Tale of Two Politicians

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am no fan of either Charlie Crist or John McCain, however only one man’s behavior in recent memory warrants contempt, that being John McCain.    It’s given us great insight into  the character of both men as to how each has dealt with threats from the extreme right wing base within their own party.    When push came to shove one man decided to walk away from his party, the other walked away from his values.  Who would you rather see elected to high office?



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20 responses to “Tale of Two Politicians

  1. tempebev

    Both since I don’t want JD Hayworth.

  2. Bev I’d rather take the gamble that Hayworth wins the primary, it’s the only shot a Dem has in winning in the general. And lets face it, considering what McCain has turned into does it really matter if either McCain or Hayworth ended up winning the general?

  3. TempeBev

    Yes, I think it does matter. He’s a politician and if he wins, I think he’ll change his spots again. Not confident that JD will be anything but extreme right.

    Haven’t heard of any dems running yet.

  4. I’m not sure how able McCain is at “changing his spots” anymore. I think he’s too consumed with resentment and hatred for the president.

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    • dnd

      I think Crist has a real chance of winning in Florida. Why? First he’s a pretty popular governor. Second, he’s a moderate. Third, Meeks is a complete unknown. Fourth, Rubio may be indicted before the election. Fifth, Rubio is a teabagger.

      Sure he won’t get any help from the RNC or any other Republican operatives. And he won’t get the Cuban vote. But he’s a known quantity in an uncertain time.

      I do think that McCain, Hayworth and the appointed governor have achieved tremendous success, in solidifying the Hispanic population, as well as those who are sympathetic to them or depend on them.

      • dnd

        LONGMONT — A down-on-his luck Coloradan who got hired by a company that received stimulus funds nearly upstaged Vice President Joe Biden today at an event touting the impact of the recovery program.


        • dnd

          Spill baby, spill! LOL!
          Palin tweets that she was there working and living during the Exxon Valdez spill. What she doesn’t tweet is that she was working as a ditsy sports reporter in Anchorage, a long ways from the Valdez spill…

  6. tonyb39


    “An Opening for Independence”

    “Some call this personal expedience, because he can’t win as a Republican in the primary. That’s true to an extent, but Crist can’t win in a primary environment where the right-wing base represented by the Tea Party activists are swinging the primary off the cliff.

    When your passion and life’s calling is political service, what’s a person to do, give up?

    The reality is that politicians are egotists by the very nature of their profession. It takes a lot of self-confidence, mixed with self-absorption and the belief that you can change the world and lead the people, along with purpose and passion about your own ideas and intelligence when juxtaposed against the next person, to throw yourself into the arena in the first place. Why anyone is surprised that someone would then separate himself out from the pack to become “independent,” when your life’s calling is disappearing before your eyes, is beyond me.”

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  8. eprof2

    Bev, I’m going with Brian on this one as I believe Hayworth only has about a quarter of the political spectrum over on the far right leaving the right of center over to the far left favoring a Democrat. The Maverick, or the Non-Maverick, McCain, deserves to be booted out of politics once and for all. Let him go to one of his seven or eight homes as a political retiree (assuming Cindy will let him in). But, I reserve the right to change my mind once I know who the Democrat will be come November.

  9. TempeBev

    eprof2 – ok, I’ll also reserve the right to change my mind too. I agree with your description of McC, but my memories of JD go back many years when he was a sportscaster and then beaten by my old school mate, Harry M. However, everyone I know shudders at the thought of JD beating mcC. They’re both jerks, (for lack of a 4 letter word). I just hope there is a Democrat willing to take on the repug winner. I have my doubts whether the D would even win.

  10. doots it’s been my expierence they don’t need too much of an excuse to scream. Look how bat shit crazy they all went just because a black guy moved into the White House.

  11. tonyb39

    “Look how bat shit crazy they all went just because a black guy moved into the White House.”

    So true! Just watched Bill Maher from Friday,very good! Tweety was excellent as was Anthony Wiener.I hope this drilling BS the President is proposing is history! I understand the need to be real regarding energy, oil is just plain to costly..

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