at first but it’s really not. As I said earlier when discussing the virtual strip search machines, our forebearers must be rolling over in their graves!

    No Joke: Nassau County Town Outlaws “Waving While Latino”
    A number of suburban communities across the United States have violated the free speech rights of all by passing discriminatory anti-solicitation ordinances targeting day laborers. The latest town to do so is Oyster Bay in New York’s Nassau County. Oyster Bay has two significant streetside hiring spots where day laborers congregate every morning in hopes of finding work. Back in September, under the guise of public safety, the town council passed an ordinance completely banning public job solicitation. The ordinance states:

  27. nannymm

    The political show sure is getting interesting.

  28. nannymm

    Dodd’s heir — Lieberman’s nightmare
    Popular, principled Dick Blumenthal, the next likely senator from Connecticut, will surely irk Joe Lieberman

  29. dog's eye view

    I’m glad Dodd is retiring from the Senate.

    And fingers crossing North Dakota will retain a blue seat, although that’s a tough order.

  30. Dex

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

    ~ C.S. Lewis

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