Dare we get our hopes up?




Dianne Feinstein Signs On To Public Option Push


UPDATE: Wednesday, 9:39 PM — Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) are the latest to indicate support for the use of reconciliation to pass health care reform legislation that includes a public option.

The Minnesota Independent published part of a prepared statement from Klobuchar:

I would want to make sure that the bill contains the Medicare care cost reform measures included in the existing bill. I am also supportive of the President�s efforts to forge a bipartisan agreement. We must reduce health care costs for the people of this country.

I support the House bill version of the public option which is based on negotiated rates. I do not support a public option based on Medicare rates because it exacerbates geographic disparities that already hurt Minnesota.



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25 responses to “Dare we get our hopes up?

  1. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, February 17, 2010 — 11:15 PM ET

    American Shaun White Wins Gold in Men’s Halfpipe

    Shaun White of the United States took gold in the men’s
    halfpipe competition on Wednesday night.

    White, the reigning Olympic halfpipe champion, fended off
    younger competitors, pushing the boundaries of his airborne


    • dnd

      On the President’s agenda today: piss people off.

      First he’s meeting with the Dali Lama, so he’ll piss off the Chinese.
      Later he’s speaking at two fundraisers in Colorado for Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO). This is pissing off Democrats, because the primary hasn’t been held, and a lot of Dems are behind former Speaker of the Colorado House Andrew Romanoff. Other Dems don’t think the President should get involved until after the primary.

      Bennett has been pushing hard for using reconciliation for the health bill, penning a letter to Harry Reid this week on the topic. So with Obama doing fund raising for Bennett may indicate hope for health care reform.


  2. nannymm

    “Dare we get our hopes up?” No, thanks. The whole thing had been so badly botched for over a year now that one would have to be crazy to believe the Dems will finally get it right. Obama has failed to lead; the Dems don’t know how to twist arms to get it done. It’s possible that they have learned a lesson but not likely. When it comes to screwing it up, this administration and Congress deserve medals for “gutlessness” and incompetence.
    I know you’re an optimist when it comes to this, Brian. You’re loathe to admit that Obama is not the great white hope and leader you thought he was. I, on the other hand, see him as an ineffective leader who still has not grown a pair. Until he does, I have little hope that he will accomplish a meaningful healthcare bill or any other progressive legislation. As they say in Texas, he’s all hat and no cattle.

  3. nannymm

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Obama has disappointed me too much already in too many ways.

  4. nannymm

    Good morning, Brian.

  5. Evan Bayh’s timing comes with a political twist

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0210/33085.html#ixzz0fuBKNpEH

    “The National Republican Senatorial Committee has singled out the timing and motives of Bayh’s announcement — and the ensuing candidate selection process — and called on Bayh to ask an Indiana court to extend the filing deadlines for Senate candidates, and also in any House seat left open by a member who seeks to succeed Bayh.”

    They shouldn’t hold their breath!

  6. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Thu, February 18, 2010 — 12:18 PM ET

    Bernard B. Kerik, Former Police Commissioner, Is Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

    Bernard B. Kerik, a former New York police commissioner who
    rose to national prominence, was sentenced to four years in
    prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to eight felony
    charges, including tax fraud and lying to White House
    officials, according to The Associated Press.

    The sentencing was the end of a legal saga in which federal
    prosecutors denounced Mr. Kerik, a former detective who rose
    to the upper echelons of power, as a corrupt official who
    sought to trade his authority for lavish perks.

  7. This is the “manifesto” of the guy who just flew the plane into the IRS building in Austin:


  8. dog's eye view

    Any day is a good day when you log in and find that Bernard Kerik has been sentenced to some serious time. Thank Dog he was never let loose at Homeland Security.

    Have been watching the snowboarding. Awesome sport.

    I do think we are going to see some form of healthcare reform, and maybe dropping the convoluted congressional plans will take us back to a public option. The Dems cannot do nothing on this and get re-elected.

    Anthem BC in California was about to sock its individual policy holders with a 39% increase after taking $2.9 billion in profits for the fourth quarter last year. On hold pending congressional review. Story was poster child for what Obama administration has been warning about.


    “The parent of beleaguered Anthem Blue Cross offered a spirited defense Thursday of large premium increases for customers with individual health insurance policies in California, but critics — including the Obama administration — voiced skepticism.

    In a letter to the administration, health insurance giant WellPoint Inc. of Indianapolis said that increases of as much as 39%, set to take effect March 1, reflect soaring medical costs and an exodus of healthy consumers from its ranks.”

    Anthem is California’s largest for-profit insurer. Perhaps this accounts for Senator Feinstein getting religion on the public option.

  9. nannymm

    Dog, I couldn’t agree more about Bernard Kerik. Too bad Rudy isn’t going to share a cell with him. I’m sure he’s guilty of something worthy of jail time….

  10. dooty

    maybe it should be out more often. This site loaded quicker that it has ever for me.

  11. eprof2

    I second Nanny’s motion to throw the book at Guiliani, too. Mr. Know it all!

  12. nannymm

    Not sure I’d waste a book on him, unless it was one of Beck’s or Hannity’s. 🙂

  13. dooty

    isn’t the area under the bus starting to get crowded?

  14. nannymm

    There isn’t enough room under the bus for all those corrupt repugs, Doots.

  15. dooty

    they seem to get great joy in doing so, don’t you think Nanny?

  16. nannymm

    I sure do, Doots.

  17. dooty

    CNN.com is my homepage since I hate that search engine that MSNBC.com is trying to push. There is an informal poll they call Quick Poll. Today’s question is “Do you consider the Texas plane crash to be Terrorism?”

    68% of the respondents said NO

    I suggest that if they polled the people in the building where the plane crashed, they might get another result. Where do these people come from?

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