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Once on the ground, FEC filings suggest, Steele travels in style. A February RNC trip to California, for example, included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons, and $1,620.71 spent [update: the amount is actually $1,946.25] at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.


Voyeur Club Web Site



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98 responses to “Family Values? How do I get adopted?

  1. RNC Sex-Club Flap Only Tip Of Fundraising Iceberg

    “When you don’t have that advantage of the White House or either chamber of Congress, that makes it more difficult to raise money,” Heye said. “It means you have to prospect with mail a lot more. It means you have to be very creative in how you raise money. And unfortunately, that costs money, too.”

    In fact, it appears that the expense of small-donor fundraising has eaten up more than 40 cents of every $1 the RNC has raised since January 2009.

  2. nannymm

    Michael Steele is the gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I hope he’s around for a long time.

  3. How do you plan to maintain this site after the rapture?

    I have no master plan for maintaining Rapture Ready all the way through the seven-year tribulation. After the big event takes place, I expect RR to last several months. After all, the internet was designed to survive a nuclear war. It should be able to survive the great catching up of all believers.

    It is unlikely any one domain will be able to service the massive traffic surge that will be directed at all prophecy sites. The best hope for achieving enough bandwidth to allow for millions of people to view Rapture Ready’s content is for tribulation saints to mirror the site dozens of times.

    There are already several sister sites listed on the link pages ( i.e.,,,, and that have the source pages. An easy way for people to mirror RR would be to create domains like,, or

    Another way to disseminate the site would be to copy the pages onto CDs. This method lacks the worldwide reach of a web server, but it has the advantage of being free from any efforts by authorities to block all sites related to Bible prophecy.

    That’s pretty funny!

  4. dooty

    someone said that the reason Michael Steel wasn’t with the group that went to the stripper club was because he was “tied up.” Baa-dumpp!

    • dnd

      An undercover investigation of the RNC reveals the reason staffers dropped two large at the Voyeur was simply research. They feel if they can train Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann to do the same acts for large donors they won’t need to waste time with small contributors.

      • dnd

        Makes one wonder about those little old ladies, living off their social security, feel about those $5 checks they’ve been sending to the RNC…

  5. tonyb39

    “Big donors shun Steele’s RNC, redirecting thousands to NRSC and NRCC”

  6. tonyb39

    Ha,D,you funny!

  7. Tony was wondering because he wants to know where he can get the same jacket for himself.

    • dnd

      “Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time”

      I wonder how the right will spin that. That and the administration getting agreements with Russia and France for sanctions on Iran.

  8. I have quite figured out how I feel about the offshore drilling to be announced by the prez. On the one hand it’s good politics for him, it boxes in the repugs and shows that the prez is willing to go against his base. On the other hand offshore drilling always makes me nervous from the environmental stand point. It’s going to be interesting to see how the “drill baby drill” crowd reacts.

  9. tonyb39

    Oh yes Brian,when i find it,I’ll send you the pics!! Ha,now my Wilson’s black leather Michigan coat,yep that’s more this man’s style..

  10. Does that have nipple zippers too?

  11. tonyb39

    Yep Brian,i can’t wait to see what my tea party partner Grace has to say about it later today..I’m sure she will find something wrong with the Presidents opening the land for oil drilling.I happen to agree with the President,can’t take more oil drilling off the table in the absence of new technology!We need to get off foreign oil,but we need to replace it with other forms of energy and unfortunately that will take years..

  12. “We need to get off foreign oil,but we need to replace it with other forms of energy and unfortunately that will take years..”

    Part of the reason I support expanding nuclear power.

  13. tonyb39

    “Does that have nipple zippers too?”

    Oh you bad boi,i understand,i’m horny too..Ha,got you!

  14. tonyb39

    “Part of the reason I support expanding nuclear power.”

    I agree! I also really admire the President for going against the party faithful on the issue.I’m sure environmentalists aren’t happy and i understand,but we have to be get real,nothing can be taken off the table now.

  15. tonyb39

    Still so funny!I told you a few years ago,your just bad to the bone!

  16. I don’t think it’s an accident that most of the states the president is suggesting opening offshore drilling are red states.


  17. Tony you really don’t need to be discussing my bone!

  18. tonyb39

    Oh god,so true,shame on me!! Off to work i go!! Lovely morning here.I got a mansion on the Inter-coastal waterway i must attend too..

  19. nannymm

    I’m opposed to any off shore drilling. It may be good politics for Obama but it’s bad policy IMO. This decision proves one thing for sure: Obama is NOT a progressive or a liberal. And this decision is just one more broken campaign promise….

  20. Not a broken promise Nanny

    October 2008: Obama Said, “I Believe In The Need For Increased Oil Production. We’re Going To Have To Explore New Ways To Get More Oil, And That Includes Offshore Drilling.”

  21. nannymm

    He said he would consider it IF it was part of a comprehensive energy policy. So where’s the policy?

  22. nannymm

    He said that on Aug. 1, 2008.
    Barack Obama said Friday that he would be willing to compromise on his position against offshore oil drilling if it were part of a more overarching strategy to lower energy costs.

  23. patience is a virtue dear!

  24. dooty

    Brian said, “Tony was wondering because he wants to know where he can get the same jacket for himself.”

    I recommend

  25. I already have a classic black motorcycle jacket!

  26. As for energy legislation, Greenberg seemed bullish on the politics — provided that legislation has bipartisan support. The longtime pollster said he suspects Obama is trying to peel off a few Republicans by coming out in favor of nuclear energy and offshore drilling. And while that could, in the end, rile members of the Democratic base, it is a price worth paying.

    “Sometimes you just got to go for those things,” he said. “Karl Rove had a base strategy. Karl Rove had a base strategy, OK. And he was very, very consistent. And he destroyed the Republican Party.”

  27. Drilling for votes?

    Some interesting comments here

  28. From the above link, pretty much the repug response I suspect.

    Bradley A. Blakeman Republican Strategist, CEO, Kent Strategies LLC, Georgetown Professor :

    The drilling announcement is a ploy to throw a bone to Republicans while masking the true intent of Democrats to embark on a massive global warming/cap and tax bill. The president is willing to throw Congress under the bus to preserve his presidency and advance his agenda. If Democrats follow like sheep on a massive energy bill like they did on health care then they will surely be led to slaughter in November.

  29. Bill Donohue: Child Molesting Priests Weren’t Pedophiles Because Most Boys Were Post Pubescent

  30. nannymm

    What did you expect? These rethugs will not support anything Obama supports. So why did he throw them this bone? Just as he gave away single payer heath care before the debate even began, he’s now giving away the ban on offshore drilling before the negotiations begin and without any concessions from Rethugs. Ad just as we got a weakened and mediocre HCR law, we’re now likely to get a water-down and mediocre energy bill. It’s deplorable. Obama needs to learn how to negotiate with rethugs. He’s doing a lousy job so far.

  31. nannymm

    Technically, that ass Donahue is correct on that point…. but on that point ONLY. Everything else he says is pure BS.

  32. Yes he is technically right but he’s using as an excuse to diminish what has happened, it’s a disgusting argument.

    • dnd

      The guy to blame is Pope Benedict. Not Pope Benedict XVI (the current Pope) . Pope Benedict VIII. He’s the guy who banned priests from marrying in 1022. Bad move. The whole thing got started with Pope Pelagius I, who didn’t want priest’s children to inherit church property. The guy made many more mistakes, but that’s another story. By not allowing priests to marry, you limit the available pool of males who otherwise feel the calling. Pedophiles aren’t (much) interested in marriage, so you get a disproportionate number of them in the priest pool. While pedophile pastors exist in other religions that allow pastors to marry, it’s more rare.

      Here’s what Pope Benny should do:
      1. Decree that any priest accused of pedophilia be subject to the legal system.
      2. Decree that Pope Benny VIII’s reasons don’t make any sense in the 21st century, and embrace marriage in the preisthood.

  33. dooty

    “I already have a classic black motorcycle jacket!” Brian said.

    I was recommending Tony go get his jacket there.

  34. dooty

    “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past.”

    Hasn’t this been noted in the past. I seem to remember reading this before.

  35. I think it was unclear just how recently it was that his family converted.

  36. I agree, at the root of this problem is celibacy.

  37. nannymm

    I think you make a good point, dnd, in that celibacy limits the pool of available men to choose from. I do not think, however, that those who have molested children and adolescents would have refrained from doing so if celibacy were optional. Those men are not interested in adults, male or female. But, if the Church were to do away with celibacy as a requirement and tighten standards for admission to seminary, then I think we would see a profound change.

    • dnd

      I agree Nanny. The pool has been too small for at least 40 years. I think Pope Benny should tell seminary prospects: “If you are accused of pedophilia, you will be subjected the legal system. If convicted, you will be excommunicated. Oh, and by the way, you know how pedophiles fare in prison…”

  38. nannymm

    I think the psychological testing for all seminarians needs to be far more rigorous than it has been. It’s been beefed up here in the US but not overseas. That will weed many of the undesirables. The rest should be given the “law” as you suggest. Zero tolerance legally and spiritually. It sickens me that so many of these guys get to live out their lives as priests and then are accorded a full Catholic funeral mass and burial in consecrated ground with all the extras that a member of the clergy is entitled to. Disgusting! If I had my way, they’d exhume these guys and strip their religious garb right off their bones.

    • dnd

      Memo to Obermann,
      Salazar is not the energy secretary. He’s the Interior secretary. Making an argument on a false premise is what they do on Fox. Is that the club you want to join?

  39. tonyb39

    This decision proves one thing for sure: Obama is NOT a progressive or a liberal.

    I agree.I never believed the President was a Liberal or Progressive.I believe he played one to beat Hillary..I saw the Chicago crowd around the President and it was obvious,Rahm E.,need I say more..

  40. tonyb39

    Mr Dooty,
    Thanks for the coat tip.

    Nipple zippers,Brian, talk about laughing while you work,ha, i even got a laugh out of the wing nuts with that one!

  41. dooty


    any bike shop worth its name has leather stuff. They got leather biker chaps too. Those make your ass look good.

  42. At the start of then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s presidential primary campaign, Emanuel was appointed to direct the campaign’s finance committee.

    Following the campaign, Emanuel became a senior advisor to Clinton at the White House from 1993 to 1998. In the White House, Emanuel was initially Assistant to the President for Political Affairs and then Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy.

    You mean that Rahm Tony?

  43. The nipple zipper line is not original to me, Jon Stuart used it last night.

  44. tonyb39

    “Obama’s Energy Politics”

    “This is a calculated and pragmatic political decision, mixing all the possible variables facing the President. It’s not progressive, but then Pres. Obama isn’t a progressive. If you thought he was you simply didn’t pay attention. Today’s decision is simply the energy version of what happened on health care.”

  45. tonyb39

    Yep,that’s the Rahm I’m talking about! Rahm has never been a Liberal and neither is President Clinton! I’m a Liberal and proud of it,but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to the fact that if we want a Democrat in the White House,its damn near impossible to have someone who shares a lot of my beliefs,sad but true..Oh,a rare moment for me,I’m being a realist,sucks sometimes…

    Ok, i thank Jon Stuart too,for the laughs that is..

  46. tonyb39

    Your full of shit! Don’t read the link then,Taylor is not a tea party person,slam anyone who is objective about the President,that’s as bad as the wing nuts…

  47. tonyb39

    Toby=Tony,nice typo..

  48. ok folks, everyone pull their claws in, LOL

  49. tonyb39

    Will do! Done and dusted as Mr.Bazman my aussie friend would say…Ha,i still got a little of the lunch bucket Dem in me..

  50. TempeBev

    One thing about Obama, he certainly keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Seems to be quite calculating and confusing at the same time.

  51. tonyb39

    “Don’t count on healthcare ruining Romney in ’12
    RomneyCare looks an awful lot like ObamaCare. Here’s why the right might give Mitt a pass anyway”

  52. Morning peeps,

    “Seems to be quite calculating and confusing at the same time.” Aint that the truth!

  53. dooty

    Has anyone noticed that today Google has changed its name to TOPEKA in honor of Topeka, Ks changing its town name to Google. The mayor of Topeka has said it was because “all roads go thru Topeka.” I am thinking this is just one big April Fools Day trick.

  54. Hannity comparing the recession when Reagan came to power to what Obama has had to deal with shows just what a stupid man he is! Also obviously Hannity has failed to learn the lesson of the last year, this aint going to be ’94.

  55. nannymm

    “Oh,a rare moment for me,I’m being a realist,sucks sometimes…”

    I agree with every word of your post, Tony, especially this line.

  56. Yes doots, it’s an April Fools prank.

  57. nannymm

    “One thing about Obama, he certainly keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Seems to be quite calculating and confusing at the same time.”

    Spot on, Bev. The only thing I would add is that it is maddening, too.

  58. I just had a wonderful example of why dogs are better than children, dogs clean up after themselves when they puke!


  59. nannymm

    The rain has stopped and the sun is finally shining in the North Country!! Rumor has it that we are in for three whole days of warmth (60-80 degrees) and sunshine!

  60. nannymm

    That was not necessary, Brian. ;0

  61. nannymm

    That was not necessary, Brian. 😉

  62. necessary no, true yes! We’re supposed to hit 70 here today and finally sunny!

  63. For those who didn’t see Jon Stuart last night:

    Jon Stewart: I Would Have Told C-SPAN’s BLACK-SPAN Caller — ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ (VIDEO)—-go-fck-yourself-video.php

  64. TempeBev

    A local (Tempe) restaurant is featuring rabbit on their Easter dinner menu. This has caused a bit of an uproar. Which makes me think, what is the meaning of Easter? The Christian version or the Bunny version? Since I have left the church and grandkids are out of state, I really don’t have much planned on Sunday.

    Which led me to another thought, if rabbit is causing the uproar, why aren’t scrambled eggs, omelets, etc. Is it because eggs don’t have adorable eyes?

    PS Domesticated rabbits (Easter Bunny type) are not on the menu.

  65. Fuel Efficiency: NEW Standards Announced By Obama Administration

    The heads of the Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency signed final rules setting fuel efficiency standards for model years 2012-2016, with a goal of achieving by 2016 the equivalent of 35.5 miles per gallon combined for cars and trucks, an increase of nearly 10 mpg over current standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    The EPA set a tailpipe emissions standard of 250 grams (8.75 ounces) of carbon dioxide per mile for vehicles sold in 2016, equal to what would be emitted by vehicles meeting the mileage standard. The EPA issued its first rules ever on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions following a 2007 Supreme Court decision.

  66. I’ve had this feeling (maybe wishful thinking) that we are going to see a big drop in the jobless numbers over the summer.

  67. tonyb39

    Hope your correct about the jobless numbers dropping over the summer.Ha,wish Jessie would cleanup too!

    Yes the Salon article on Romney was very good.If Romney runs for President,i just can’t wait to see how he runs against the President’s healthcare reform.Romney’s a shape shifter though,interesting..

    Hi,yep when it comes time to get real about things it can really suck.Working for GM from the time i was 18 really taught me much..I love my UAW local 598 and the union,but the political games are every bit as maddening as watching politics play out nationally.Oh,that supervisor who told me i was going to work on hot coolant leaking trucks,”if i have to get you a fucking rain coat”, taught me a lot too…

  68. I don’t think Blanche Lincoln is going to be very happy with KO tonight!

    tsk, tsk

  69. nannymm

    I don’t think the C street gang is going to be happy with Rachel. But I am. 😀

  70. nannymm

    I’m so glad this ass is no longer my congressional representative! This sure as hell looks like entrapment to me. Disgusting!

    McHugh reverses on DADT moratorium

    Army Secretary John McHugh said Thursday he could not guarantee that gay soldiers who had revealed their sexual orientation to him as part of conversations regarding the Pentagon’s review of overturning don’t ask don’t tell would keep their jobs, as he had told reporters a day earlier.

  71. nannymm

    I’m so glad this ass is no longer my congressional representative! This sure as hell looks like entrapment to me. Disgusting!

    McHugh reverses on DADT moratorium

    Army Secretary John McHugh said Thursday he could not guarantee that gay soldiers who had revealed their sexual orientation to him as part of conversations regarding the Pentagon’s review of overturning don’t ask don’t tell would keep their jobs, as he had told reporters a day earlier.

  72. March jobs jump could lift Obama

    he Obama administration’s spring offensive may gain further momentum Friday morning with a monthly jobs report that many economists believe could be the beginning of a sustained string of employment gains.

    Read more:

  73. nannymm

    I was just on a site that was discussing the abuse scandals withing the Church. I can hardly believe the vile things that are being said about Catholics and the Church. Here is what I posted.

    “We Catholics are not a cult. We worship God, believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, practice acts of charity, love our fellow man, and try to live lives that will lead us to Salvation. Yes, there are those who sin gravely against children, who need to be prosecuted by civil and cannon law and severely punished here on earth. And then one day, when they meet our Lord, he will deal with them for all eternity. But it is unfair and un-Christian ( and just plain unkind) to judge us all based on the acts of others. I don’t judge all born again Christians or Jews or Muslims based on the failings of a few withing those faiths. Why do you think it is acceptable to judge all Catholics and our faith? Seriously, I would like to know? Don’t you know or understand how deeply painful this abuse is for us? We, at least most of us, are very angry with those priests, bishops, and others within the Church hierarchy who have abused children and/or covered up that abuse. Our hearts go out to the victims; our sympathies are with them. We desperately want to see the guilty punished and stripped of their ministries. Personally, I’m all for doing so retroactively, even for deceased offenders. They do not deserve to be buried in Catholic cemeteries with markers designating then as men of God for they clearly are not.
    But your judgmental attitude is neither helpful nor constructive. It seems to be based in an anti-Catholic bias. Please not that I said “seems to be.” I will not presume to know what is your motivation; nor will I judge you. I will, however, respectfully request that you consider my words and the depth of feeling behind them. My heart aches! Please do not try to pour salt in my wounds.
    May you have a Blessed Easter season and may your heart be filled with love and charity to all.”

  74. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Fri, April 02, 2010 — 12:00 AM ET

    Security Checks on Flights to U.S. To Be Revamped

    President Obama has signed off on new security protocols for
    people flying to the United States, establishing a system
    that uses intelligence information and assessment of threats
    to identify passengers who could have links to terrorism, a
    senior administration official said Thursday.

    The new approach will replace a broader layer of extra
    scrutiny that had been imposed recently on all passengers
    from 14 countries, most of which are Muslim.

    The change, which will be announced Friday by the Department
    of Homeland Security, is the result of a review of security
    at international airports ordered by Mr. Obama after the
    Christmas Day attempt to blow up a jetliner bound for
    Detroit. The system, which will be put in place this month,
    applies only to travelers flying into the United States.

  75. nannymm

    That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Brian. The current system hasn’t worked.

  76. nannymm

    Why is the time stamp off by an hour?

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