Stewart Udall 1920-2010


If you love clean air, if you love clean water, if you love pristine wilderness, then you have to love Stewart Udall.  Udall was Secretary of the Interior from 1961 to 1969, and could said to be the father of modern environmentalism.

Udall’s brother Mo was a U.S. Representative from Arizona and presidential candidate in 1976 (and played for the Denver Nuggets!).  His son Tom is a Senator from New Mexico.  His nephew Mark is a Senator from Colorado.  Udall was a WWII vet and a Representative from Arizona’s 2nd Congressional district, but is best known for his work as Secretary of the Interior.  Some of his accomplishments were the enactment of:

* Clear Air, Water Quality and Clean Water Restoration Acts

*  The Wilderness Act of  1964

* The Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966

* The Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965

* The Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965

* The National Trail System Act of 1968

* Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968

Not a bad resume.  Thank you Secretary Udall.



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38 responses to “Stewart Udall 1920-2010

  1. How did I know you would end up writing a Udall thread!

    He was a good man and we are all better for his service to his country.

  2. tonyb39

    “Groundhog Day for GOP on healthcare reform
    Boehner and friends parrot the same alarmism that Gingrich and cronies used about the ’93 Clinton budget. Watch Video”

  3. Republicans Scoff At Frum’s Thesis, Demand More Obama Opposition

    “A former staffer, and you’re calling it credible?” Issa said.

  4. Democrat ‘no’ votes on healthcare reform legislation anger unions

    (memo to The Hill: health care is two words, not one)

  5. Exclusive: Pelosi Defends Health Care Fight Tactics

    “Most powerful woman in American history?” “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer asked Pelosi today, citing an article in The Economist. Pelosi, maintaining the smiling poker player’s mask that is her trademark, paused for a moment before saying brightly, “That sounds good. I don’t, I don’t take it personally, except I take it as a compliment for all women.”

  6. Call me an old softy but seeing Caroline Kennedy at the White House gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

  7. Haha, the Dems are acting like kids at a birthday party, I love it!

  8. dooty

    Ok, “you are an old softy!”

  9. So am I, so it works out nicely!

  10. Bringing that kid into the ceremony is a real FU to the rabid right media.

  11. Well, wasn’t that something!

  12. That sound you just heard was the right’s head exploding.

    • dnd

      That sound you just heard was Rush Limbaugh’s cash register ringing. Now he’s got plenty to rant about to his dittoheads. Hopefully he’ll make good on his promise to move to Costa Rica, where he can benefit from their socialistic health care.

      • dnd

        Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said Monday that he was joining with attorneys general from at least 11 states who are mounting a legal challenge to the health care overhaul that Congress passed Sunday.

        Read more:

        The governor is not pleased with his Republican AG. Suthers cites the commerce clause in relation to the mandate. Bad argument.

  13. dooty

    well this ain’t over. The battle has just begun. We must continue to fight this rw bastaids.

  14. eProf2

    Excellent post, dnd! Every once in a while, Arizonans do the right thing by electing people with vision. The Udalls represent the best minds in the southwest. Raul Grijalva, someone no one’s ever heard of, represents Tucson and Yuma (a gerrymandered district spanning the entire southern width of the state) and is the co-chair of the House Progressive caucus.

    Mexico was great, and the reason for my unusually long absence from the BC.

    It was a good read yesterday on BC with a few new people to boot.

  15. dog's eye view

    Mr. Udall was a public citizen and public servant.

    We need more like him. Too many have gone missing in public life.

    Not a surprise this was a dnd thread!

  16. WASHINGTON — Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote that showed a plurality against it.

  17. Prez’s approval rating back over 50% according to Gallup. The 2010 campaign is on full force from now till November.

  18. TempeBev

    The Udalls were very special to Arizona. They all leave a wonderful legacy.

  19. Yes the Grayson story is great! Like they say “funny cause it’s true”.

  20. nannymm

    My grandson and I laughed out loud at that Grayson story. If he ever loses his seat, I think he would have quite a future as a comedian.

    • dnd

      With Prime Minister Netanyahu in DC today, I wonder if the WH is planning anything to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty this Friday?
      (this is a tease for the post I’ve got queued up for this Friday 😉 )

  21. Inspired by Tweety’s closing remarks this evening I’m posting the following

  22. dooty

    isn’t this 14 state law suit the classic definition of “Frivolous Law Suit”? Isn’t that what the rightys are bitching about?

  23. nannymm

    Doots, it’s only frivolous when other people sue. When these wackos file a lawsuit it’s a “valid legal and constitutional challenge.”
    Basically, they’re full of crap! Hypocrites, too. I’m sure glad my AG isn’t joining this nonsense. It’s great to be from a blue state!

  24. The personal mandate was their idea! It was born in the Heritage Foundation.

  25. nannymm

    Imagine that! They actually can come up with a good idea every once in a while. But then they oppose it. Go figure!

  26. tonyb39

    Isn’t that truth.Sorry Republican’s.I told Grace(my Republican co-worker)you should love this healthcare bill,its basically Romneycare and its filled with Republican ideals,mandates that Republican’s have favored in the past..Graces response: We Republican’s are allowed to change are minds when we realize we have made mistakes.I told her its awfully funny it takes a Democrat black man as President for that to happen..Same thing on the spending,never said a word or had a tea party while Bush was President,so transparent they are..

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