Seriously Weird!



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54 responses to “Seriously Weird!

  1. dooty

    and you expected more?

  2. Even for Beck the journal reading was a bit over the top don’t you think doots?

  3. nannymm

    Everything Beck does is seriously weird and over the top, Brian. His “Sarah worship” was disgusting! He thinks she’s the only one who can lead us???? WTF???? He’s even crazier than I thought.

  4. nannymm

    What a contrast! From insanity to the voice of reason.

  5. All snark aside Nanny, I think the clip from Beck seriously shows signs of some serious pathology going on there.

  6. nannymm

    I think you’re correct, Brian. I see signs of disorganized thinking in the way he adds 2 plus 2 and comes up with 3. The crying is bizarre, too. Indicative of depression, maybe? Add in the rants and crazy stunts and I wonder if he doesn’t suffer from bipolar disorder, possibly with psychosis. All in all, he needs a good shrink.

  7. and a few hundred volts too! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one day we get breaking news he’s been “hospitalized”.

  8. nannymm

    Hospitalized or in some kind of “rehab.”

  9. yeah “rehab”, there is def a straight jacket in that man’s future.

  10. nannymm

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there were one well hidden in his past. 😀

  11. nannymm

    Good point, dnd. It’s hard to tell sometimes who is feeding off who in that mess.

  12. nannymm

    Obama will go to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley.

  13. dooty

    becky needs some strong drug to knock him out for a millennium or so.

  14. nannymm

    That would be fine with me, Doots. Maybe he could share those meds with Palin, Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, both Cheneys, Malkin, etc. Oh, hell! It would take a tanker load to medicate all those whackos….

  15. Even though it’s going to be creepy seeing Bush back at the WH, it’s a brilliant political stroke for Obama to have him involved in the Haiti crisis. First of it helps to silence that idiots on the right and second what a study in contrast and a great way to remind people that we now actually have a competent president now!

    • dnd

      It’s probably going to be an awkward moment when the people in Haiti who elected Aristide see Bush 43, who helped oust Aristide, coming to their aid. My guess is that Clinton will do most of the talking…

  16. nannymm

    I agree, Brian. I just hope Bush doesn’t spend much time at the WH. I really like him being thousands of mile away.

  17. Obama and Clinton will do most of the talking, Bush will occasionally make one of those jokes he thinks are so funny.

  18. nannymm

    I can’t wait to see if he gives Obama one of his nicknames.

  19. I can’t watch Dylan Ratigan, I don’t know how anyone can. Outrage for outrage sake gets annoying really quick.

  20. btw here’s the full hour of Glenn & Sarah, if you can stomach it.

  21. Hillary going to Haiti tomorrow, CNN is reporting

  22. dooty

    if Bush 43 sits down in front of the TV he will start bogarting the tv remote.

  23. Does he know how to operate a TV remote?

  24. dooty

    hey he learned how to fly a jet air plane so I think a tv remote may be well within his ability.

  25. Seeing Bush back at the Oval Office made flesh crawl, I was amazing at how uncomfortable he looked.

  26. Ok Joe, you’ve spoken long enough, LOL

  27. nannymm

    I was thinking the same thing…

  28. nannymm

    Interesting article:
    “Health care was “too big to fail.” Mending Wall Street is a different ballgame. Matthew Yglesias on how President Obama can woo back liberals, bedevil the GOP—and change the outcome this fall.”

    • dnd

      The Yglesias piece was interesting, but IMHO flawed. Two reasons:
      1. Bank reform should be an easy sell. Everybody hates the big banks we bailed out who are now paying their secretaries $200,000/year.
      2. When Bush 43 failed in his cross-country crusade to sell privatizing social security, it didn’t rally the Republican base. It empowered the Democrats. Failing to pass bank regulation reform would empower the Republicans.

  29. Good to see MSNBC has dumped it’s usual Saturday afternoon prison programing for coverage of Haiti. Normal programing on Fox, go figure.

  30. Brilliant of Obama to send the SOS to Haiti.

  31. nannymm

    That’s why I linked it, dnd. I wanted to get feedback since I, too, thought it was a simplistic and flawed idea. I was afraid I was missing something in Yglesias’ reasoning. It sounds good you skim the surface but deeper and it’s likely to fail or backfire, as you stated.

  32. Morning peeps, how are we all this morning?

  33. nannymm

    WTF??? Brown is the guy who posed nude for Cosmo. Is he trying to be the “family values” guy now?
    And in case anyone missed it, Brown voted against a bill to pay Massachusetts workers for up to 3 weeks for working at Ground Zero in NYC after 9-11. Real nice guy, huh?
    Scott Brown Voted Against Giving Help To 9/11 Recovery Workers

  34. nannymm

    Obama is handling this “disturbance” quite well, I think.

  35. dooty

    I really thought more people understood how the Gov’t worked. Lot of people seem to think Obama can just snap his fingers and everything will be ok.

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