Earth Day 2010

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Be good to your mother.



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36 responses to “Earth Day 2010

  1. D here’s what I find lacking in the argument made in that politico piece. While the article is correct that the Tea Party might not carry a lot of sway with voters at large. They do hold a lot of sway with the GOP hierarchy. The Republican Party for the most part has adopted the Tea Party agenda anit-Obama no matter what the issue.

  2. dog's eye view

    How you know the Tea Party is jumping the shark:

    when a comics page strip aimed at providing comedic “balance” for conservatives/Republicans pokes fun at the extremists under the Tea Party tent:

    Prickly City

  3. dog's eye view

    Love google’s homepage today.

    Anybody else see “Through a Dog’s Eyes” on PBS last night? On Canine Assistants service dogs. Marvelous show.

    But you knew I would like it.

  4. Dooty

    ok, done my Earth Day stuff. Mowed and edged and cleaned up the front and side yards today. Just have the back yard tomorrow.

  5. I assume it being earth day doots, you used a manual mower and not a powered one.

    Hey d you’re favorite Libertarian wacko is going to be on Tweety.

  6. Franklin Graham Disinvited From Pentagon Prayer Day For Calling Islam Evil, Offensive

  7. tonyb39

    Good morning all!
    Been real busy,off today but not really, have a bunch of housework to do! Reading you all on my new 55 inch Samsung LED TV,ha, makes you all even more interesting..

  8. tonyb39

    “Schumer Slams Pres. Obama over Israeli Policy”

    “If we could only believe this is a case of good cop – bad cop to move peace mountain. However, there is no silver lining on what Sen. Chuck Schumer has done, because he’s made Pres. Obama the bad guy on Israel, something the right has been trying unsuccessfully to do. That Schumer chose the politically conservative Jewish Nachum Segal Show to air his displeasure with Obama in public that included calling the settlement issue a “kerfuffle,” puts Chuck Schumer in the Sarah Palin “zoning issue” camp.”

  9. Wow coming out overly in support of Israel is really going to cost you in NY! What a bold move on Charlie’s part!

  10. tonyb39

    Ya think! Bigger is better sometimes,ha and TV,yes!

  11. tonyb39

    Nope it won’t cost Sen.Shumer a thing,just interesting.

  12. tonyb39

    Well,Dems have proven time and again(Stupak) that this works.

  13. tonyb39

    Another Interesting tid bit from the Taylor piece.

    “However, Mr. Schumer didn’t stop with Pres. Obama. He also went after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Because hey, once you’re at a microphone and getting all this attention you might as well keep going.

    But then what happened is the next day Hillary Clinton called up Netanyahu and talked very tough to him, and worse they made it public through this spokesperson, a guy named Crowley.

    Poor Bibi. Hillary “talked very tough to him.” Makes you wonder how he gets up in the morning with all those mean Palestinians staring him down, too.”

  14. Shumer should be careful, there is a growing divide in the Jewish community over this issue.

  15. tonyb39

    Did u see Joe Biden on the “View”,man i love that guy!! Grace rolled her eyes and called him an idiot.I said nope,the real idiot was the GWB who you voted in twice,the one that practically destroyed our country! Fun,fun..

  16. After 8 years of Dick, Joe is such a refreshing change.

  17. tonyb39

    I agree Brian,been reading about the divide.Still,its Israel’s current leadership that’s the problem,fucking right wing nuts anywhere are the problem!

  18. tonyb39

    You got that right,8 years of a psycho!! I have always liked Joe though,a real guy,no phoniness there..Smart choice the President made in choosing him VP.

  19. nannymm

    Good morning! Did you guys have a nice Earth Day?
    I spent much of the day at an Earth Day celebration with Boy Scouts. We collected a ton of bottles and cans to recycle. And we have trees still to plant. Definitely a fun day! Tomorrow we have another bottle drive with the Cub Scouts.

  20. nannymm

    I’m glad you’re enjoying that new TV, Tony. I love mine! I got it just in time for Obama’s inauguration.

    Brian, are you saying that there is opposition to the settlements in the NY Jewish community? If so, is it widespread? Is there also opposition to Bebe?

    Re: Joe Biden… he’s terrific! Even his “gaffes” are endearing.

  21. dooty


    wrt earth day no I used a gas powered lawn mower and a gas powered trimmer also. I don’t feel guilty if that is what you are thinking. We did the back yard yesterday also.

  22. dooty

    here is a nice video from a woman in Austin, TX. Sara Hickman is her name and she was recently named 2010 Texas State Musician by the Texas State Commission on the Arts. Sara is a funny and soulful singer. Enjoy! The video is called, “Palin’ By Comparison” Different look at Feminism.

  23. tonyb39

    Hi Nanny,glad your better.Oh wow,yep would have been nice to have had this TV for the Inauguration.Joe does gaffe often,but i like him all the more for them..The President’s response to Joes f-bomb was really good too..

  24. tonyb39

    Joe Biden On ‘The View’, His Appearance In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

  25. nannymm

    Thanks, Tony. The past week has been tough. I still miss Sly terribly. Being sick didn’t help either. (Damned diabetes!!) But, at least I’m feeling good physically now. Sorry I left you all high and dry Monday without the thread I was planning. But, it couldn’t be helped.

  26. dooty

    The Lizards were the band but Sara wrote it.

  27. nannymm

    Obamas head for romantic getaway in N.C.

    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are heading out of town Friday for the mother of all date nights — a weekend getaway in picturesque Asheville, N.C. (pop. 73,000). The first daughters, 8-year-old Sasha and 11-year-old Malia, are staying home, according to the East Wing.

    He has no public events planned in the state this weekend, the White House says, but will stop in West Virginia on his way home on Sunday to speak at a memorial service for miners killed in the worst coal mine disaster in 40 years.

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