The 2010 State of the Union Address


State Of The Union 2010 (FULL TEXT): Read Obama’s Speech



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58 responses to “The 2010 State of the Union Address

  1. nannymm

    Good morning, peep and peepette.

  2. dog's eye view

    Just reread Catcher in the Rye a month or two ago. Still a captivating and somewhat inscrutable book. So ahead of its time.

    RIP JDS.

    Just got online; have to catch up on last night’s thread. Watched the speech at an Obot gathering.

    Loved the “head for the hills” comment and his other, well-deserved scolds.

    We watched MSNBC which didn’t show GOP reaction in the chamber much. Did other channels do better? (I would have preferred PBS or CSpan …)

    • dnd

      Bernanke stays. Thank goodness. It’ll give the bed wetters something to prattle about. And it’ll keep a steady hand on the Fed tiller.

  3. eprof2

    According to NPR, there were three Senate votes today. All passed on 60-40 votes. So much for bipartianship in the wake of SOTUA last night!

  4. nannymm

    Bipartisanship is dead. The damned repugs killed it.

  5. nannymm

    That’s some website!

  6. lol….I love a good discount!

  7. looks like fun people to work with…lol…funky monkey parties and all – I bet many politicians would like to buy something special for their assistants and pages.

  8. Don’t forget the interns!

  9. nannymm

    Send Sarah Palin a link.

  10. nannymm

    I really like my new congressman, Bill Owens. Every time I send him an email or call his office, I actually get a reply. McHugh, my former congressman never replied. The only thing I ever got from him was requests for money. Bill Owens email replies don’t even have a link to donate. And they don’t ask for money. The only link is to his website. And check this out. There isn’t even a request for money on his homepage! I really like this guy!!

  11. We’re starting a new line in her honor

  12. you guys make me laugh…..How about your ole boy John Edwards…..he could make a few purchases….oh and Tiger….he could make your clients rich!

  13. “According to NPR, there were three Senate votes today. All passed on 60-40 votes. So much for bipartianship in the wake of SOTUA last night!” eProf

    I love it!

  14. nannymm

    Anyone surprised by that? These repugs have absolutely no intention of working with the president.

  15. did you notice how many bright colors were on the dem side….the women…the repug side was all bland and dull, fewer females

  16. nannymm

    Just a bunch of boring old white guys over on their side, with an occasional big haired token female tossed in.

  17. hey….what if I have BIG hair……lol …”boring old white guys” <- no offense the BOWG we know…lol

    Texas women have big hair contests!

  18. nannymm

    I remember that from when I lived there. It cracked me up. They were soooo out of style!

  19. I guess I had forgotten you lived there , where did you live and when? I was an idiot and lived there twice Dallas area.

  20. nannymm

    I was in Marfa and Alpine back in the 70’s. That’s West Texas. It was a shock to my system…. from NYC to a tiny town in West Texas. For the first year I was there I packed my bags every other day and threatened to move back home. LOL

  21. nannymm

    Hey, at least Dallas is a city. Great shopping, restaurants, housing…

  22. dooty

    I take offense to that big hair comment. Maybe in the 70’s but Texas is pretty modern and up to date even if it is Republican state. Most of the big hairs are now either dead or blue hairs.

  23. nannymm

    I know, Doots. Just having a bit of fun. But you gotta admit that big hair craze was crazy.

  24. nannymm

    Heck, even West Texas is modern now. Don’t forget, I go back whenever I can for Galley Night and other events. Unfortunately, it’s been a couple years since I’ve been able to make the trip.

  25. West Texas is the closest thing to hell I have seen…. but I bet they had the biggest hair ever.

    Yeah, Dallas is okay if you party every night and sit by the pool in the day light….but second time around, being from CA with children…was a different story…..first day there….ordered a bloody Mary on Sunday at breakfast…and the woman at the table next to us covers her child’s ears…..

  26. Doots….we love Texas we just are not allowed to live there…..too liberal and all

  27. I heard big hair was coming back to Texas….

  28. nannymm

    Back in the 70’s I just hung out with Mexicans; they were all liberals, too. And they didn’t hate me and call me a “damned yankee” like the Anglos did. And they didn’t make fun of my “accent”, either. 😀

  29. nannymm

    I’m not sure which is worse, that hair or the eyelashes. YIKES!!!!!

  30. nannymm

    Uh, oh! Have you ever seen a picture of Doots, UB? Maybe he has big hair?

  31. nah…..i just know that the women were skinny with big hair……my hair might have been kind of big back then…lol

  32. nannymm

    Hey UB, Canyon agrees with your assessment of West Texas. LMAO!!!

  33. nannymm

    Mine was long and straight, u ntil I tried a Farrah Fawcett cut. Ewwwww!!!!

  34. Any more vids of you on youtube UB?

  35. dooty

    naw, dooty doesn’t have big hair. I can comb my hair with a wash cloth. I use a #1 clipper attachment when I get a hair cut at home. It looks like we skinned a small rabbit when you see the ground where we do the hair cut.

    hanging with the Mexicans has its advantages
    1. they can show you where the best food is
    2. can get a discount on smoke products
    3. you can learn a new language
    4. used to be a nice place to “winter” now not so much
    5. I could go on

  36. dooty

    also, are we entirely sure the big hair in the video is actually a woman and not a drag queen?

  37. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Fri, January 29, 2010 — 8:48 AM ET

    U.S. Economy Grew at Annual Rate of 5.7% in Fourth Quarter, More Than Expected

    The United States economy grew at its fastest pace in over
    six years at the end of 2009, but a sluggish job market is
    still souring economists on the sustainability of the

    Gross domestic product expanded at an annual rate of 5.7
    percent in the fourth quarter, well above analysts’
    expectations. It had grown at an annualized rate of 2.2
    percent in the previous quarter.

    • dnd

      My prediction for the right-wing spin on the 5.7% growth in the 4th quarter:

      1. This indicates that there is no more need to spend any more stimulus money.
      2. It’s just a blip and the Obama economy is going to hell in a handbasket.

      • dnd

        Mike Littwin on the SOTU speech:
        He thought the job was to be like heavy-on-process LBJ when it was, in fact, to be more like heavy-on-narrative Ronald Reagan, if you can picture a Reagan from the left. Obama said he got it. And if he didn’t get it before Scott Brown drove his pickup straight through Obama’s health care bill, he definitely got it afterward.

        The key line from the speech was this: “I campaigned on the promise of change — change we can believe in, the slogan went,” he said. “And right now, I know there are many Americans who aren’t sure if they still believe we can change — or that I can deliver it.”

        Read more:

        • dnd

          House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN) says the he’s not running for the Senate after prayerful thought and meeting with his family. Then it comes out that he thinks the Republicans will take the House in 2010 (fat chance) and this would put him in line for a powerful leadership position, which he would prefer to being a back bencher in the Senate. My theory is that he’s safe in his gerrymandered district and that he has a good chance of losing in a state-wide Senate campaign.

          What I’m curious about is whenever an incumbent Republican chooses not to run, the liberal media is all over it, yet this story doesn’t get a peep.

  38. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Fri, January 29, 2010 — 12:18 PM ET

    Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict in Murder of Abortion Doctor

    It took jurors 37 minutes on Friday to convict Scott Roeder,
    an abortion opponent, of first-degree murder in the death of
    George R. Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country to
    perform late-term abortions.

  39. Very clever of the president to go address the GOP caucus today and bring along TV cameras!

    • dnd

      Mike Pence to President Obama: “Would you advocate the across the board tax cuts that President Kennedy and President Reagan put into place.”

      1. Neither Kennedy nor Reagan had “across the board” tax cuts.
      2. Reagan, over his eight years, actually raised taxes, mostly on the middle class.

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