Eve Of History

On this night, the eve of the most historical vote I’ve seen in my adult lifetime I find I have the urge to wax nostalgically and also to consider the what tomorrow’s vote really means, in both real terms and the political ones.  I have to admit to the fact when I think about it am profoundly moved.     I also have to admit I take great pride in the fact that is a completely partisan bill.  I take great pride today in the fact that I am a Democrat,  the party that tomorrow will deliver countless millions from the fear of finical ruin brought on by illness.  31 million will be delivered from the real terror that it is live without health care coverage, to be helpless when your child is ill.  It’s a stunning achievement for my party, the Democratic Party.

With the passage of health care reform Barack Obama joins the ranks of American’s great progressive presidents.   By deciding in the wake of the recent senatorial election  in Massachusetts the president took full possession of health care reform, he owns this bill.  In a two year period that we got to see Barack Obama become the first person of color to occupy the Oval Office and win the Nobel Peace Price, passage of this bill may prove to be his greatest achievement.  I will not argue that there weren’t many bumps and pot  holes on the road that got us to this evening, here and now, they don’t matter, what matters is that we are here.



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  1. 7:00 PM ET — Obama and Sebelius cut deal on Medicare disparity, lock down wavering votes.

    Rep. Peter Defazio and other Oregon House Democrats said in a statement, a draft of which was obtained by HuffPost, that they’ve hammered out a deal with President Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to subsidize a Medicare reimbursement boost for doctors in states with historically low reimbursement rates. Obama and Sebelius also committed to commission studies that would recommend long-term fixes to the regional disparities, to be implemented by Sebelius, according to the statement.

    “We’ve negotiated hard and finally have reached agreement today which will give Oregon its rightful share, along with 16 other states who are also being discriminated against under the current formula. This is good news for Oregon seniors and is a critical part of this legislation,” said Defazio, who had been leading the small bloc of House Democrats threatening to kill health care over the disparity issue.

  2. Report: Capuano Now A ‘Yes’
    38 minutes ago

    The Boston Globe reports that Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) will vote yes during tomorrow’s health care reform vote after previously saying he would be a no vote on the bill.

    As the Globe reports, Capuano’s decision means Rep. Stephen Lynch (D) “is the only declared ‘no’ vote among the 10-member Massachusetts delegation.”

  3. nannymm

    The good news just keeps coming. 🙂

    Excellent post, Brian. It’s hard not to feel the building excitement and pride as we get closer to the vote tomorrow. For me, I think the really emotional moment will be when President Obama signs the bill into law.

  4. 9:34 PM ET — New CBO numbers make the bill look better.

    A just-released report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the current version of the health care bill “costs less and saves more,” Nancy Pelosi’s office said in an e-mail. According to Pelosi’s staff, the bill is now estimated to insure 32 million more Americans at a cost of $938 billion, all of which is paid for. The CBO now predicts it will reduce the deficit by $143 billion in its first 10 years and $1.2 trillion over the following decade.

  5. The speaker, though, was determined to go ahead. “We will go through the gate,” she said at a news conference on Jan. 28. “If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed.”

    What a speaker!

  6. TempeBev

    Crossing fingers and toes and holding breath.

  7. 11:45 PM ET — The vote is set.

    The bill has made its way through the House Rules Committee chaired by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and is ready for a floor vote Sunday, C-Span reports. Negotiations led by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.) are expected to continue “deep into the night,” according to Politico.

  8. Too much tea party racism
    As protesters call Dem leaders “nigger” and “faggot,” it’s time for Republicans to denounce them. So far, none have


  9. dooty

    some clown from Texas says that if this legislation is passed 45% of the present medical doctors will quit their practices. This seems foolish. One question is, “Where will those doctors go to make a living that pays the same as the one they do now?”

  10. A History of Overhauling Health Care
    Nearly 100 years of legislative milestones and defeats.


  11. Stupak: We are close to deal with White House

    “We are close to getting something done,” Stupak said in an interview with MSNBC.


  12. nannymm

    Good morning! The sky is cloudy and dreary; it’s threatening to drop some snow on us. But it’s still going to be a great day. I’m looking forward to the floor debate and the vote later today. It’s going to be fun to watch the repugs suck lemons when this passes. 🙂

  13. I think debate is going to be limited to two hours. Have you read anything regarding that nanny?

  14. nannymm

    I heard Stupak say that earlier, Brian. It looks like the weasel is looking for an out so he can save face and vote for the bill. I hope we get his damned vote since every vote is important. But, then I hope he pays a heavy price for all his BS.

    • dnd

      So if the president works out a deal with Stupak, will Kao flip his vote? First he was for it, then bailed because of the abortion issue. So if the president confirms no money for abortion, then unless Kao changes his vote, it’ll be clear he’s a hypocrite, controlled by the leadership and not representing his constituents.

  15. Feels like election day all over again!

  16. nannymm

    Yes! That’s exactly how it feels! We’ve waited so damned long for this!!

  17. nannymm

    Did anyone see This Week? Rove’s mic should have been shut off. What a vile man he is!

    • dnd

      Nannymm, I saw This Week. Rove thinks if he raises his voice, interrupts, and brings props, people will believe his lies. Didn’t work.

      • dnd

        One of the accusations Rove made was that Obama told Democrats seeking reelection that he won’t campaign for them unless they vote for health care. I doubt it’s true that he said that, but who could blame him? In this age of anti-incumbency, with a 17% approval rate for congress, campaigning for a new guy makes sense.

  18. Didn’t see it nanny, what did the asshole say?

  19. ABC affiliate says Kaptur a yes

    Toledo’s ABC affiliate reports on its Twitter and Facebook pages that Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), an abortion rights opponent, said Sunday that she will support the bill.

    She was a key holdout in the Stupak group, and her backing signals a big win for the leadership.

  20. Well I guess we know d phrase for the day!

  21. Stupac group is supposed to be holding a press conference very shorty!

  22. MSNBC seems to be talking like the executive order regarding abortion funding is a done deal.

  23. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) came to the defense of the racists and bigots who shouted slurs at members of Congress Saturday. The Tea Party protesters shouted the ‘n’ word at African American members of Congress the ‘f’ word at an openly gay member.

    Rather than condemn the anachronistic behavior, Nunes blamed the Democrats, saying that they make people do and say crazy things with their tyrannical behavior.

    “When you use a totalitarian tactics, people, you know, begin to act crazy,” Nunes told C-SPAN’s Steve Scully Sunday morning when asked about the slurs. “I think that people have every right to say what they want. If they want to smear someone they can do it. It’s not appropriate–I think I would stop short of characterizing the 20,000 people protesting, that all of them were doing that.”

    Nunes claimed that Democrats were using the racist behavior of health care protesters to distract from the vote itself. “Of course. I think the left loves to play a couple of incidents here or there, anything to draw attention from what they are really doing and that is that they have 250-some democrats in the House. They need 216 Democrats. They do not have them. They are buying votes. Last night at midnight the Rules Committee finished. And for the first time… it is called Slaughter House Rules now, named after the chairwoman of the Committee. This is the first Congress in history where we have not had an open rule in Congress. I do not want to get stuck on procedure, but they never allowed Republicans to offer amendments. Today’s rule that the health care bill is under, that is jokingly being called a super max rule, because we have no ability to even ask the chair anything during the debate. And the debate I think it’s only an hour of debate, for a 1/6 takeover of our economy. This is some crazy totalitarian tactics that they’re engaged in.”


  24. nannymm

    This was the most offensive thing Rove said IMO. As I see it, he is essentially accusing Obama of unethical/illegal conduct.

    “We do know that the White House sent out unsolicited e-mails to federal employees asking them to contact their legislators about this bill. I think that’s not only a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act on e-mails, I think it’s a violation, more importantly, of the anti-lobbying statutes. And that’s the kind of techniques that you’ve been using on this bill, threats, hardball politics, and if need be, withholding federal — the support of the president of the United States from Democrats.”

  25. nannymm

    This is a group I belong to. I wish I could be in DC with them.
    “Catholics United: C-SPAN is covering our vigil at the Capitol. The tea party people have been met with a ton of people carrying “Catholics for Health Care Reform” and “People of Faith for Health Care Reform” signs!”

  26. nannymm

    Stupak is a yes. Hmmmm… I still think he’s a weasel.

  27. Where did you hear that nanny? Link, post a link!

  28. nannymm

    I heard it on cspan; they said that MSNBC was reporting it. So I turned to MSNBC and sure enoug, that’s what they were saying. This was about 10 mins ago.

  29. nannymm

    It’s the Breaking News banner of msnbc.com

  30. nannymm

    BREAKING: Bart Stupak is a yes
    Not confirmed yet but MSNBC has info that he is.

    NBC’s Chuck Todd reports that he has solid info that Bart Stupak is satisfied with the executive order proposal and he intends to vote yes. He also plans to bring 6-7 of his block over.

    In other words, this is over. HCR passes SOLIDLY without question now.

    The language was just gone over with the entire dem caucus in a meeting attended by Speaker Pelosi and things look set.

    MSNBC live is ALL over this with David Schuster and Alex Whitt.

    I CANNOT overstate the momentous victory that this is for President Obama and the house/senate leadership and other dems. It really cannot be overstated. The impact that this will have on 2010 and 2012 is profound.

    Our 2008 majority may just have been saved.


  31. tonyb39

    Hey All,
    Very good reading here,i still have some catching up!.Nanny,sure hope the Kos link about Dem majorities being saved comes to pass..Yep,listened to Rove and Plouffe,wow,that Rove is a piece of shit! I kept saying to the TV,how can you set there so smug and talk of deficits and spending when your party ran us into the ground??I hope today’s passage of the healthcare bill will open the door for single payer at some point in the future..

  32. CNN reported a few minutes ago Stupac was still a “no” but Wolf just said they have breaking news to report after the commercial break, maybe this is it.

  33. Gfford and Baird declare they are a yes vote.

  34. tonyb39


    “Un-American Activities”

    “The reality that people in the 21st century would have the unmitigated gall to yell racial slurs at American hero Rep. John Lewis sickens me to my core, but it also breaks my heart. The people who did it are worse than un-American. They’re everything this country fights against. From CNN:

    “I haven’t seen heard anything like this in more than 40 years, maybe 45.” Lewis said. “Since the march from Selma to Montgomery really.”

    “Yeah, but it’s okay,” Lewis added. “I’ve faced this before. So, it reminded me of the 60’s. There’s a lot of downright hate and anger and people are just being downright mean.”

    Video of Rahm on 60 minutes too.

    These fucking tea baggers, were just angry about spending,what BS..Their angry they have a black man for President.Maybe not all of them,but a good lot of them..

    • dnd

      We all knew that the teabaggers were uneducated, as their movement has nothing whatsoever to do with the Boston Tea Party. Now we know that they are raciest homophobes with a mob mentality. I think it’s a good thing that they have shown the American pubic just who they really are.

  35. nannymm

    Yahoo News just confirmed the Stupak yes vote.

  36. nannymm

    Hey, tony. What did you think of Rove’s accusations against Obama?

  37. Nanny, links? post the links!

  38. The speaker just said “when we cast a very successful vote”


  39. “I want my America back” damn straight, the America of TR, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ! Today the Reagan Revolution dies. Where do we send flowers?

  40. nannymm

    Brian, there was no link. It was just a “breaking News” pop-up from Yahoo.

  41. tonyb39

    Hi Nanny,
    Just disgusting for Rove to even be accusing any other President of illegal and unethical activities after he worked for and probably helped set in motion much of what Bush did to this country and the world! Can’t take the man at all serious! Frankly Rove was hard to watch,don’t think Plouffe saw his behavior of interruptions and charts coming,thought it was funny when Plouffe told him to put those basically phony charts away.

  42. tonyb39

    Yes, today the Reagan revolution dies,i feel like dancing on his grave..My god,when do the Bush tax cuts expire??

  43. nannymm

    Yep, Plouffe handles it well; he’s a class act. I was disgusted that Rove’s mic wasn’t cut. His bahavior was borish.

  44. Finally MSNBC has switched to live coverage!

  45. tonyb39

    I see why Rove and Bush were a team! Lets face it,Rove was the brain,but what nastiness they have brought us all.Damn its a bunch of shit to clean up..

  46. nannymm

    CNN is reporting that Stupak, et al are huddling together. My guess is he’s bringing them on board now that he’s brokered a deal re: an executive order about the Hyde amendment applying to the bill, specifically the new community health centers.

  47. nannymm

    “Finally MSNBC has switched to live coverage!”

    It’s about time!!!
    I’ll bet it’s killing Tweety to miss this. What a weekend for his kid to get married.

  48. nannymm

    I love the symbolism of that.

  49. Me too nanny, a real FU to the haters!

  50. nannymm

    Did you hear that tea bagger deny that there were any racial incidents or arrests yesterday? What a lying piece of shit!

    And now msnbc just reported two arrests today….

  51. tonyb39

    Glad to hear of some arrests,makes it harder for them to deny

  52. nannymm

    I’m so damned sick of Stupak and his bullshit. He’s playing games and enjoying his moment in the sun. I hope to God that Obama and the Dems make him pay big time when this is over.

  53. nannymm

    Protester disrupts House, yells ‘Kill the Bill’
    stumbleupon: Protester disrupts House, yells ‘Kill the Bill’

    WASHINGTON — A Democratic lawmaker says a protester stood up in the House gallery, yelled “Kill the bill” and was cheered by Republicans.

    Angry demonstrators opposed to the health care bill gathered outside the Capitol on Sunday. Democratic Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts says that one stood up in the House gallery and shouted, “Kill the bill. The people don’t want this.”

    As the man was yelling and ushers tried to escort him out, several Republicans stood up on the House floor and cheered.

    Said Frank: “I’ve never seen this – for the Republicans to stand up and cheer the guy on.” Frank called the Republicans “clowns.”

    The cheering could be heard from outside the chamber.

    Disruptions from the gallery are banned.

  54. tonyb39

    Me too!! Just read a piece on Taylor Marsh about some of the BS he’s pulling behind the scenes,really trying to squeeze the President on abortion..

    Was a good point you made the other day about the President putting his presidency on the line for healthcare,wished he would have done it sooner,but really glad he did..This will aid him on more than just healthcare..

  55. Another reason we need to hold the house in November, Barney’s chairmanship!

  56. At some point the WH has to tell Stupak, “we’ve made our best offer, take it or leave it”

    My feeling is he needs to find a way to vote yes more than his vote is needed.

  57. “This will aid him on more than just healthcare..”

    Tony nothing smells better than success.

  58. nannymm

    Stupak to hold a news conference at 4pm. He’s gotta grab a few more minutes of fame.

  59. nannymm

    “My feeling is he needs to find a way to vote yes more than his vote is needed.”

    I agree. I’d love someone to tell Stupak to go to hell. The man is revolting. He’s a self righteous ass.

  60. nannymm

    Tony, let’s hope that this aids Obama and the dems as they pursue more progressive legislation, like repealing DADT and closing GITMO. Obama and the Dems need to steamroll it. To hell with the repugs and the mythical “bipartisanship.”

  61. tonyb39

    Yep,Nanny its what I’m hoping for!I think the President has finally got that Republican’s won’t ever support much that he does! This President wanted to try and be transformational as far as partisanship goes,but a year wasted is a big wake up call..

  62. Stupak, Dems reach abortion deal; ‘eight or nine’ will vote yes
    By Jared Allen – 03/21/10 03:33 PM ET

    Democrats have reached a deal on an executive order on abortion that could hand them a victory on healthare.

    “Eight or nine” Democrats, including Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), will announce the deal at a 4 p.m. press conference, according to an anti-abortion Democrat.

    “We’ve changed [our votes],” said Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio).

    Driehaus said he’s seen the executive order and can now vote for the healthcare bill. He said Stupak has signed off, as well.

    Driehaus made his remarks just a few moments ago in the Speaker’s Lobby. He said the group of “eight or nine” Democrats — including Stupak — who had been withholding their votes plans to announce the deal at 4 p.m. in the House Radio/TV gallery.


  63. TempeBev

    We have company so I’m not watching closely. However, I just saw on NYT that there are 12 undecided Dems. IMO, if at this late time in the deciding process, they (12) are going for their 5 minutes of fame. If they have to wait this long to make a firm decision that supports their chosen party, they have no business being in Congress. They deserve to be voted out of office.

  64. nannymm

    This Stupak gang makes me want to gag.

  65. tonyb39

    Yes he is an ass,i’m ashamed he’s from Michigan,a Democrat..This is a healthcare bill,not an pro-life bill..Tired of hearing this lady going on about people being good father’s,what rubbish..This bill is about life,omg,what’s wrong with this picture!

  66. nannymm

    They’re one trick ponies, Tony. Totally revolting!

  67. Think I’ll switch over to Fox for a bit, see how they are reacting to Stupak.

    • dnd

      I think I’ll switch over to Fox Sports Network to see how the Royals are reacting to the Rockies in preseason ball.

  68. nannymm

    You make that sacrifice and report back to us, Brian. 😀

  69. Jim DeMint was being interviewed by phone (by Nick Cavuto). Of course he didn’t ask the question he should have, “Hey how’s that Waterloo thing working out for you?”

  70. Love the headline on Huff “We Are Well Past 216”

  71. Sunday’s Tea Party protesters have been buoyed by a host of Republican lawmakers who have left the floor of the House to hold up signs, wave flags and lead anti-health care chants from the Capitol’s second floor balcony.

    And then, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), a devout progressive and single-payer health care advocate, came out to great them.

    “They’ve been asking for me,” the New York Democrat told a small gathering of reporters as he prepared to face the inevitable avalanche of boos and vitriol coming his way.

    Stepping into public view, he showcased a large grin, began hugging his Republican colleagues and even flashed a wave at the crowd. They booed. And booed some more.

    About five minutes later, Weiner had enough. “Are they saying boo, you, or Jew?” he asked upon reentrance. Asked if he had been converted or vice versa, he replied: “They are facing a wall” -– a reference to Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall.

    It was a lighthearted moment after a series of very angry chants and protests. Weiner wasn’t the only Democrat to venture out front of the tea party throngs. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) took the trip out to the second floor balcony himself and came back visibly distraught.

    “I think it is bad taste for people to go and encourage them,” he said of the Republican leaders who had been going outside in throngs. “I can see this crowd getting out of control and they are being encouraged.”

    “This is not diversity,” Cohen said of the crowd’s composition. “This is a lighter shade of pale.”


    • dnd

      With all due respect to Rep. Cohen, it’s “Whiter Shade of Pale,” but he’s right about the metaphor. That said, it’s cool to have members of congress use references to rock bands (though he’ll probably catch some flack for a reference to the British band Procol Harum. After all, the Brits have that socialistic health care 😉 ). Mr. Cohen also spoke on the House floor about the death of Alex Chilton (of Box Tops fame).

      Not since Dead head Pat Leahy have we heard such reverence for rock & roll from our leaders in DC (except for perhaps Nixon and Elvis, but that’s another story…).

  72. President to make a statement after the vote this evening from the White House.

  73. Bart Stupak on the issues


    His voting record is pretty good.

  74. Republicans are out with their latest argument against reconciliation, and this one requires an extraordinary leap of logic. Under reconciliation rules, they note, the Senate cannot consider changes to Social Security.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the health care bill will lead to higher wages. (The higher wages would come about because benefits would be taxed, leading, the CBO thinks, to employers giving raises instead of better benefits.) Those higher wages will result in more revenue coming into the the Social Security treasury through FICA taxes. Therefore, under the GOP reasoning, the bill makes changes to Social Security. Under that logic, any bill that could poss


  75. nannymm

    The repugs are desperately grasping at straws. They’re pathetic and more than a bit ridiculous.

  76. you should what they are saying right! We’ve already heard from Mean Jean, Bachman is coming up.

  77. Michelle Bachman just said she’s heart broken over the Stupak deal, Liar, that witch doesn’t have a heart!

  78. dooty

    thought I would chime in and be post 100 on this thread. You boys and girls are doing just fine today. Pls keep it up.

  79. nannymm

    Hey, Doots. Good to see you.

    Brian, I had the same reaction to Bachman. In fact, I screamed at the TV, called her a lying heartless bitch and yelled at her to STFU. Hubby and grandson were hysterical laughing at me. 🙂

  80. Isn’t the other blog blogging the House vote doots?

  81. dooty

    other blog? I have no idea I haven’t been to that other blog in well over a month. Well before you know who quit MSNBC.

  82. dooty

    I been watching the Texas Rangers play baseball in Spring Training.

  83. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sun, March 21, 2010 — 6:30 PM ET

    House Clears Path for Vote on Health Care Bill

    The House on Sunday took the most critical step yet toward
    adoption of legislation to overhaul the nation’s health care
    system, approving the key procedural measure necessary to
    pass the bill.

    The procedural vote, 224 to 206, showed that Democrats and
    President Obama had succeeded in cobbling together the votes
    they need to achieve a goal sought by presidents and
    progressives for more than a half-century.

  84. nannymm

    Can’t be that good; it’s not a Yankee game. 😉

  85. dooty

    well, it was a good game before all the front line players got lifted and the marginal players inserted. Texas is getting drubbed 14-5 in the 8th. That’s why I am now on the computer. 🙂

  86. dooty


    NYY is known as the “Evil Empire” here in north Texas.

  87. We can live with that doots!


  88. nannymm

    LOL@ Doots! When I lived in Texas, the NYY and I were called “Damned Yankees! I loved it!

  89. dooty

    we use that term also Nanny

  90. dooty

    sometimes God Damned Yankees too.

  91. “sometimes God Damned Yankees too.”

    Frequently I bet, very frequently.


  92. nannymm

    Oh, yeah! I’ve been called that too. 🙂

  93. nannymm

    He’s a bit late, I’d say.

    Boehner To GOP: ‘Behave Like Grown-Ups’

  94. tonyb39


    “Connie Saltonstall’s Perspective on Stupak’s Annoucement That He’ll Vote “Yes” On Healthcare Reform”

    “Desperate and scared about his career longevity, Bart Stupak, sought a face saving way of being able to vote yes in the hopes of derailing Connie Saltonstall’s grassroots-fueled primary. President Obama agreed to sign an executive order that reiterates the odious Hyde Amendment. Nothing new there. And Stupak, who had already been abandoned by most of his anti-Choice band, was happy to announce he would vote yes. I asked Blue America endorsed Democrat, Connie Saltonstall to share her read on his actions today.”

  95. New headline on Huff


  96. nannymm

    In your dreams, dnd. 😀

  97. Waterloo
    March 21st, 2010 at 4:59 pm by David Frum


  98. nannymm

    Excellent analysis by Frum. It’s fun to see the repugs shoot themselves in the foot. And it helps our side. Ya gotta love it.

  99. nannymm

    Do you think Boener is going to drag this out? If he reads the darn bill, we’ll be up all night.

  100. I doubt he can read through 20 pages much less +2000

  101. Boehner is making a fool of himself, not that that is unusual.

  102. tonyb39

    Interesting Frum piece.I agree,don’t think this healthcare bill will ever be repealed,its too Republican,basically Romneycare.Would be interesting for him to be the Republican nominee in 2012 and explain why his party didn’t support the healthcare bill..

  103. His response would be to fall on the state’s right argument tony.

  104. nannymm

    Did they just boo Obama?????

  105. I can’t wait to see that final vote number!

  106. harborwoman

    Nanny…I saw “This Week”, and actually emailed them to tell them they should shut Rove’s mic off (or anyone else who behaves as he did today) if he won’t allow anyone else to speak. What a jerk he is! What a WRONG jerk he is!

  107. tonyb39

    Yep,i’m sure that’s just what he would say,its up to the states,BS.Romney is another GOP phony!

  108. Nice touch mentioning Teddy, very nice indeed.

  109. tonyb39

    hey harborwomen,twice in one day,its a pleasure.Oh and I totally agree,what a punk Rove was,no class at all..

  110. Hey jan, how’s it shakin?

  111. harborwoman

    My life has been crazy! My furnace went to furnace heaven almost two weeks ago…thankfully, it hasn’t been too cold here…. It will be replaced this Wednesday. Other than that, life continues pretty much the way it usually does….

  112. harborwoman

    Man! C-SPAN goes nearly silent during a vote! It’s creepy!

  113. harborwoman

    Hey, Tony! Three times, if you count Facebook! It’s great to see you here!

  114. harborwoman

    How happy are you, Brian!?! I’m thrilled!

  115. nannymm

    Hi Harbor. Good to see you here! I’m glad you emailed ABC. I plan to. They need to control their lying, obnoxious guests. Hopefully they won’t invite Rove back. I can’t wait till Christianne Amanpor takes over. She isn’t the type to tolerate such crap.

  116. nannymm

    Harbor, I’m beyond thrilled. I keep getting choked up. How I wish Teddy Kennedy could be in the chamber to see this moment!

  117. I think we’ll do better vote wise on the motion to recommit than we did on the bill vote.

  118. nannymm

    Well Stupak is finally acting like a Dem. It’s about time!

  119. nannymm

    These damned repugs are going to drag this out as long as they can. Assholes!

  120. It’s official, I forgive Stupak.

  121. nannymm

    Brian, you’re too easy. 🙂

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