Dumb & Dumber, The Road Show



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64 responses to “Dumb & Dumber, The Road Show

  1. TempeBev

    I think the title of this thread says it all. No other comment necessary.

  2. nannymm

    Ditto what Bev said.

  3. nannymm

    WTF??? Is he vying to be Rush’s replacement?

  4. Maybe he’s trying out for the Dumb & Dumber Road Show as a warm up act.

    • dnd

      Interesting the the Dumb & Dumber Road Show wasn’t in Bachmann’s district. It was in Rep. Ellison’s district. Probably something to do with the fact that he’s a Democrat. And a Muslim…

  5. Rhetorical question of the day:

    How come every time we have a major snow storm this some how is proof that Al Gore is insane and global warming is a myth but the fact that yesterday we had went over 90 degrees the wacko right is tight lipped?

  6. That’s why it’s a road show!

    *shakes my head*

    • dnd

      Apparently Bachmann doesn’t campaign in her district. Doesn’t get much campaign funding from her constituents. She prefers to campaign in the 3rd & 5th, where the money is…

  7. dog's eye view

    Love the “GOP Heavyweights Join Forces.” Can’t decide if it’s for real or snark.

  8. Tim Pawlenty Finds A Way To Co-Opt Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin Rally

    Here’s a great catch by Wonkette’s Jim Newell. Apparently, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was so bent on horning in on yesterday’s Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin “Ladies of Fearmongering” rally that he went out, bought the domain name BachmannRally.com and then redirected traffic to his own site.


    • dnd

      DCCC has a “Palin or Bachmann” quiz:

      “One says that President Obama is trying to force America’s youth into re-education camps. The other insists that health insurance reform will create government-sponsored ‘death panels.’ The outrageous lies by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have become the stuff of legend. In anticipation of their big joint appearance at a GOP fundraiser, we thought we’d put our DCCC supporters to test: how good are you at telling which one said which lie?”


      This is a shameful scam to get email addresses, presumably for fund-raising. Shameful, but funny…

  9. Something I’ve been wondering about, could the “success” of both Palin & Bachmann in part be due to the fact it’s more palatable for a hate filled message to be delivered by attractive females?

  10. nannymm

    Something I’ve been wondering about…. if southerners are such great Americans who love this country, The United States of America, why are they still flying the Confederate flag? And why are they celebrating the Civil War where they tried to secede? And why are they STILL talking about seceding a century and a half later? It seems to me that they really don’t like America very much… they just want to get the hell out of it.
    Personally, I say we should let them go. For the most part, southern states are an economic drain on this country. They get more money from the federal government than they pay in. They have some of the worst educational systems in the country. They fight against science and try to re-write history. They fight every effort to keep up with the times and keep trying to force us all back into some mythical notion they have of the “good old days.” In short, they’re like a ball and chain around our necks. Who the hell needs them?

  11. tonyb39

    Hey all,
    I got about 1 min into that fucking video and shut it off!! There all loonies! I sure hope the Dems can keep the majority in November.I got to believe the masses of the American people see through their BS..I said today to Grace,why no tea parties during Bush’s term? I was told it took Bush to make the tea party people rise up against big government.I told Grace BS,it took a black man and a Dem as President to get you all to rise up!!

  12. dnd

    Tell Grace that all of the nuclear arms reduction treaties is the past 50 years have been initiated by Republicans: Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush 41. Reagan was particularly anti-nuke. Obama is merely continuing that legacy.

  13. nannymm

    Good Lord! That was revolting, dnd!

    Tony, don’t count on the masses seeing through the BS. The truth is, the masses are ignorant. Once upon a time, I thought people were basically smarter than they were given credit for. But over time, the stupidity of the American public has become quite clear. Now, it has ceased to amaze me. Just look at those tea bagging morons….

  14. tonyb39

    Hi D,
    I will pass on how the President is continuing what many Republican Presidents have done..Grace tried to say today that Obama was promising not to attack countries like Iran if they attacked us,i said BS,if it doesn’t make sense its not true,thank you Judge Judy!

    • dnd

      Henry Kissinger and George Schultz also support Obama’s START treaty. So does Richard Lugar. This is a clear case where blind partisanship from the wingnuts trumps common sense. Should be a wake-up call to Grace.

  15. tonyb39

    Yep Nanny,
    I think you might be right,the masses don’t pay attention,well maybe too sound bites..Still if the likes of Palin and Bachman really gain control,were fucked!!

  16. nannymm

    Yes, d, I listened to the end.

  17. Say It Just So, Joe

    Liberals love Joe Biden because he keeps things interesting in the White House.


  18. TempeBev

    Another Dumb and Dumber – Sen. Coburn of OK – he’s a physician (OB/GYN) and a minister(?). He was dumb to hold up the unemployment benefits, but he was dumber to challenge Rachel Maddox. He is a physician with a big ego and a God complex. But you don’t mess with Rachel – she’s definitely not dumb and very definitely not stupid.

    Apologies to Nanny – I know you’re married to an MD. He has to be exception to the above since he chose such you as his wife. You’re a treasure!

  19. (guess who can’t sleep)

  20. Liz Cheney attacks Obama
    The former vice-president’s daughter tosses out the red meat at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference


    Is there a northern republican leadership conference?

  21. tonyb39

    What a terrific pic!! Success,yes….

  22. Morning peeps, everyone happy it’s Friday?

  23. MSNBC President Tells Fan That Shuster “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional”


    Check out the remark about Morning Joe, I think most of you will concur.


    • dnd

      “MSNBC President Tells Fan That Shuster “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional””

      The key phrase in the email was “team player.” People don’t get fired because they “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional,” they get fired because the boss doesn’t like them.

      Morning Joe is the very definition of “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional,” but obviously sucks up to the boss.

  24. MSNBC announcing that Justice Stevens will announce his retirement.

    • dnd

      Oh swell. Now we’re in for several months of the loony left and the wacko right chastising Obama for who he might pick to replace Stevens, and then several more months chastising Obama for who he actually picks.

      BTW, Stevens was appointed by Gerald Ford…

  25. My dear Mr. President:

    Having concluded that it would be in the best interests of the Court to have my successor appointed and confirmed well in advance of the commencement of the Court’s next term, I shall retire from regular active service as an Associate Justice, under the provisions of 28 U.S.C. 371 (b), effective the next day after the Court rises for the summer recess this year.

    Most respectfully yours,

    John Paul Stevens

  26. loony left? hmmmmmmm

    Anyway I do think there is an upside to Justice Steven’s retirement before the election as it will help to bring up the enthusiasm level of the Democratic Party base.

  27. Yeah but the loony left rarely caries fire arms and make for much better cocktail party guests! I think it’s unfair to group the two together.

    • dnd

      “Firearm” is one word, not two, and it’s a good thing the loony left doesn’t carry them. They’d probably just shoot themselves in the foot. As to cocktail party guests, they just drink all your booze and start shouting matches.

  28. Is Fuck you one or two words d?

  29. nannymm

    Bev, thanks for that compliment. As for my hubby, he’s one of the good guys for sure. 🙂

  30. nannymm

    It’s capitalized if it’s written this way:

    FUCK YOU!!! 😈

  31. nannymm

    Hey, d, ya think Brian, Tony and I are members of that “loony left?”

  32. nannymm

    I know, dnd. I was just kidding. Although… I am rather far left. 🙂

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