Who Would You Vote For?



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49 responses to “Who Would You Vote For?

  1. tonyb39


    • dnd

      Well, let’s see. Sestak will have zero seniority and be a back bencher for the rest of his career.
      Specter has a lot of seniority and power, and even if you don’t like him, this will likely be his swan song.
      Sestak is a far left progressive, who campaigns as if he were a teabagger. Can you say hypocrite? His devastating anti-Specter ad quip is taken out of context. He enjoys the favor of neither the governor nor the president.
      Specter is a moderate, who campaigns like a moderate.

      Sestak may well win the primary, to the delight of the far left activists, but Pennsylvania is not a state populated by far left activists. He will likely lose in the general. The Democrats in Pennsylvania should take a lesson of Bob Bennett’s defeat in Utah by the radical teabaggers.

  2. Sorry d, but you’re wrong, Specter lost his seniority when he changed parties (the Dem caucus voting to strip him of any seniority he enjoyed as a repug. . He holds no committee chairmanships at this time. If the voters of PA are worried about seniority they would be better off voting for Sestak as he is more likely to have a much longer future in the Senate than is physically possible for Specter at this time.

  3. eProf2

    A retired Admiral as a tea bagger and/or far leftist? Whew! That combo takes my breath away.

  4. Hey Tony….

    When I finally get my Mortgage and close on this house I’m buying I will have to make it livable before I can move into it.

    The kitchen floor and the living room floor will have to be repaired. I’m thinking linoleum for the kitchen and if the living room floor is not in really bad shape having it redone and putting my grandmothers oriental rug down instead of putting carpeting in it.

    I need to replace the stove and refrigerator which is missing and also replace the cabinets as well.

    The water heater is missing and needs to be replaced and the thermostat as well since that to is missing.

    The bedrooms need the floors done and I plan on re carpeting them as well as some minor drywall repair too.

    All the overhead fixtures are gone and need replacing as well as the breaker box cover inside the house.

    All rooms will need to be painted and at that point I can start moving in. The two closet doors and exterior I believe bedroom doors also are missing and that can be replaced after I move into the house.

    When I get to that point I can start moving out of this place but will to wait until I get everything out before I can start cleaning it.

    I will replace the burner covers that go under the electric coils as there cheap and after thirteen years more than likely will not clean up that good.

    There is a couple of holes needing to be filled from trying to put up a long indoor antenna that I had to take back and a paint chip on one hallway corner wall.

    Both bathrooms and half bath room will need a good cleaning and all the rugs need to be vacuumed good since I got cats. I also will probably need to wash the windows also.

    If I decide to have someone come in or hire to do this cleaning in this house how much would you say it would cost to hire someone.

    Since you do house cleaning in occupied houses and apartments I thought that you may be able to give me a rough estimate as too how much I should expect to pay and how long it would take to do the work.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me an idea as to what you feel would be a good rate that I should pay or what the rate for this much work would cost me.

    Thanks, I’ll watch for you reply. I just want to get my Mortgage and get the h*ll out of this place. I feel that the landlord will try to use my security deposit to re decorate for the next tenant her and her husband rent it to.

    For my own protection I plan on taking pictures so I can show that I left it clean with normal wear and tear to the apartment in case I have to take them to small claims court to get my deposit back.

    I also have the fact that there has been done no decorating in the [13] thirteen years I have lived here which should help me in court to get my deposit back if it comes to that.

    And I’ll let everyone know as things progress in my purchase and adventure into buying a house.

    Thanks and have a good evening.

    God Bless.

  5. And another point d, whether or not Specter enjoys the “favor” of the president or the president is just paying back a political dept are two very different things.

  6. TempeBev

    Ditto Tony – Sestak

  7. dog's eye view

    I vote for Doots for comment of the day, from yesterday’s thread.

    I’m good with Sestak. He hasn’t struck me as a Firebagger-type.

    Do hate to see Specter go down to defeat, since he’s been good on many occasions (and not good on some others).

    Toomey, the GOP candidate, is far right, and I think Sestak might be more competitive than Specter would be.

    Of course, PA did give us Senator Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum. Alabama PA rears its head.


    A-P: good to hear on the bid, and hope the mortgage goes smoothly.

    How is the neighborhood?

    Exciting to hear you are embarking on homeownership.

  8. Hi dog…

    The area is alright is all I can say at the moment. Once I get my Mortgage and close I will be able to say more. There are reasons I can not go into right now.

    God Bless.

  9. tonyb39

    Congrats! Oh man,you’ve got much work to do but its worth it.I would say it would probably cost you around $100 for the cleaning you require.My suggestion if you decide to hire a cleaner is to ask for references! Speak to someone the cleaner has cleaned for in the past.Also,have your wish list on what you want the cleaner to accomplish for you…

  10. Tony…

    Thanks, that’s about what I thought to offer to clean up the house. I rent a half of a duplex right now and the cleaning would be once I got everything moved out of it.

    I think my landlord is going to try to keep my deposit and use it to re decorate before she rents it out.

    I believe that they can not do that, in other words they can not use a previous tenants security deposit for decorating when the tenant moves out. It can only be used if the tenant leaves damage to the premises.

    I believe that the standard used is that if the premises is left clean showing normal wear and tear then they have to return the deposit within 15 days or send a letter stating why they are not returning.

    That’s why I will take pictures of a clean house before I turn the keys over to them. I will not have the carpets cleaned, only vacuumed.

    When I do give them the keys I will tell them I expect to have my deposit in my hands in fifteen days time. If I do not I will send them a letter telling them I will see them in court.

    I feel comfortable that I would prevail in court and maybe even get my court costs back with my deposit.

    Thanks and …

    God Bless.

  11. Well in another 40 minutes I leave to go to the credit union and pay my loan off that I got to help my daughter buy her house up in Indianapolis.

    I have another 28 monthly payments but want this paid before I close on the house. My daughter still has another 52 payments to pay me back. The loan to her was interest free for 60 months so I will still have her payment coming in for another 52 months.

    Then I go to see the agent and put down the escrow, sign the contract with him and have him schedule a Home, Pest Inspection and a Survey for the loan. It is required by my credit union for a Mortgage and since I am putting over 20% down I do not have to carry Mortgage Insurance, though I will need Home Insurance to pay the house off if something happens to me or the property is destroyed due to fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster.

    Then I’ll come home and see if I can get anything out to the trash before its picked up.

    Later gang and …

    God Bless.

  12. TempeBev

    Breaking news – another repug resigns due to affair.

  13. It’s rare for them to resign Bev, I’m surprised, repugs usually need to be dragged out of office kicking and screaming.

  14. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, May 18, 2010 — 10:39 AM ET

    Clinton Says U.S., China and Russia Have Deal on New Iran Sanctions

    The Obama administration announced Tuesday morning that it
    has struck a deal with other major powers, including Russia
    and China, to impose new sanctions on Iran, a sharp
    repudiation of the deal Tehran offered just a day before to
    ship its nuclear fuel out of the country.

    “We have reached agreement on a strong draft with the
    cooperation of both Russia and China,” Secretary of State
    Hillary Rodham Clinton told a Senate committee. “We plan to
    circulate that draft resolution to the entire Security
    Council today. And let me say, Mr. Chairman, I think this
    announcement is as convincing an answer to the efforts
    undertaken in Tehran over the last few days as any we could

    The announcement came just a day after Iran said it would
    ship roughly half of its nuclear fuel to Turkey in a bid to
    assuage concerns about its program.

  15. dooty

    Blumenthal says he was in Viet Nam but records shows that he did not. He was in the Marine Reserves stationed in Washington DC.

  16. dog's eye view

    Who are you supporting in Arkansas Democratic primary?

    I am rooting for Halter. Always liked Blanche Lincoln before, but it’s unconscionable to vote against healthcare/insurance reform. Arkansas is not filled with rich, healthy people, last time I checked.

    Besides which, sounds like Lincoln is going down, no matter what, in the general.


    re Blumenthal: I am wondering why that news is only coming out now.

    To me, the worst issue is Blumenthal’s not correcting the many stories once they appeared in print. (And it’s not believable that he did not see any of them.)

    You can make allowances for “serving in the Vietnam War” to mean stateside or service in Guam or Japan or wherever. He could make a case that the listeners misheard what he said.

    Any soldier who served during the Vietnam era, in country or not, could have faced disrespect after service. Saying he felt that does not necessarily imply that he, too, was a solider returning from the theater of war.

    But when you see a story, in print, that you served “in Vietnam”, it’s time for you, or your staff even, to write a letter saying you were privileged to serve in the military during the war, although your duties did not take you to Vietnam. (And respect for those who did serve there makes it imperative that you correct the record, yadda yadda yadda.)

    Further, it must have come as a surprise to read he’d been swimming team captain at Harvard, when (per NYTimes) he was not on team at all.

    That he didn’t correct the misstatements, which would have leapt out at anyone familiar with his record. Problem.

    This is going to be a hard one to overcome. He might win the Senate seat, but this tarnishes him.

  17. dog agree with you regarding Lincoln, however I’m not sure Halter can win in the general, I do think Sestak can win the general in PA

  18. dooty

    While I never was stationed in Viet Nam I did serve in the Viet Nam era. Big difference to some.

  19. dog's eye view

    doots: agree re the difference. And Blumenthal would know that.

    It’s likely a smear tactic, but he may also be guilty of not correcting the record, even if he used qualifiers at the time that his audience missed (maybe by design).

    What a mess. And a shame, because, like Eliot Spitzer, this guy is apparently on the case of corporation malfeasance.

    We could have used Spitzer’s talents over the past 18 months. He seems to be good at explaining financial matters and when they become misdeeds.

  20. dooty

    one of my facebook friends is a world class musician that plays mandolin (bluegrass, western swing and jazz) posted this today.

    “If Sara Palin played guitar…http://ping.fm/U9rF4

  21. dooty

    boy this guy Blumenthal is slimy!

  22. dog's eye view

    I will be sad to see Arlen Specter lose, in several respects. I thought he was classy standing up to the “grassroots” teapartier/health care smear types over the summer.

    He’s often a decent human, and also a careerist politician who can be an opportunist.


    It rained in Southern California early this morning; it hardly ever does.

    On waking up and looking out at a soaked back patio: first thought: hey, what did the neighbors do? Thought it was their sprinkling system gone awry.

    How quickly one forgets …

  23. dooty

    dog wait until November. It starts raining then and doesn’t stop until about March.

  24. dog's eye view

    Shall see, Doots. It was dry from December on this year; have maybe used the umbrella 2-3 times.

    Still got any bluebonnets in Tejas?

    Speaking of which: in Blumenthal story, the Marine Reserve was referred to as a refuge for the politically well-connected.

    No mention whatsoever of the Air National Guard.

    I think the Times got him on the deferments, though. That will be news to many.

  25. TempeBev

    Blanche can’t even vote for herself!

    EpicFail: Blanche Lincoln Turned Away From Home Polling Place This Morning.http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/05/epicfail-blanche-lincoln-turned-away-from-home-polling-place-this-morning.php?ref=fpa

  26. dooty

    Bluebonnets are long in the tooth now.

    the Reserve any service was the refuge of the well connected.

    it was well known that if your daddy was not one of the power brokers in the city or state where you lived the National Guard was out of the question.

    Dan Quayle comes to mind.

  27. nannymm

    A math teacher at Corner High School in Jefferson County, Ala., decided the best way to teach his students about “parallel lines and angles” would be to have them calculate the best angle to use when firing a gun at President Barack Obama

  28. nannymm

    Hi, everyone. Been reading posts; very good stuff. Can’t type well with my left hand so won’t have much to say for a while. Brian can give details. Keep the links and comments coming.

  29. dog's eye view

    Birmingham News, AL; linked local story in Salon piece


    They don’t identify the teacher, and school acts like they are going to deal with this internally.

    Good luck, in this day of the internets.

    What does it say about that community that teacher thought he could say something like that in class? He’s dishonored his own nest.

    We are laying off well-qualified teachers in California. Ones with judgment, even.

  30. She fucked up her shoulder again. Hope those are enough details nanny.

  31. eProf2

    Brian, you have the nicest way of putting things!

    30th anniversary of Mt. Saint Helen’s blowing it’s top. I was living in Yakima, WA, when it blew. Looked like a rain cloud until it got over the town and dropped tons and tons of silicone ash which looked like snow on the ground but never melted.

  32. nannymm

    It works.

  33. She may have to go bionic on us, a bionic nanny, scary thought.

  34. Judging from the tone on Hardball it sounds like Specter is out.

  35. dog's eye view

    Did anyone else see “American Experience” last night about the New England hurricane of 1938?

    We lived in Newport, RI from 1968-69, and they were still talking about it then.

    After last night’s stories and footage, I can see why.

  36. Latest update:

    Well the credit union finally called me late this afternoon. He re went over all the garbage and reran my credit report.

    He was made aware that I paid my loan off this morning and all my credit scores are above 760 to 789 and said he would get this to the underwriter today so my agent can have a pre approval letter to forward on to HUD before 10am tomorrow morning.

    I have to drop off a copy of my current pay stub and last years W2 at the office. I imagine that they get the appraisal and I will then also be able to set up the inspections and survey.

    I will get pictures of the inside when the inspections are done as I need them to figure out what needs to be done inside so I can move in as soon as possible after closing.

    My agent is trying to get a June 28 closing date and if I close on that date I want to have everything prepared to start the necessary work needed so I can move in as soon as possible.

    Right now if things go the way laid out above I will have to stay here until August 31 so they will get at least 1 if not 2 more rents out of me.

    It does seem smaller since this morning another Realtor was still showing the property. My agent said that is not unusual as they will show it until closing is done in case I can not secure financing or something else happens and I can not complete the process.

    So today I was inside it for about 10 minutes, though when I do the inspections I will be in there longer and will get pictures of all the rooms and at different angles so I can see how I want to setup the rooms for the work being done and how it will look when completed and everything is moved in.

    I’ll keep everyone up to date as things progress. Take care and …

    God Bless.

  37. tonyb39

    Well thanks for explaining Nanny’s trouble,Brian! Straight and to the point!

    Sorry,hope you heal quickly.

  38. dog's eye view

    Something makes me think you are all plastered to cable … sigh.

    It’s still bright here; sun just setting.

    Good NOVA tonight on Hurricane Katrina timeline. On the West Coast …

    cuz my buds on the East are settling in for the late local news soon…

    AP projecting Sestak win, per NYTime website banner.

    No word yet on Lincoln v Halter in Arkansas, it seems.

  39. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, May 18, 2010 — 10:26 PM ET

    Joe Sestak Wins Democratic Senate Nomination in Pennsylvania

    Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who bolted the
    Republican Party 11 months ago in a bid to salvage his Senate
    career as a Democrat, was defeated in a primary for his new
    party’s nomination on Tuesday, as Democratic primary voters
    turned against him and selected Representative Joe Sestak for
    the nomination.

    Mr. Specter, 80, lost his bid for a sixth term despite the
    backing of a wide swath of the Democratic political
    establishment — starting with President Obama in the White
    House and continuing with Ed Rendell, the governor of

  40. And he’s winning by a comfortable margin too!

  41. Bad night for the GOP, I don’t think Mitch McConnel nor for that matter John McCain will be getting a good night’s sleep.

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