It’s Better Than It Sounds



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23 responses to “It’s Better Than It Sounds

  1. tonyb39

    “What’s the matter with white people?
    Too many believe — incorrectly — that healthcare reform helps “other people,” not themselves”

  2. Looks like wordpress is having issues this morning.

  3. cool, looks like it’s fixed

  4. Ricky Martin: ‘I Am a Fortunate Homosexual Man’

    Ricky Martin gay, I’m shocked (insert sarcastic emoticon here)

  5. Now there’s an idea d, in my family we make matzah brie pancake style, not scrambled. I could make some english muffin size and then do bacon and cheese on them, hell if you’re going to go “trafe” you might as well go full hog!

  6. TempeBev

    Oh for a Jewish grandmother. The food looks yummy. Anything additional would definitely be delicious. Enjoy!

  7. (pssst, Mr. President put a yarmulke on)

    • dnd

      Quite the symbol that a President, who’s father was a Muslim, spent his early years in the world’s largest Muslim nation, raised as-and continues to be- a Christian, participates in a Seder.

      Abraham must be happy.

  8. TempeBev

    Oh, I am on pins and needles (not) awaiting the first Sarah Palin show on Fox. What an outstanding cast of first time celebrity guests for the premier “Real American Stories.”

  9. I hope I don’t forget to set my DVR!

  10. That’s not what Joe said, he said: “this is a big fucking deal”

    If you’re going to quote someone get it right!

    • dnd

      Ok, understanding, for the first time in 14 billion years, the beginnings of the universe, is technically a “big fucking deal.”

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