Happy Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year

It’s unusual for Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year to fall on the same day, but it does this year.  To celebrate both, may I suggest taking your sweetie out for dim sum. “Dim sum” translates to “touch the heart” so it’s perfect for Valentine’s day.

BTW, this is the Year of the Metal-Tiger, which indicates tenacity and drive.   Additionally, the metal-tiger year is seen as a “golden” year that is good for business.  Hope that means unemployment numbers will come down.



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33 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year

  1. Morning peeps,
    So I guess the deal is if you have sex today you’ll be horny again an hour later?

  2. dooty

    isn’t that how it is supposed to work?

  3. MadMustard

    That’s the fortune, cookie.

  4. MadMustard

    So many puns possible… Egg-drop soup… Joke is there somewhere…

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dirty boy! haha

    • dnd

      Cheney on This Week. Biden on MTP and Face the Nation. Quite a contrast.

      Gen. Jones and Jon Kyl on State of the Union. Another interesting contrast.

  6. Is that an egg roll in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

  7. MadMustard

    “Sweet and sour pork” LMAO…I didn’t think of think of that one.

  8. MadMustard

    …Of course the most important question of all… Is this take home or carry out?

    Oh, I’ll eat it here.


  9. MadMustard

    That should be, “dine in or carry out…”

    A prime example of premature jocularity!

  10. Some prefer to eat in, some prefer to eat out!

    we are sinking to all time new lows!

  11. MadMustard

    So true Brian, I apologize for conibuting to this deliquency.

    There is just something about contemplating your favorite oriental dish on a bed of rice or noodles – on Valenines Day – that brings out the ‘caveman’ in me.

  12. sweet lord I hope that wasn’t a metaphor you were writing out there Mad.

    • dnd

      Let’s just say I didn’t anticipate the comments when I wrote this post 😉

      I liked Bob Schieffer’s commentary on Face the Nation today:

      A child’s question asked of me,
      If I can’t see it, can it be?
      I see my toy, I know it’s there.
      I feel my arm, I touch my hair.
      These are things I know to be.
      But what of things I cannot see?
      What of the wind, where does it go?
      Are there other things to know?
      Oh yes, my dear, and soon you’ll find
      They’re locked inside the heart and mind.
      Sweet love’s desire, a mother’s prayer,
      More real than all you see out there.
      More real than sun and moon and rain,
      At first much harder to explain.
      The only thing that I can say
      I say it now in just this way:
      What is real and what is not?
      Love is real, the rest is not.


  13. I think we’ve done a brilliant job of merging the two holidays.

  14. dog's eye view

    Happy Valentine’s Day. May something sweet or saucy be your fortune today.

  15. TempeBev

    I gave my sweetie an egg salad sandwich. I received a new Lazboy recliner. Am I spoiled or what? No answers required.

  16. “I gave my sweetie an egg salad sandwich”

    That’s more than I got. Did you add celery and onions?

  17. This is not egg salad but, pretty amazing ..

  18. Morning peeps,
    So how do we weave president’s day into the current thread? hmmmmmmm

  19. I think there is something at play here d with Evan, so what if he ran and lost? I think people are really get disgusted with the way things are working on the hill.

  20. nannymm

    Bayh is a big part of the problem.

    • dnd

      If Bayh’s seat goes to a Republican, he has no chance of running for president. The DNC will shun him as a traitor. He won’t get a dime.

      If, however he runs for president as a Republican, he’ll still lose.

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