On his game!



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15 responses to “On his game!

  1. nannymm

    That was a masterful performance. I’d like to see him debate like that on a regular basis. It would be good for the country, as well as fun to watch.

    • dnd

      I agree Nannymm. Obama was contrite, sincere and extending the olive branch. Most, though not all, of the Republicans looked petty and spiteful. It was great political theater.

  2. dooty

    If I am the in the Repub leadership, no way in hell I let cameras in for a ass whoopin’ again like this was!

  3. dooty


    not only what you said but he could speak off the cuff on any subject. So, I think you can put to rest the “he needs a teleprompter for his speeches” statements you hear sometimes.

  4. dooty

    I am wondering if anyone is gonna read this book about John Edwards that is being released today?

  5. Yeah doots, it’s right at the top of me amazon wish list!

  6. Well, now we have War Criminals Judge Jay Bybee and John Yoo walking with no criminal prosecution or charges filed with the Bar Association seeking disbarment for their legal opinions approving the War Crime of Torture.

    I said before and I’ll say it again. There is no Department Of Justice in America anymore.

    With the Supreme Court ruling giving Corporations the status of citizenship and the right to influence elections we have now become a Fascist Nation.

    It seems that the lessons of World War II and Hitler’s Germany have been forgotten.

    I always said that the Republicans through their Propagandists have used Nazi tactics for a long time by demeaning, denigrating and demonizing anyone who disagreed with them.

    They have done this to Liberals, Democrats and all who spoke out against their policies and tactics. However, they took it one step further when they started doing the same to Muslims.

    How so?

    In Germany they first started Demonizing the Jews. Then they dehumanized them and no one spoke up. After that they started exterminating them.

    Well we have now done that to those of Muslim Faith and Muslim ethnicity.

    First we demonized them. Then we passed laws making them less then human and called them Enemy Combatants to detain indefinitely with no rights to challenge their detentions.

    Next we instituted Torture where we Tortured them and even murdered them. Now we are going to try them and of course even if their innocent we will kill them. If they are guilty they should be imprisoned for life or if there is clear evidence that the crimes their being tried for are clear and overwhelming then we should find them guilty and execute them.

    But do it under the Law and with no lies. Uphold the Law and not have a kangaroo trial.

    Hitler’s Lawyers gave him legal cover to commit the same crimes against the Jews and we tried them, imprisoned them and even hung them.

    Yet we will not uphold the Rule Of Law which Our Country was founded upon.

    America is now no better than all those Countries we condemn for the very same crimes against not only their citizens, but citizens of other countries whom get arrested in their countries.

    Right now today, Iran is going to try protesters for their demonstrations against the Government. Many have been arrested and some have even been killed in prison, while others have been murdered for their participation in the demonstrations.

    We of course will condemn Iran for there actions, while we do the same thing behind closed doors.

    One day the day will come when America does the same thing to those who rally against the Governments policies and like Kent State blood will once again be spilled in the streets.

    One day a truly evil person will become President and all who speak out will be labeled Enemy Combatants under the MCA of 2oo6 Law passed and signed by George W. Bush.

    Not only now are we no better than those whom we condemn for there actions, but in the same way we are worse then those we condemn.

    There is no Department Of Justice or Rule Of Law and we have gone past the slippery slope when we fail to uphold the law.

    America is indeed the Fourth Reich.

  7. dog's eye view

    Good evening, all. Look forward to seeing video of the President’s Baltimore appearance soon; not much time online.

    PS: here’s transcript dnd might have mentioned at 11:01. It was up on Krugman’s blog.


  8. dog's eye view

    Speaking of on his game:

    The president does color commentary, Duke v Georgetown basketball.

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