Grow Up & Deal With It


One of the cold hard facts that none of our leaders really want to discuss is that episodes like  the failed attempt to set off a car bomb in Time Square are just part of the times we live in.  Also we have to stop treating each one of these episodes as a justification to engage in a political round of finger pointing and fear mongering, the only ones who benefit from that are the terrorist themselves.



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52 responses to “Grow Up & Deal With It

  1. TempeBev

    “We fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” was uttered by Bush as I remember. Think it’s changed a bit and not working too well. I once heard that Americans are afraid to go to England because of terrorism, and they’re afraid to come here because of being mugged.

    I think Americans are very spoiled and think that we are immune from terrorist attacks. We are shocked to think that someone would attack the USA. Of course politics play a huge part in playing up the fear factor. The whole nation is screwed up in many, many ways. Time changes everything.

  2. Stewart Hammers Conservatives For Hypocritical Obama-Bush Comparisons (VIDEO)

  3. Q Poll: All Tied Up In Pennsylvania Dem Senate Primary

    Tuesday is going to be quite a nail bitter!

  4. dog's eye view

    I like what I’ve seen of Joe Sestak, and the experience as a Naval officer (admiral) might help a lot in the Senate.

    Hate to see Arlen Specter lose for having turned Democratic, but he’s had a good long run.

    Hate to see him fail for having switched parties, though, while those who switch from Dem to GOP go on to years in office on the taxpayers’ dole. (Thinking on Richard Shelby, and there are more.)

  5. dog's eye view

    NY Times article on Sestak v Specter (v Toomey, the eventual GOP candidate; former Club for Growth pres).

    Obama/Biden supporting Specter in primary, as promised when he switched sides, but Obama not making personal appearance before next Tuesday.

    Only howler is the Pennsylvania Democratic party chairman, and his assertion that Toomey might attract independents and moderates.

    Tea partying “independents” — you bet. Others? Doesn’t sound plausible.

  6. I think Specter is going lose, which is fine by me as long as Sestak can win the general, I like him a lot.

  7. Well for a Luddite like you d being with out power should be no sweat!

  8. NARAL has just endorsed Sestak

  9. dog's eye view

    Specter’s 80.

    No harm in having a younger soul in office.

  10. eProf2

    Greetings from the desert.

  11. TempeBev

    I predict many of the old farts lose, so says my Ouija board.

  12. dog's eye view

    Bev: go with the Ouija board! Alan Mollohan lost his West Virginia primary to a more conservative Democratic challenger. (Mollohan was seriously compromised on the ethics front, so no tears over that loss.)

    Brian and eprof and anyone else: am thinking out my periodic “dog’s immigration reform scheme.”

    Both of you have expressed support for open borders.

    What precisely does that term mean to you? Are there any limits? What are they?

    What would be a good start on immigration reform for you?

    Waiting to hear from anyone and everyone.

  13. I think the White House is quietly pulling it’s support from Specter, I think the handwriting is on the wall.

  14. eProf2

    dog, my idea of an open border is so far out in left field that it’s automatically rejected by friends and foes alike as myopic. We have 50 states in the United States. Not a single border patrol, border agent, or any other artificial barrier to open commerce or open transit between them. Yes, there is a New Hampshire and an Oregon but they’re mostly for historical distinctions. So, like John Lennon, why not do away with borders and let the free movement of ideas, commerce, and everything else flow without “national” or state barriers. Oh, there would be hell to pay for fifty years or so but after awhile people would be able to come and go as they want, jobs and commerce would seek a level of accommodation, and a true free market place could exist. Europe is trying to get there, why not North America?

    Crazy, eh???

    • dnd

      Si, loco. 😉 The pacing factor in open boarders is resources. Number one in the west, as you know, is water, but there are many more. It may be, as you hypothesize, that after time we come to a point of equilibrium. However it may also be the case that the rate of change is so fast that everything turns to shit and stays that way for a long time.

      Understand I’m somewhat of a Malthusian, and I buy the premise of Garrett Hardin’s seminal paper “The Tragedy of the Commons.”

  15. I wouldn’t d, the thought of rush running around the court in basketball shorts and shirt is not a pretty one.

  16. eProf2

    When Malthus wrote his paper on population the world probably has less than one billion people. Yet, today we’re approaching seven billion. Science has helped us put off the ultimate clash of civilizations, at least for now.

    Interestingly enough here in the west the family sizes in Mexico, Canada, and the United States combined has decreased in the last three decades. Yes, we have water and air issues but eschewing Hardin’s notion of the “commons” and educating all peoples there is a chance that enlightened self-interest might prevail even if altruism doesn’t.

    • dnd

      My first Physics professor was Albert A. Bartlett. Brilliant guy and great instructor. From his wikipedia page:

      Bartlett has made two notable statements relating to sustainability:

      “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

      and his Great Challenge:

      “Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavor on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?”

      Check it out:

      And check out Arithmetic, Population and Energy. Great lecture.

  17. Well I’m screwed.

    Applied for a pre-qualification mortgage loan for a foreclosure house I wanted to buy which is owned by HUD.

    My credit report came back full of erroneous entries and now I’m trying to get a hold of someone at the credit reporting agency to get it removed so if HUD awards the bid to me I can buy this property.

    The HUD bid closes on the 16th. of this month and I don’t think I can get this cleared up by then.

    There are complaints from TX., UT., MD., FL., NC. and CA., including one from TX. for unpayed child support from 1988 in the amount of $26,000 dollars.

    There’s a crap load from Citifinancial on Mortgages both in FL and MD and a couple of medical collections.

    I don’t know how anyone could have got a hold of my Social Security card and it looks like I will lose this house if I can not get these removed within the next week.

    The oldest one is the 1988 one then the next one is in 1999 with CITIFinance in FL. Then they just keep on going and going and going just like the energizer bunny.

    I hope I can get through to someone tomorrow at the credit bureau and not have to leave a friggin message.

    All I know is that as of right now I AM SCREWED.

    The SOB that is using my identity must be a Republican.

  18. Well the credit agency actually called me back and I spoke to a very nice lady. She seen the pattern and told me that she would notify the agency that had all the bad information to remove it.

    She said once that was done my report would be clean and told me that I should go to the annualcreditreport website and request my free report from the agency that had the bad info on it.

    She told me to print it out and then I would be able to call the number on it and dispute the info.

    She did not know how long it would take and that they would notify me by mail when it was removed.

    I just tried to view it and the website was having difficulties and to try later.

    Since the nice lady I spoke with told me to try calling after I printed the report I was hoping to get it done tonight. Now I’m not sure if I can get the copy tonight or not.

    Or if I can get it if I would be able to talk to anyone tonight if I called. I more than likely will have to call tomorrow, though right now getting a copy of the agencies report tonight is still not a sure thing.

    Just wanted to update my earlier comment.

    Has anyone had trouble with their credit reports? And if so how long did it take to get it corrected?

    I’ll check back later to see what everyone says.

    God Bless.

  19. Sending this out to dnd!

    • dnd

      Are we to construe that you’re running around in ladies garments?

      Me, I belonged to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:

      When I figured out that the only two things I was afraid of was height and electricity, I opted for a career change.

  20. nannymm

    “my idea of an open border is so far out in left field that it’s automatically rejected by friends and foes alike as myopic.”

    Not this friend, eProf. I agree with you.

  21. nannymm…

    If were not careful we will be having to show papers when going from one state into another.

    Those will be the borders to keep out undesirables from other states.

    God Bless.

  22. nannymm

    Hi, A-P. I hope you get your credit report cleaned up, ASAP. I had a problem about 8 years ago when someone opened accounts in my name and failed to pay the bills. The same person also used one of my credit cards to make thousands of dollars in purchases and cash advances. He or she was never caught. But, the crime was perpetrated in CA, a place where I had not been in many years. It took me months to clean it up and get a clean bill of “credit health.” Law enforcement believed that my credit info had been sold by an unscrupulous employee at a bank or other credit type agency.
    Good luck and keep us posted. I’ll say a prayer that you get that house you want. 🙂

  23. nannymm

    “If were not careful we will be having to show papers when going from one state into another.”

    A-P, if some people have their way, we’ll all be required to carry papers everywhere we go. It’s a slipper slope we’re on….

  24. No you can construe I am a child of the schmatta trade!

    • dnd

      “No you can construe I am a child of the schmatta trade!”

      Probably why your dogs are embarrassed to be seen with you in public 😉

  25. nannymm…

    Well I just tried again to view my report from the agency that had the bogus info on it and got the same message that it was not available to be viewed at the time and to try again later.

    I also got an error message that read something like already submitted please wait for server.

    DUH…this is a hour later then my first attempt and was surprised that it still had the info that I had submitted it earlier.

    I guess that I will have to wait until tomorrow at work and try again. If I still can not get in I will have to call the other agency back and let them know about it.

    Even though they said they would remove it it still needs to be disputed at this other agency and if I can not get the free copy then I will have no number to call.

    This is time sensitive and needs to be taken care of right away.

    Also I got a doctors appointment tomorrow for my back. It has been weekly now with it going out. Not so much severe, but two weeks ago I had it so bad I cried and wanted to die just to end the pain.

    I hurt it a long time ago and I think my disks are about totally deteriorated in my lower back and also have problems with my neck as well.

    I will probably hit the sack early tonight since I missed my nap I take when I get home from work.

    Later maybe. Take care and …

    God Bless.

  26. tonyb39

    Good post Brian and i couldn’t agree more! Why oh why does each attempted terror plot against us muster such hysteria in the media and the powers that be? I look at how Israel handles itself with such class and they have reason to be really afraid daily.

    “If were not careful we will be having to show papers when going from one state into another.”

    Yep,as i tell Grace, if your crowd had its way, anyone who you remotely suspect of being undocumented would be stopped and made to prove citizenship or be hauled off in chains…WTF,kind of country do these wing nut tea people want to live in???

  27. You’re awfully bitchy for a straight guy. You’ve never been married right?

  28. tonyb39

    “Kagan’s Palin Moment? White House Does Away With Journalists For Kagan’s First Interview as a Nominee”

  29. eProf2

    I’m glad for you, A-P. I hope, too, that by tomorrow the computers and the people are on the same page — your page!

  30. eProf2

    dnd, I don’t have any issues with what Bartlett had to say about population growth. I also agree with Paul Ehrlic in that there is an exponential factor to population growth, the same as Bartlett. I also realize that today, tonight, some 1.5 billion people will go to sleep extremely hungry, others will be without water and fresh air. Science and better population distribution, which is the reason often times for borders, might help the next generations.

    Bartlett said he was a Bartlett is a modern-day Malthusian. You learned well, dnd! He would be proud of you.

  31. eProf2

    Tony, so much for Phoenix, which was one of the sites vying for the Repug convention. They knew they’d run into a buzzsaw here for sure.

  32. eProf2

    I’m surprised that I have at least one supporter in the whole wide world, and of course it would be my friend, Nanny! Thanks.

  33. eProf2

    Duh, I meant to say, Bartlett is a modern-day Malthusian and not repeat myself with two Bartletts in the sentence. Go to the corner, eProf2, you’re typing too fast.

  34. Thanks eProf2…

    One lousy company screwed up royal. Like Wall Street he\she probably fat fingered the key.

    Both other companies out of the three majors got it right. In fact didn’t they say that the guy with the fat finger worked for Citi?

    Citi is the majority of the bogus garbage on my report, at least half of it. They need to be broke up or have their license’s revoked.

    God Bless.

  35. tonyb39

    Yep,Florida in August,it will be roasting here..The Republican convention will be hot but not because they have the answer to any of our countries important issues!!They’ll still be the party of NO in 2012..

    Ha,a buzz indeed!

  36. jjoshuajj21

    The times we live in-! Well, you only know half of the story, the other half has been secretly coded in an ancient text, waiting for today’s revelations. >>> <<<

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