Our Cruise Experience ~ BevnTempe

Our Panama Canal cruise was interesting and educational. I can’t in all honesty say it was “great.” I don’t think we have the type of personalities for big ship cruising. We’ve been on small ships and had a wonderful time.gator

Before boarding the ship, we spent one entire day touring Miami. We saw the everglades, the city and the bay. Definitely don’t want to be here when they have the Super Bowl.

We also saw the city of Cartegena, Columbia; the rainforest in Puntarenas, Costa Rica; museums and an active volcano in Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala, a few birds on a bird watch in Huatulco, Mexico; and the famous cliff divers in Acapulco. Everywhere we went, there was poverty.


After that, it went down hill fast for me. I got hit hard with the Norovirus and spent the next 48+ hours in bed. Phil got it the night before arriving in Los Angeles. That began the mentally and physically challenging odyssey of disembarking the ship, finding a taxi to LAX and wondering if we would make it to the plane on time.

We made it back, slept for 12 hours the first night, and five days later and lots of naps, are almost back to normal.

Below are my random thoughts about the cruise.

  1. I am very thankful for living where I do.
  2. 14 days on a cruise ship is way TOO LONG no matter how often you get off.
  3. Thoroughly research and re-research all shore excursions.
  4. Don’t always book shore excursions through the cruise line.
  5. Be adventuresome.
  6. NEVER, NEVER drink or eat anything off the ship.
  7. Beware that the Norovirus can hit at any time, no matter how careful you are.
  8. Getting sick is no way to lose 5 pounds.
  9. When the effects and memories of the Norovirus have faded, I’m sure pleasant memories of the cruise will return.


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35 responses to “Our Cruise Experience ~ BevnTempe

  1. “Tea Klux Klan” love it!

  2. dooty

    I remember my mother and dad went on a Caribbean cruise back in the 70’s. My mom does not do well in 3rd world countries.

  3. MadMustard

    Reading of your cruise experience makes me question why I’ve always fantasized about taking such an adventure. When I had the time I lacked the resources and when I had the resources I lacked the time.

    I guess the mundane nature of my vacations provided me smaller and more managable highs and lows. But… I would still love to have photographs of places that I had difficulty in pronouncing.

    • dnd

      “When I had the time I lacked the resources and when I had the resources I lacked the time.”

      That’s the story of my life 😉

  4. TempeBev

    Dnd – I’ve done both – fish and ski behind boats and I agree with you.

  5. nannymm

    I’m sorry you got sick, Bev. That is definitely no way to spend your vacation.

    As for Mad’s comments about vacations, I agree with you. Some part of me wants to go on exotic adventures to far away places. But something always seems to get in the way. (Nowadays, the something is really someone, my “never venture too far from home hubby.”) After reading your post today, Bev, I’m glad my vacations to Lake George and other decidedly non-exotic places are relaxing and fun and that I never have to fear drinking the local water.
    As for boats, I’m rather partial to my canoe. Although, small speed boats are nice, too.

  6. dog's eye view

    Bev: wish your cruise had gone more healthily for you, and thanks for the pointers.

    Brian: hope you are comfortable too. What a reason to not be out in the snow.

    Excitement abounded here Sunday: the Saints win AND a Mad Mustard sighting or two, on the same day. Hell freezing over indeed. Howdy to Mr. Mustard.

    Have been mostly offline (just heard about Murtha’s passing this morning, via the dead tree newspaper obits section — imagine that).

    Decided I do miss the internet too much, and shall be caving and ordering it. So much for the offline experiment. (Although it’s greatly calming to have gone cold turkey on any cable news. Highly recommended. Might add a year or two to your life, and protect your teeth and arteries too.)

  7. MadMustard

    Hello and back-at’cha Dog’s Eye.

    I think you witnessed a confluence of snowballs in hot places and someone who wanted to crawl out of his burrow to get a groundhog’s eye view of his shadow.

    Six more weeks of something or other…

  8. Well I’m off to the hospital, I suspect I won’t be home tonight. See you all tomorrow peeps.

  9. dooty

    good luck dude.

  10. eprof2

    Nice report on your trip, Bev. Glad to hear, too, that you’re almost back to full health again. Leaving the desert does strange things to people, eh?

    The Latin Americanist in me always comes out on the most mundane things. Colombia and Columbia are two different places. Is there a way I can whisper this?

    Oh, if two weeks is too long, try 35 months on a ‘cruise’ ship compliments of the US Navy. It’s true, as time passes you tend to forget all the ‘bad’ things happen to you and you have mostly ‘good’ things to say about the experience. LOL!!

    Brian, I hope all goes well for you at the hospital. Welcome back, Dog’s Eye, and others, like me, who disappear for weeks on end. It’s a better place for all of the posts from different folks.

  11. TempeBev

    Good luck Brian – crossing fingers and toes.

    eprof2 – I heard your whisper all the way to Tempe from Casa Grande. I spelled it wrong. Thanks for the correction.

  12. Well I’m home, it’s been decided by the powers that be that surgery will be on the 25th. I so wanted to get this over with today!

  13. dog's eye view

    From the sidebar: Nate Silver of 538 takes on the myth that Democratic ideas are unpopular. The outliers are actually the congressional Republicans. You don’t hear this much from our media, do you, or from Democrats — forcefully.

    Republicans — Not Obama — More Often on Wrong Side of Public Opinion

    “One of the more commonplace assertions among pundits on the center-right — made rather carelessly by Victor Davis Hanson and more thoughtfully by Jay Cost, is that agenda put forward by Obama and the Democrats is overwhelmingly unpopular and that Democrats are simply getting their comeuppance for having pushed such a liberal set of reforms forward. These claims, however, rely on selective evidence, invariably citing policies like health care and the GM bailouts which are indeed unpopular (strongly so, in some cases), while ignoring many other issues on which Obama has been on the right side of public opinion.

    In fact, a more objective and equivocal evaluation of public opinion on more than two dozen specific issues finds that the Republican Congress has far more often been on the wrong side of it. …”


  14. dog's eye view

    Brian: hope you are feeling better. Agree with you on getting difficult stuff over asap. Maybe the weather and anticipated staff shortages played a role in the decision? Anyway, hope you are comfortable.

  15. dog's eye view

    Charlie Wilson has died.



    Spotted on a NYTimes comment board, from a reader from Anchorage:

    Sarah Palin is not my cup of tea.

    Can the bumpersticker be far behind?

  16. MadMustard

    Brian, your surgery on the 25th will be on my birthday. I’ll use my wish privileges for your speedy recovery, I can always wait till next year to get that super model I’ve had my eyes on.

    As you can see, I’ve practiced holding my breath for some time now. Which is good for blowing out all those freakin’ candles.

  17. dooty

    Snow on the ground last night for us in the DFW area. This makes a second time. Highly unusual for this area. Normally we would get ice if we had any solid precipitation.

  18. Top of the morning peeps. Mad don’t worry on my bday 4/3 I’ll wish for your supper model. I’m assuming you want a female one right?

  19. d, this is right up your alley:

    Black Hole Simulator Uses Real Star Data To Take You Inside The Black Hole (VIDEO)


  20. dooty

    “I always wanted to study cosmology, but ain’t got that level of smarts.”

    D, never knew you had to be too smart to be a beauty operator. Learn something new everyday.

  21. eprof2

    d and dooty just made my day!

  22. dooty

    Bill Clinton is back in the hospital for a stint in his heart MSNBC is reporting right now.

  23. nannymm

    He had two stents put in. Reports are that he is doing well and will recover. Thank God for that!

  24. Must be the season, my brother just had a stent put in.

    • dnd

      Clinton will be out of the hospital tomorrow, and back working with Bush 43 on Haiti by the end of the week. He’s not a slacker…

  25. MadMustard

    Yes Brian, conjure me up a super model of the female persuasion… and make her ‘stint’ worthy, if you will!

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