Nail biter!

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54 responses to “Nail biter!

  1. nannymm

    LOL By the time this is over who is going to have nails left?

  2. nannymm

    Good morning. I’ve made 53 phone calls this morning to MA voters on behalf of Martha Coakley. The voters I’ve spoken to are mostly for Coakley and say they will definitely vote. The rest are either undecided or don’t plan to vote. Damn! I do not understand how anyone can be undecided between these two candidates. It boggles the mind…

  3. So much in politics boggles the mind Nanny, keep up the good work.

  4. good morning everyone……what time will the polls close in MA.?

    “squint and the meat puppet.” perfect description, actually saw a few minutes this am, it’s been forever since I have watched that show.

  5. that post is a mess but the Colbert clip about the MA election is funny…..

    someone with power – can re-post it the right way…thanks 🙂

  6. Last night, Gov. Jon Corzine (D) signed New Jersey’s medical marijuana legislation into law. As a result, New Jersey is now the 14th state to protect seriously ill patients from arrest and jail for using medical marijuana with their doctors’ approval.

  7. nannymm

    Not too far a trip for you, is it, Brian? 🙂

  8. nannymm

    This is a bit of good news on an otherwise dreary day:

    Justice Department Intervenes In Gay Rights Suit

    For the first time in a decade, Justice Department lawyers have moved to intervene in a lawsuit on behalf of a gay high school student who was beaten up for being effeminate.

    The case marks a novel interpretation of the Title IX statute, which prohibits discrimination against students on the basis of gender.

    Gay and lesbian groups see it as a bold statement about the Obama administration’s priorities.

  9. dog's eye view

    Am assuming nanny is calling off a Democratic-leaning phone list, and wondering if the “undecideds” are voting for Brown or just sick of getting GOTV phone calls.

    At this point, everyone’s calling off a list that’s been vetted for those who have at one point said they would support the Democrat. It’s too late to prospect …

    Haven’t watched the news, so nail biting here too. But it’s hard to believe a 3:1 registration advantage won’t pay off, even if the GOP is more enthusiastic.

    I cannot tell these days what is “real” news and what is manufactured.

    Oh — and Good morning, peeps.

    Unusually high surf in the Pacific today; SoCal is getting a week of rain.

  10. dog's eye view

    How much of a factor might it be that Massachusetts citizens already have access to healthcare?

    This is getting irritating, where many seniors, with government run and provided Medicare, are rallying at Tea Parties and Mass voters are OK with derailing health care reform for the rest of the country.

    One Mass voter who won’t be voting for either candidate: RIP Robert Parker, author of Spenser for Hire novels.

    And fingers crossed here that Coakley pulls it out.

    Hold your nose and vote, folks!

  11. Heart breaking story about Jacob there Nanny.

  12. nannymm

    Isn’t it, Brian. It makes me want to scream that things like that continue to happen in our schools.

  13. nannymm

    Dog’s Eye, the list seems to have a lot of independents on it, too. They’re call unaffiliated in MA. They make up 51 per cent of the MA electorate and are leaning towards Brown. At this point it is all about the GOTV efforts.

  14. nannymm

    Why the hell don’t we prosecute these guys?

    FBI broke law for years in phone record searches
    The FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records between 2002 and 2006 by invoking terrorism emergencies that did not exist or simply persuading phone companies to provide records, according to internal bureau memos and interviews. FBI officials issued approvals after the fact to justify their actions.

  15. “New Jersey is now the 14th state to protect seriously ill patients from arrest and jail for using medical marijuana with their doctors’ approval.”

    ….if we ever move, this will be one of our considerations….I am not going to grow old(er) without this medical option. It ‘s criminal that it isn’t legal in ALL states…..heading home from the office…..anxious for election results…

  16. “….if we ever move, this will be one of our considerations….I am not going to grow old(er) without this medical option”

    Planning on moving in the near future?


  17. nannymm

    “….if we ever move, this will be one of our considerations….I am not going to grow old(er) without this medical option. It ’s criminal that it isn’t legal in ALL states…”

    You, Brian and I can all be neighbors, Trev.

  18. nannymm

    Ok, this is too much.
    I actually had several MA voters tell me Scott Brown was an independent. They were shocked to hear that he is really a republican. One older guy was very upset that Brown was “pulling the wool over our eyes.” I asked him to call all his family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they know the truth.

    What does it say about Brown’s integrity that he is hiding who he is and what he believes from the voters?

  19. nannymm

    “In the Washington Independent David Weigel quoted a phone-banker who had a dreamy Brown supporter tell her the GOP insurgent was “the white Obama.” Ah, so that’s what we need, a white Obama?”

  20. nannymm

    I hear it’s up 130 percent in Boston (from the primary.) As of this morning it was expected to be double. Hopefully, this bodes well fro Coakley.

  21. dog's eye view

    Nanny: THANK YOU for making those calls. You are making a difference.

  22. “Planning on moving in the near future?”

    lol….lucky you know hoe to duck quickly….

  23. *how

    I think there is hope that Coakley will win, or is “hope” a dirty word now?

  24. dog's eye view

    I am HOPING the weekend news and bad polls motivated non-Brown voters to turn out. Politics as entertainment only goes so far. We need grownups.

    Also, tell me Massachusetts is going to get lots of tourism dollars if it becomes the state that killed health care reform efforts by going Galt. I would not be spending any $$$ there.

    (Yesh, that’s an idle threat, having just moved to the other coast. But still! …)

  25. nannymm

    Thanks, Dog’s Eye. Making those calls was an eye opener. The ignorance of the American voter never ceases to amaze me. Neither does the dection of rethugs like Brown.

  26. nannymm

    Nah, Burrito, hope isn’t a dirty word…..YET. Hope is what has gotten me through two days of phone calls to MA voters. Without hope, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it. Let’s just hope and hard work pay off.

    • dnd

      I’m with dog in thanking you for making those calls. Coakley doesn’t deserve to win given her campaign, but I want her to win as pundits on both the left and the right have been yackking on why she’ll lose.

      That, and Brown is a teabagger…

      • dnd

        Ok, here’s another reason I want Brown to lose. I saw his ad where he touted driving around MA in his “old” truck. That truck looks like he just drove it off the showroom floor. Old trucks have dings and mud and empty beer cans rolling around in the bed and don’t have a digital odometer. And it’s one of those four door/short bed pickups driven by suburban posers.

        What a phony.

  27. nannymm

    Martha Coakley’s campaign just held a press conference regarding alleged voting irregularities in Massachusetts, presumably setting the table for legal battles to come if the outcome is too close to call.

    Worth noting: One of the Coakley attorneys at the presser was Marc Elias, counsel for Sen. Al Franken during the protracted Minnesota election contest last year.

  28. nannymm

    Thanks, dnd. I agree that Coakley doesn’t deserve to win and can assure you that I did not make all those calls for her. I did it for Obama, for healthcare reform, for the progressive agenda, and most of all because I can’t bear the thought of a repug in Teddy’s seat. That a win for Coakley would once again be a stick in the eye of the media is just a bonus. 😀

  29. dog's eye view

    Andy Borowitz. (Found this at Balloon Juice)

    “Firing up voters on the eve of the special election to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate seat, Republican candidate Scott Brown spoke at a campaign rally today, proclaiming, “With your help, our dream of depriving millions of health care is within reach.”

    “Let’s send a message, Massachusetts!” Mr. Brown exhorted the crowd. “Let’s tell people across the country that if they want health coverage, they are shit out of luck!”

    An aide to Mr. Brown said that internal polling reveals that the Republican’s anti-healthcare message may be catching on: “Right now, Scott is showing a double-digit lead among people who describe themselves as douchebags.”

  30. Ok, I’ve turned the news on, fingers are crossed.

  31. dog's eye view

    Kind of a perfect metaphor, dnd. Might be too broad a brush, but with the GOP, it’s what a candidate SEEMS like, not what they actually are or think.

    Palin: the gutsy reformer who’s just like you, only better looking.

    Brown: the down to earth guy. Whose wife is apparently a TV reporter. Suburban dad with a pickup. He’s just like you, only better looking, again.

  32. nannymm

    Interesting take from Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight:

    Are Coakley Voters Too Ashamed to be Polled?
    I’d say this is either a really bad sign for Martha Coakley or a really good sign. The way in which it could be a really bad sign is obvious. But how could it be a really good sign?

    Because Luntz isn’t having trouble finding Coakley voters so much as he’s having trouble finding Coakley voters who are willing to go on camera and talk about their candidate. And if people aren’t willing to go on camera and talk about their candidate, they also might not be willing to talk to a pollster about their candidate. If there is non-response bias in the polls, which is basically the way that Coakley wins this, then this sort of anecdote that would be archetypal of that.

  33. nannymm

    OK, the polls are closed. So here we go…..

  34. dog's eye view

    It’s kind of fun to be together for an election night. Wish it was not such a nail biter, or so crucial a seat.

    Obama is smart, as are his advisors. They will find a way to work around this. Whatever happens, hope the Dems and independents supporting Obama have given up their complacency.

    And I think Obama has to talk and talk, directly, to middle aged and senior white folks. They’re not hearing him, for all the disinformation.

  35. Just a reminder that the less densely populated (more conservative) areas report their numbers earliest.

  36. dog's eye view

    Brian: I am in a coffee/winebar in Long Beach. What seems to be European sports on the telly (rugby?) No cable politiporn pundits and purveyors, thank dog. Sipping a good amber ale, thank dog again.

    You must keep us apprised as to what is being said on cable “news”.

    No exit polls. Any guess when they might have a result? (I am hoping it will be slow coming, because Coakley pulls this one out.)

    Andrew Sullivan had a good post up today, on how the Brown voting types let anything go with Bush and NOW they’re revolting. He calls it adolescent rage.

  37. nannymm

    Dog’s Eye, I agree that it is nice for us all to be together for this, and other, election nights. I just wish this one weren’t such a nail biter and so damned vital!

  38. FUCK, AP just called for Brown.

  39. nannymm

    This sucks!

  40. I’m not watching the news for the next 24 hours, I may not get out of bed tomorrow!

  41. nannymm

    It’s a good time to listen to music and read a good book. And try not to be depressed….

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