Everything old is new again



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25 responses to “Everything old is new again

  1. eProf2

    Neo-patriotism on display on PJTV! I hadn’t heard of PJTV until this post. Thanks.

  2. Me either ePfrof till I did a search on youtube for Tea Party. Their home page sent a chill up my spine!

  3. dnd

    From the last thread:
    “Tancredo opens Tea Party Convention in style
    President Obama elected by “people who could not even spell the word ‘vote,’” former congressman says”

    The interesting thing is that the teabaggers are the one’s who ain’t too bright. In the MA Senate election, Brown’s supporters were overwhelmingly those who did not have a college education.

    Ron Brownstein expands on this:


    The problem here is that the gullible are easily swayed. If you don’t believe me, ask an ad executive.

  4. 500.00 bucks to listen to Palin, also reported they are paying her 100K….

  5. dooty

    you can’t make this shit up. The teabaggers forgot the American flag and did not offer an opening prayer to start their convention and they also did not say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the wacky ceremony. What kind of Super Patriots are these jerk offs?


    • dnd

      Why do the teabaggers hate America and Jesus?

      Doots, it’s clear that the teabaggers are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Their featured speaker is the former governor from Alaska, the state that benefits most from government largess.

  6. nannymm

    These tea baggers are morons. I wish I could be at that convention just for the laughs. 😉

  7. TempeBev

    Whether the Tea Baggers are not the sharpest knives or not, it is becoming apparent that the rest of the knives (sharper ones) are getting fed up with both sides of the government.

    Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) has to be one of the dullest ones in the drawer along with my own personal favorite, J. McCain.


  8. dooty

    you got nothing on me Bev. I raise you John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison with a hole card of Gov Rick “Good Hair” Perry.

  9. TempeBev

    Doots, Good choices. I’m sure we could all fill the drawer with dull knives!!!!

  10. dooty

    course Bev you could be the winner if J D Hayworth beats out J McCain in the Primary.

    • dnd

      Well Bev and Doots, Colorado has teabagger Tom Tancredo. Fortunately he no longer serves, though he reneged on his promise to serve only three terms (he served four).
      Patriot that is is, while a member of the College Republicans he got student deferments to keep him out of the Vietnam draft. When they ran out, he told doctors he had been treated for depression and got a Y-1 deferment.

      I can only hope he once again mounts a presidential campaign, possibly with fellow phony and wingnut Sarah Palin, as nominees for the teabagger party.

      It just wouldn’t get any better than that…

  11. nannymm

    I just spoke to Brian. He’s in the ER awaiting a surgical consult. They’ve ordered pain meds for him and are deciding on other meds now. He isn’t sure if he’ll be admitted today but it looks like it’s possible. I’ll update you all as soon as I hear more.

  12. dooty

    good luck to Brian rest easy as one can in those circumstances.

  13. nannymm

    Do these people think they’re at a freakin’ costume party?

    Photos From the (Tea Party) Revolution

  14. TempeBev

    Nanny, please pass on my good wishes and thoughts for him.

  15. nannymm

    You’ll be able to do that yourself soon, Bev. He’s been discharged for now. He’ll see the surgeon Monday.

  16. Ok, I’m home, heavily medicated, seeing the surgeon on Monday! Amen to heavily medicated!

  17. Hey Brian, I was hoping they would help take away the pain….they better have given you enough to get through to Monday

  18. yes they did UB, I wouldn’t have left if they hadn’t. This aint my first time at this rodeo!

  19. A dog walker wouldn’t be a bad idea right now. Any volunteers?

  20. TempeBev

    Take care Brian – be thinking of you on Monday.

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