Of Windmills and Oil Spills

offshore_wind_farm oil spill

The BP oil spill begs the rhetorical question: if a wind turbine flops over in the ocean, what is the environmental cost?

Last month Interior Secretary Salazar approved the nation’s first offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound.   This decision was met with a lot of criticism claiming that it would spoil the view.  In hindsight, given the BP oil spill, this seems like a pretty reasonable decision.

Almost two years ago Sr. Dooty wrote here about T. Boone Pickens alternative energy plan using wind power and natural gas.  Again, in hindsight, seems like a pretty reasonable idea.

A TV commercial from a natural gas group says that wind power is a good alternative, but “it’s not always breezy.”  This is false.  The atmosphere is always moving.  I frequently drive by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center which has a number of wind turbines on the grounds.  No matter now still the wind, the turbines blades are always rotating.

Offshore wind farms receive constant breezes due to the temperature gradient between land and sea and the diurnal temperature variation.  It’s time we adopt these measures to assure proper stewardship of our planet.

Addendum:  Other criticism of wind power is demand load, i.e., if the wind’s not blowing and the demand goes up, how do you meet the demand?  T. Boone Pickens suggests natural gas power plants that can pick up the slack, but there is a simpler, more efficient process.  Fuel cells.  The electricity generated from wind turbines can be used to in the electrolysis of water, which provides the fuel for fuel cells.



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112 responses to “Of Windmills and Oil Spills

  1. tonyb

    Good Post!
    If anything good comes out of this horrific spill,maybe are country will be forced to get its act together? This addiction to oil is killing us in more ways that one!

    • dnd

      Anyone notice that we haven’t heard anything from Dick Cheney since the oil spill began? Curious, as his full time hobby in retirement was going on Fox and criticizing anything and everything Obama did.

  2. tonyb

    Thinking about you and your pain,been there,hope your feeling better..

  3. Morning peeps. Interesting that Bill Clinton made the offer to Sestak. Care to comment Nanny?

    d you know I predicted Cheney would go under cover when this entire oil spill started. Good piece btw

  4. nannymm

    Thanks, Tony. This pain is getting to me… The arthrogram is scheduled for June 9th. It can’t come soon enough for me.

  5. nannymm

    Yes, Brian, I do care to comment. Sestak is a liar. The “job offer” that Bill Clinton discussed with him, at the request of Rahm, was for an unpaid advisory role NOT an offer of employment. Sestak was too cute by half IMO when he implied that he was offered employment, even going so far as to imply that he was offered the Secretary of the Navy position. That’s pretty damned deceptive and despicable. I hope the WH burns his ass for this. Look at all the damned trouble he’s caused! Who the hell would ever trust him after this?

  6. nannymm

    Excellent post, dnd. I agree with it! (LOL Wonders never cease to happen.)

    Brian, you’re prediction was correct. Cheney and his daughter are being eerily silent for a blessed change. But…. my guess is they’re just plotting their strategy and will soon fly out of their cave to bite the ass of this administration.

  7. Well I haven’t heard the full story yet and neither have you. I’ll wait to come to a conclusion when I actually know the facts.

  8. nannymm

    That’s fair. BUT… regardless of the facts, Sestak should have kept his big mouth shut! Some things do not need to be spoken, especially when one is only willing to give part of the story. No matter what the facts are, there will now always be speculation by some that Obama did something illegal. The calls for an investigation will not stop. And it was all unnecessary and would not be happening if Sestak had not opened his big mouth.

  9. nannymm

    dnd, I forgot to mention that we have wind farms up here. There was a lot of opposition initially but now everyone is used to them. Personally, I hope they keep expanding these “farms.” We have the land and the wind so it makes sense to utilize it.

  10. eProf2

    Greetings from the desert. Well done, dnd, on your post today.

    Nanny, I would support Sestak if he were running where I could vote. All politicians say something stupid from time to time; but, on the whole, I think he’ll make a good Senator.

  11. She doesn’t like the man, plain and simple. Why she holds Specter in such high regard is way beyond me.

  12. This entire story is the classic people looking to make a mountain out of a very small mole hill.

  13. tonyb

    I agree,Nanny,Joe should have kept quiet and it has caused trouble especially at this time with the Gulf Oil spill.Grace was already saying yesterday Obama should be brought up on impeachment charges,WTF!! I Do like Joe Sestak though.I have heard him interviewed a bunch and he seems decent.I think its a question of his saying something really stupid,which they all do,doesn’t make it right i know..If it was Bill doing the talking to Joe,well he hasn’t the power to offer paid government jobs,so something was lost in the translation…

  14. nannymm

    eprof, I would vote for him, also, as the alternative is far worse.
    Brian, you’re right. I don’t like the man. But I am not seeking to make a mountain out of a molehill. The rethugs are doing that because Sestak opened his BIG MOOOOUTH, as “Ralph Kramden” used to say. And from what we’re hearing today, it appears that Sestak deliberately left people with a false impression that he was bribed with an offer to be Secretary of the Navy. Was he trying to inflate his importance? Or did he just like being mysterious, even though it is another unnecessary distraction for this WH and Obama? Doesn’t anyone other than Tony agree with me that Sestak showed poor judgement when he threw that out there? And doesn’t anyone else wonder why he did it?

  15. nannymm

    Sestak interview on CNN now.

  16. His judgment might be off on this, I don’t know. As I have said repeatedly this is no story as far as I’m concerned and regarding what the repugs are doing regarding this matter, well what do you expect? Why you seem hell bent on helping them out is beyond me.

  17. nannymm

    He’s lucky the WH is letting him save face. They could have called him out as the damned liar he is. My guess is that he has no friends in the Administration now.

  18. nannymm

    I’m not helping them out, Brian. I’m offering my opinion as to why I don’t like or trust Sestak. I’m furious that he could have caused serious trouble for the WH at a time that Obama doesn’t need it. Furthermore, no matter what happens now, there will always be people who will believe that Obama and Clinton committed a crime here. THAT is Sestak’s fault… need I say it again… because he had to open his BIS MOUTH.
    And frankly, I am sick to death of the accusation that I am trying to help the rethugs just because I am willing to question the Dems.

    • dnd

      If Bubba told Sestak he thought his best, most certain career path was to stay in the House and up his cred by serving on a presidential board, there was no quid-pro-quo.

      Nanny’s right. In order to up his faux populist image and establish his anti-Washington bona fides, he went out and told everybody who’d listen that the prez offered him a job not to run for the Senate (where did that Sec. of the Navy rumor come from?). And now it’s biting him in the ass.

      If he loses the senate race, his political career is over. If he wins, Harry Reid will have him kicking horse turds down Constitution Ave.

  19. nannymm

    Tony and eprof, I agree that all people, not just politicians, say something stupid once in a while. But why didn’t Sestak clear this up a long time ago? Why did he leave the idea out there that he was offered the job as Secretary of the Navy? There is no logical reason why he didn’t explain this except to inflate his importance and/or stick it to “the Democratic establishment” as he calls it. That is just not something a good Democrat should be doing, especially to our president.

  20. nannymm

    “Why she holds Specter in such high regard is way beyond me.”

    I don’t, Brian, and you damned well know it because we discussed this on the phone the other day. I told you I would have voted for Sestak in the primary even though I don’t care for the man and don’t really have a good feeling about him. So, please, stop misstating my position.

  21. tonyb

    “There is no logical reason why he didn’t explain this except to inflate his importance and/or stick it to “the Democratic establishment” as he calls it.”

    Good Point.I think politically running against Specter this may have helped Joe.I also think its pretty common for any politician to want to appear to be not part of the establishment..I also understand The President’s support for Specter as well as Bill Clinton and many other Dems.Specters vote in healthcare was very important and one hand washes the other..

  22. tonyb

    I just heard Tom Hartman interview his regular Friday Washington corespondent,she was at the Brookings Institute while Hillary was speaking the other day and i have even more respect for Hillary.The correspondent said Hill went off record and said she was only speaking for herself but in no country she ever visited or the US do rich people pay their fair share of taxes..So fucking true,Reagan ruined this country,big time..

  23. “Reagan ruined this country,big time..”

    Amen brotha!

  24. Regarding Sestak, there is no here here, time to move on.

  25. nannymm

    That Sec. of the Navy rumor came from Sestak. Every time he was asked if that was the job he was offered, he demurred. And when he declined to answer yes or no, he was asked if the “job” was “very high up there.” He said yes on more than one occasion, and said it in such a way that most assumed that it was the sec. of the navy job. Morning Joe and Mika were absolutely convince after he appeared on their show and radio show to put this out there. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say now. Of course, it really doesn’t matter. Isa is calling for the FBI to investigate and still insists this was a crime. Calls for a special prosecutor and impeachment are out there, too. Have some people (Brian, I’m talking about you!) forgotten the trouble that these situations cause for a president and WH? This administration does not need this nonsense now. They have way too much work to do. But it is exactly that work that the rethugs are trying to impede. THAT is why I am so pissed about this. THAT is why I am concerned. If there is any fallout from this, it will be entirely Sestak’s fault.

  26. nannymm

    “Nanny’s right.” and “Excellent post, dnd. I agree with it! (LOL Wonders never cease to happen.)”

    OK, dnd…. I’m marking this day on the calendar. 😉

  27. tonyb

    Yep Nanny,
    I agree with your last post also,if this job thing keeps up Joe will be at fault! I’m hoping it will die down though,as it was all done through President Clinton who can’t offer anyone a paid job..

  28. nannymm

    Tony, the offer wasn’t for a PAID job! It was for an UNPAID appointment to some policy/advisory board, NOT the “high level” job Sestak intimated. Now that is not very honorable of Sestak IMO.

  29. nannymm

    Sestak’s Statement:

    “Last summer, I received a phone call from President Clinton. During the course of the conversation, he expressed concern over my prospects if I were to enter the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate and the value of having me stay in the House of Representatives because of my military background. He said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board while remaining in the House of Representatives.

    I said no. I told President Clinton that my only consideration in getting into the Senate race or not was whether it was the right thing to do for Pennsylvania working families and not any offer. The former President said he knew I’d say that, and the conversation moved on to other subjects.”

  30. TempeBev

    Political pains in the ass. You guys in the east have Sestak – we in the west have McCain. Fortunately, one is a Dem.

  31. nannymm

    So, can I assume that you think Sestak was wrong here, Bev?
    Of course, I think McCain is far worse, but Sestak is no prize.
    Anyone watching the Ed Show? Hmmm….

  32. tonyb

    Ive got Ed On the DVR,gonna start it soon..

  33. Reid’s numbers are picking up Utah, good!

  34. tonyb

    Yep,its good to see Reid’s numbers pick up,Taylor did a piece on that,the loon that’s running against him should bring him to an easy victory! Ha,but in today wacko world who knows..

  35. nannymm

    Did you see that Sestak is only ahead of Toomey by 3 percentage pts.? Sestak may be hoisted by his own petard.

  36. Yes I was very happy to see Sestak ahead by 3 points, in today’s climate I’m thrilled with 3 points.

  37. ub

    Like the post and before I finished reading it I had a good idea of who wrote it. They are considering wind for Lake Erie….perhaps we will do something that is progressive after all.


  38. tonyb


    “Obama White House Defends Itself Against James Carville’s Oil Spill Criticism”

    “Reporter: What does the President have to say about the fact that some of his staunchest supporters like James Carville have essentially turned on him, have some strong things to say about the way he’s been handling the oil spill?

    Gibbs: Truthfully, I think the President answered this yesterday. I think people — I don’t think James understands all of what we’re doing. I don’t think James understood the facts.

    On Thursday, Carville continued to criticize the federal response and told Campbell Brown that he believes President Obama’s advisers aren’t relaying to the President the gravity of the disaster.

    “I know I’m not a Harvard law… guy, professor of law at the University of Chicago,” Carville said. “People down here know what they’re seeing. It seems the President is madder at his critics than he is at BP.”

  39. tonyb


    “Clinton ‘whiff of scandal’ returns”

    “Another veteran political analyst said there was no question that Republicans were seeking to resurrect what they view as the golden age of scandal, but he warned that it could backfire.

    “This is just a ridiculous diversion back to the future,” said Larry Sabato, professor of politics at the University of Virginia. “They’re trying to regenerate negative feelings about Bill Clinton that have long since disappeared in the electorate. They might want to remember what happened the last time they did this,” Sabato said, alluding to the beating Republicans took in the polls over Clinton’s impeachment.

    Yet, even some impartial observers said Obama’s promises to rise above typical Washington shenanigans are sure to give added life to even the slightest claim of impropriety.

    “He has established an impossibly high standard for political Washington,” Rozell said. “Now he has to live with the consequences of being called out on it.”

  40. nannymm

    “Why in the world did he go blabbing about it? What did he possibly think he had to gain? That’s the real mystery in this increasingly crazy case of the “job” offered to Rep. Joe Sestak by Bill Clinton on behalf of Barack Obama in return for agreeing to forgo his challenge to Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Senate primary.”

  41. tonyb


    “Does Obama feel the Gulf’s pain?
    Peggy Noonan says his presidency is doomed. Even Democrats want him to be more “emotional.” This is getting silly”

  42. geez are you still going on about Sestak, talk about flogging a dead horse.

  43. nannymm

    It’s far from a dead horse, Brian. But you just keep right on wishing it so; maybe wishes do come true.

    “….the White House and Democrats need to see this incident as a wakeup call. Should they lose both houses in 2010 and with them, control of the relevant investigative committees, they will spend the next two years doing little else besides fighting these phony wars, just as the Clinton administration did in its final two…”

  44. nannymm

    I read that Salon piece earlier, Tony. Walsh makes some good points but there’s still no getting around the fact that optics are important in politics these days. And people want to see their president share their pain.

  45. The only one it’s not a dead horse to is the Darell Issas of the world, I’m sure he’s appreciative of your efforts. The only lesson to be learned here, want avoid drama stay the hell away from Bill Clinton

  46. nannymm

    Oh sure! Blame Bill? Are you forgetting that it wasn’t Bill who opened his fat mouth? Nor did Bill do this on his own. He was enlisted by Obama and/or Rahm.
    You have no real refutation of the arguments that Tony and I have posted so you resort to this little tantrum of blaming Bill. How childish! Are you stamping your feet, too?

  47. The only one stamping their feet around here is you with these ad nauseum Sestak bashing posts are you.

  48. nannymm

    I’m posting links, analysis, and opinion. You just don’t like it.

  49. I have work to do, do whatever you want. and btw there is no evidence at all that the President had anything to do with this, this smacks of Rahm. Enjoy your sour grapes.

  50. nannymm

    If it smacks of Rahm, why are you blaming Bill Clinton? Oh, yeah! Clinton derangement syndrome.

  51. tonyb

    Yep,Rahm and the President should have never involved Bill.Bill Clinton is a Rock Star power house and when he’s involved the press and everyone will pay attention,that’s not Bills fault.

    I agree with your assessment of Joan’s piece.I want any leader to empathize and feel.Even Bush after 911,with the blow horn was welcome..Hopefully this President will get the hang of it after having tragedies like this to deal with.At least with Obama we have a reasoned good intentioned thinker,that can go along way..

  52. I think anyone who has spent the last 48 hours scouring the net for anti-Sestak posting should be careful about accusing anyone of having “derangement syndrome”. Maybe you could put the time to actually writing a thread that you’ve repeatedly promised but never delivered on. Have a good day, I’m outta here.

  53. nannymm

    Here you go, Brian. This is what you like to hear.

  54. nannymm

    Actually, Tony, you have a point in that the crazies out there lose all perspective whenever Bill is involved with anything. But…. it was NOT Bill who fucked up here. It was Sestak. And the Obama WH misjudged the situation and failed to respond quickly and decisively.
    As to the ridiculous point that I am somehow helping the Issa’s of this world by pointing out the harm that Sestak has caused , well, all I can say is that shooting the messenger won’t change the facts. But if it makes Brian feel better, what the hell. It’s the only arrow left in his quiver. 🙂

    • dnd

      Wow, you guys have been busy this morning.

      Re: Sestak
      1. Rahm asked Bubba as Sestak and Clinton are friends.
      2. His current 3% advantage means it’s a statistical tie. Reporters went to journalism so they wouldn’t have to take statistics courses 😉

      Re: Obama not being more “emotional”, it’s not in his DNA. When he empathizes with a people’s plight, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on solving their problem, not sympathizing with them. From a political perspective it’s good to be both, but if you can only be one, sober thought favors the problem solver.
      Leaders are only respected when they are their authentic self. If Obama would feign sympathy, everybody would know he’s faking it and he’d lose all respect.

      Re: Peggy Noonan, didn’t KO put her on the “Worst Persons” list for her recent column falsly chastising Obama for his response to the BP oil spill?

      Re: Carville, I find it interesting he’s more pissed at Obama’s response to the BP spill than he was at Bush’s response to Katrina. Also interesting that he’s not commented on “Sestak-gate” which involves his former boss.

      Well, time to mow the lawn.

  55. nannymm

    What the hell have we done?

    “By some estimates, up to a quarter of a million bbl. of oil are floating on the surface of the Gulf with an untold amount hovering at various points in the deep. Typically, spilled oil behaves the way all oil does, which is to say that it rises on water. But the 830,000 gal. of dispersants that have so far been sprayed throughout the Gulf and injected directly into the billowing wellhead have caused much of the oil to dissolve into beads that hover at mid-depths.”
    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1992812,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily#ixzz0pL0W7yzI

  56. nannymm

    I agree with you regarding most of what you say. I’m not asking Obama to be someone that he’s not. I’m just pointing out that people often confused about what they want in a leader. After Bush screwed up the Katrina response, everyone longed for competence. Now we have it, so people are screaming about passion. Maybe that’s why Bill was such a good leader in a crisis. He was competent and could feel your pain. 😉
    As for Carville, I understand that he’s distraught; I remember how I felt in the days right after 9/11. But he needs to calm down and work with this administration instead of undermining it. With his connections, he could accomplish a lot.
    Regarding the PA poll, those results are within the 4pt margin of error. (Stats was one of my favorite courses.)

  57. nannymm

    I forgot to add, Peggy Noonan is a very annoying and insipid person. She’s still dreaming of her glory days as St. Ronnie’s speechwriter. Talk about time to move on! Sheeesh!

  58. nannymm

    Just what I didn’t want to read this Memorial Day weekend. How many more need to die so we can march in the parade and put wreaths on their graves before we grill the burgers every year?

    “The U.S. military is reviewing options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan in the event that a successful attack on American soil is traced to the country’s tribal areas, according to senior military officials.”

  59. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sat, May 29, 2010 — 2:03 PM ET

    Dennis Hopper, Cinematic Iconoclast, Dies at 74

    Dennis Hopper, whose portrayals of drug-addled, often
    deranged misfits in the landmark films “Easy Rider,”
    “Apocalypse Now” and “Blue Velvet” drew on his early
    out-of-control experiences as part of a new generation of
    Hollywood rebel, died at his home in Venice, Calif., on
    Saturday, according to reports. He was 74.

    • dnd

      Comes in threes. Art Linkletter (kids say the darndest things), Gary Coleman (what you talking about Willis?), Dennis Hopper (It gives you a whole new way of looking at the day.).

  60. nannymm

    Still scouring. LOL

    “Obama should take the Sestak maneuver as an early warning against placing too much trust in his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, whose arrogance will surely cross a line someday if it has not already. Clinton’s impeachment was the culmination of years of propaganda, planning and political preparation, all awaiting an opportune moment that inevitably arrived.

    Both in their campaign and in the White House, leading members of the Obama team have emphasized their cool disdain for all things Clinton. This bad week should put an end to those pretensions. The president and his aides ought to try learning from the Clinton experience instead, because for them, as Democrats in the White House, very little has changed.”

  61. nannymm

    War Inquiry Met Second-Tier Bush Officials

    The British official inquiry team examining the origins and conduct of the Iraq War met with some relatively senior former officials of the George W. Bush administration on a weeklong visit to the U.S. earlier in May. But neither Bush, Dick Cheney, nor any other very senior Bush-era policymaker, military, or intelligence official appears to have been willing to speak to the inquiry team, which is led by Sir John Chilcot, a former senior civil servant.

  62. tonyb

    “Re: Carville, I find it interesting he’s more pissed at Obama’s response to the BP spill than he was at Bush’s response to Katrina. Also interesting that he’s not commented on “Sestak-gate” which involves his former boss.”

    Very good 1:07 post! I agree with all except about Carville,ha ha, you would have guessed that anyways..I don’t find James to be more upset with Obama than Bush,if memory serves me it seems about the same..I do think as Nanny says he needs to get it together emotionally and start working with the Obama administration! As far as commenting about the Bill/Sestak non-job offer,maybe he has and we haven’t heard or maybe he’s to distraught over this Gulf spill to care..

  63. tonyb

    “The point is that no matter how heavy-handed and disreputable Issa may seem, he represents an attitude that has never changed in his party, which was not chastened by its electoral losses after the Clinton impeachment. Listening to right-wing propaganda against Obama over the past year or so, such as the “birther” meme, it is clear that there is a certain kind of Republican that still thinks any Democratic president lacks legitimacy by definition, and that those Republicans will entertain any scheme to eject a Democrat from the Oval Office.

    Assuming that today’s White House explanation of the Sestak episode is accurate, such attempted horse-trading scarcely amounts to a constitutional offense contemplated by the founders as impeachable. But then neither did the Lewinsky affair — and that didn’t stop the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee from abusing their power when they had the numbers to do so.”

    This also from the Conason piece,frighteningly true!

  64. tonyb


    “Bill Clinton: Lincoln’s ‘opponent is not her opponent.’

    …Clinton has become the “Michael Clayton” of the Obama White House, a roving, always on-call fixer who lends his political skills to help Obama and the Democrats in tough situations. Clinton is campaigning and raising money in places where Obama is less (or less than) welcome. And, as was revealed Friday, he has been an intermediary on sensitive, off-the-grid conversations with candidates such as Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), whom he tried — on behalf of the White House — to talk out of running for the Senate. … – Bill Clinton has evolved into Obama’s Mr. Fix-It

    “One thing you can say about Bill Clinton campaigning for Blanche Lincoln, he’s not scared to get in the game, even if there’s a 50-50 chance he gets skinned. Halter is the future, with Lincoln representing yesterday’s ideas. His loyalty to Mrs. Lincoln is admirable in politics, when tactical play rules and friends don’t hold much sway. However, it’s unwise.”

    “Unfortunately for Lincoln, Pres. Bill Clinton’s language misses the target by a mile. Using words that focus on powerful liberal groups that include labor unions, Mr. Clinton’s charge that these interests are trying to punish “Democrats who don’t toe the party line” is not only wrong on the politics, but takes on a central tenet of the Democratic Party: unions. He’s obviously been spending too much time with Mark Penn over the years.”

  65. nannymm

    That’s why I’m so concerned. “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And the absurd efforts by some to silence or shoot the messenger will not change that. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

  66. tonyb

    Yep its important that we see..That’s why i posted the Taylor piece.I understand Bills support for Lincoln but i hope she loses!! I don’t want to read that Bill is talking down unions because there supporting Halter but it appears to be so,still i want to know..Lov ya Bill but your wrong,its not about B.Lincoln not towing the party line, for me its about her betrayal in not supporting a Public Option! Maybe its time to send a small donation to Halter…

  67. tonyb


    “Mr. President, You Can’t Trust BP”
    TOP KILL NOT WORKING..OIL STILL GUSHING…BP preparing new operation…Chuck Todd:If BP COO doesn’t know if there pumping mud than who does?”

  68. tonyb

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sat, May 29, 2010 — 6:37 PM ET

    BP’s ‘Top Kill’ Effort Fails to Plug Leak; Company Readies New Approach

    BP said Saturday that its latest attempt to stop the gushing
    oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was unsuccessful, and the
    effort, known as a “top kill,” was being scrapped in favor of
    yet another maneuver to stem the flow spreading into the

    The announcement marked the latest setback in the attempt to
    plug the spill that is polluting gulf waters at an estimated
    rate of 12,000 to 19,000 barrels a day.

    Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer, said the next
    step is called a “lower marine riser package cap” and
    involves sawing off the riser and placing a device atop it to
    capture the escaping oil. Equipment has already been deployed
    on land and on the sea bed, he said.

    Read More:

  69. Thanks for posting some real news Tony, it’s appreciated!

  70. As to BP and its latest failed attempt to plug the hole spewing oil into the Gulf is no different than the ’78 spill.

    The only way to stop it is the same way they stopped the ’78 leak.

    As too how many gallons is spewing I still go along with the scientist who stated that 2 Million gallons a day was what his estimate showed from using he video that BP finally released.

    At the rate he stated that would mean that over 80 Millions of oil has spewed into the Gulf with most of it still under water and not on the surface.

    Also many more workers will get sick and I even believe that some will die from the chemical dispersant being used by BP to dissolve the oil and keep it from the surface.

    On the house I had too walk from it. There was structural problems with one of the walls. It looks like I’m going to have to stay here for at least another year.

    There is also the issue now that our department may be eliminated and either they will find someplace to move us all or some of us will be let go.

    I need two more years for full Social Security and I have my doubts that any other department in the range of my pay grade will want to take on a short timer which is what I and more than likely the other sites would consider me, give me a slot to fill for the two years.

    It is turning out to be a real bad year for me and I sure hope it gets better instead of worse.

    Take care all, have a great holiday weekend.

    God Bless.

  71. nannymm

    You, too, A-P. 🙂

  72. nannymm

    “Thanks for posting some real news Tony, it’s appreciated!”

    You mean news that doesn’t challenge your beliefs.

  73. I apologize to the group for those of you who saw my last comment, now deleted, I was out of line

  74. dooty

    I didn’t get to see the last comment but I understand that Nanny is now not welcome here. Is that true?

  75. No, she’s welcome here, in a fit of anger I’ve asked her not to return, but as I said it was in a fit of anger. Of course she’s welcome.

  76. nannymm

    Oh really? That’s not what your email said.

  77. ub

    Top of the freaking morning. I see the playground monitor was off -duty today? Wassup?

    I know that anything that is broken can be fixed, if it is worth fixing. I for one want everyone to try. 🙂


  78. ub

    hey how are you? Was on Long Island last week it was close to being in Hell + I was sick, and had to work….but I did drive by a “funky Monkey store” and thought of you

  79. ub

    “so you got that going for you”

  80. That might have been my client, they are on LI.

  81. ub

    I thought it was…on Northern…something street

  82. ub

    We did the commencement for NYiT….down the road. It was a party shop, i didn’t have time to stop nin.

  83. Yep, that’s my client. So your kid has graduated?

  84. ub

    no we were there on business…..we webcasted their commencement. My last (youngest) one graduates high school next month, he’s going to RIT

  85. ub

    right now my children are 18,19, and 20…..lol…my head is spinning in September they will all be away at school….sh*t…I have been a “mom” for all these years…..wtf am I going to do. ??? I know I’ll think of something – I want to grow weed, I could supply the soccer moms and dads…..but that’s illegal…..

  86. Do all your kids do college in NY?

  87. ub

    Brooklyn, Boston, and the last will be Rochester

  88. ub

    I didn’t realize Art Linkletter died….he must have been about 100 years old.

  89. ub

    I didn’t realize Art Linkletter died….he must have been about 100 years old….* just looked it up 97

  90. ub

    great posting – dumb posts 2x – feel free to clean up that mess

  91. On behalf of the entire state we appreciate you sending so much to NY!

  92. ub

    I like that I get to visit, and see how real cities work!

  93. eProf2

    Brian, I know you are the “owner” of this blog, but I’ve always been under the impression that all points of view are welcome and acceptable, even if they do keep on going post after post after post when someone feels passionately about an issue.

    Ranting, too, has been acceptable. If you have the “power” of 86ing someone on whatever grounds and aren’t willing to keep “your” blog open for dissenting views, then I won’t feel particularly welcome here.

    Sometimes blog owners, like the posters subscribing to a blog, must simply step back and let the words flow and not say much in the way of rebuttal to each and every post. Sometimes words may appear to be personal attacks and should be shrugged off as heat instead of light and not occasioned with another personal attack in a rebuttal to facts or opinions.

    We must all feel welcome here with all points of view without reservation or the blog isn’t worth much and will be undeserving of the very diversity we all seek from our participation on the Back Channel.

    In light of today’s 86ing of a long time participant on the BC, this will be my last post until there are some assurances that ranting, raving, and persistent views are always welcome and personal attacks minimized regardless of how frustrated you might be as the “owner.”

    Let us all know what you want to see in this blog and what standard you will hold up for us and for yourself in the future.


  94. I didn’t 86 anyone. As I said in a bit of anger I asked nanny not to come back and then quickly retracted my statement.

  95. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww JD Hayworth on MTP.

  96. dog's eye view

    Good post, dnd.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

  97. TempeBev

    Eprof – excellent post – your opinion is shared by me.

  98. Exactly how many mia culpas am I expected to do for a fit of pique?

  99. dog's eye view

    Nice words about diversity and respecting others and different points of view, but, IMHO, fewer highflown sentiments and a bit more respect toward others would work wonders around here

    From everyone, banner, bannee (temporarily), and voyeurs.

    I missed this whole kerfuffle, and don’t want to see anyone banned.

    Don’t like seeing baiting or pushing for “groupthink” that does not exist in real life (vs. ideology) either.

    Get out and enjoy that Memorial Day weekend.

    And be nice to a veteran or two.

  100. ub

    “Exactly how many mia culpas am I expected to do for a fit of pique?”

    More than 3 and less than a million, I suspect.

    Peace everyone! Remember what that is? It is what is missing from the world.


  101. ub

    Thank you dnd… I try everyday….and it’s not easy…..yet I still try. 🙂

    Memorial Day is a tough one for me – “might makes right” -war – and all…..so I will honor my Father (ww2) , and other Vets from wars beyond……

    For me, it is a very sad “holiday.”

  102. UB I think that’s true for many of us who’s dads went to war. I have my dad’s army jacket (WWII Eisenhower jacket) shadow boxed and hanging in my apt.

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