It Takes A Lot Of Guts To Throw a 90 Year Old Woman Under The Bus

I concur with the following response from my agent to Helen Thomas’ lamentable remarks about Israel, and will no longer be working with Helen on our book projects. — Craig Crawford

Ok folks, seriously how big of a scumbag do you have to be to publicly throw a 90 year old woman under the bus, and not just any 90 y/o woman.  A woman who you’ve worked closely with for years.  A woman who was frequently seen on your arm at prominent DC social events.  One has to wonder why are Helen’s remarks so bad that you are so willing to humiliate her publicly, but rushed to the defense of Imus’ “nappy headed ho” remark.  Amazingly disgusting behavior on the part of Craig Crawford!



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47 responses to “It Takes A Lot Of Guts To Throw a 90 Year Old Woman Under The Bus

  1. Bringing the following comment forward from the last thread as they pertain to this thread:

    dog’s eye view
    June 6, 2010 at 10:38 pm · Edit

    Craig Courage Crawford strikes again. He and Helen’s book/lecture agent (and “niece”) throw Helen under the bus for her Israel remarks.

    They sure rode her for all she was worth until this episode, and used every contact possible to profit from association with her.

    Courage will out.

    Kudos to Flatus, Tony, Jamie, eprof and others for putting in a good word for a 90-year old trail-blazing journalist.

  2. dog's eye view

    You must find a better picture of Helen! She looks like Frankenstein’s monster there! Or a komodo dragon in drag.

    I concur that this was a cowardly way to handle the Helen matter. Obviously, her remarks are a huge problem. That said, she’s 90 and probably distraught by all the flotilla coverage — something pushed her to the brink.

    I suspect she believes what she said, and the edit function/judgment has deteriorated with advancing age.

    You have to look at someone over the course of their life/career. No one is only the best or worst thing they have ever done or said. No one.

    Last, we don’t know what set Helen off in the taped remarks. She shouldn’t have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, but she could have been baited too.

  3. And also what is this thing Craig has for pissing on people on his way out the door? First MSNBC, now Helen, seriously creepy.

  4. dog's eye view

    Something off about Craig, and it took a long time to see it. He has some nice-ish characteristics — I was in the camp that respected his standing up for Imus (who bit on his own producer’s set up with the nappy headed imbroglio) and liked his homey videos and music.

    But his behavior during the 2008 primaries and beyond, and what was tolerated and what got one banned? Puh- leeze. And then sanitizing the threads. Weird dude.

    I am wondering if the agent represents Lanny Davis or Ari Fleischer or any other extremely pro-Israel speaker/writer? And what’s the back story?

    Why is Helen getting the boot so painfully and publicly?

    John Cole, founder of Balloon Juice blog, had it about right, in calling Craig “A Real Profile in Courage.” (Most commenters in response: who is Craig Crawford?)

    Further in the thread, responding to some commenters:

    John Cole: @eemom:
    [her comment]: And what does the fact that she’s almost 90 have to do with anything?

    Here on planet earth, old people occasionally blurt out offensive remarks. The polite thing to do is to quietly distance yourself from the remarks, not join in on a pile-on and act like her entire body of work should be trashed.

    [Winston’s comment]: The comment was way beyond the Pale – precisely equivalent to “blacks ought to go back to Africa.” If she had said that, there would have been no question that she would have lost every contract or job she had. It’s hardly “questioning Israel” to suggest Israel should be made Judenrein. It is precisely because of the way Jews were treated in Germany and Poland that Israel arose. She seems to have forgotten that minor historical fact.

    John Cole:
    If you can explain how her remarks are any more offensive than half the shit uttered on a daily basis by half of congress or any number of prominent people who do say things like “Mexicans-Americans should go back to Mexico,” I’ll understand the outrage. And Thomas would argue that just because Jews were treated like shit in Germany and Poland does not give them carte blanche to shit all over Palestinians.

    But back to the point. Thomas will probably lose her job. She already is a columnist and is in the front row out of respect. But the wingnuts and the Israel lobby want a scalp, and she gave them the knife. And it is hardly a noble profile in courage for an alleged friend of hers, Craig Crawford, who knows her as a person, to publicly shit all over her. Fuck him.

    And finally, her remarks, which I agree were offensive, killed no one. Israeli commandos, however, killed nine civilians, with multiple people shot in the head several times. One of those commandos, the guy who shot 6 civilians, is up for a medal of honor.

    How about some fucking priorities in your outrage? Oh yeah- I forgot. They weren’t people.

    I love me my Balloon Juice.

    • dnd

      Dear Helen, let me remind you of a famous Harry Truman quote: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”.

  5. ub

    To be perfectly honest, in all the years growing up and seeing Helen Thomas on TV, I never saw or heard even a mention of Craig Crawford.

    “With friend likes these, who needs enemies?”

  6. ub

    “In times of adversity, a man’s true character come out.”

  7. ub

    what is wrong with my “S” key!!!

  8. ““If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”.”

    Doesn’t Craig qualify?

  9. MSNBC is announcing that Helen is retiring.

  10. dooty

    MSNBC waiting for conformation that Helen Thomas is retiring.

  11. dooty

    jenks you owe me a coke!

  12. dooty

    isn’t Diane Nine Craig’s cousin or somehow related?

  13. jinx?

    *channeling dnd right now*

  14. dooty

    english is not my first language and spelling is not my first love.

  15. dog's eye view

    Diane is not related to either Helen or Craig (to my knowledge). She is a longtime family friend of Helen’s (they both hail from the Detroit area) and calls herself Helen’s “niece.”

  16. dog's eye view

    Brian: I take exception to your 10:34 a “quip.”

    Dogs frequently show great loyalty and affection, along with smelling butts and eating truly unmentionable things.

    Dogs are often higher creatures than their “best friends.”

  17. ub

    “Please let me be the person my dog thinks I am.”

  18. dog's eye view

    Balloon Juice is discussing Helen Thomas’s retirement.

    It’s a pet-friendly site! Buy some Lily and Tunch swag, while you are there.

  19. boy this has certainly turned into a “dog day afternoon”


  20. dog's eye view

    I put this up on Balloon Juice, with a link, although who knows if it’s allowed there. BJ regulars are smart and it would be fun if some of them did visit backchannel from time to time.

    Hello Balloon Juice.

    We are a tiny blog, filled with people who got shafted by Craig Crawford long before Helen Thomas was thrown under the bus.

    We wuz first!

    (We are, most of us, Obama primary supporters who got disrespected once too often on Craig’s CQ-hosted 2008 “Hillary Derangement Syndrome” blog. As in, “Hillary can do no wrong. And Obama is arrogant and looks funny.” You have seen that behavior before. Which is why Ballon Juice is such a pleasant alternative.)

    Mr. Crawford enabled the hostile atmosphere, and participated in it, while claiming to be impartial and “objective.” And then he sanitized the 2008 threads, mostly to protect the guilty. Shucks, folks.

    On backchannel, we are so small, it’s occasionally stultifying in there.

    Please come visit and say what you will. We have a thread up on the Helen issue this very minute.


  21. you crack me up dog!


  22. ub

    I believe there was a Clinton supporter or 2, and believe it or not a…a… what’s his name (?)… ….wait …..oh yeah….Edwards…

    • dnd

      Yeah, wasn’t Brian first a Hillary supporter, then Edwards, then Obama?
      If memory serves (and it rarely does these days) there was also a Kucinich supporter. Maybe even one for Biden.

  23. Yea old randy pants himself, LOL

  24. I wouldn’t say I was ever a Hillary supporter, more or less accepted what I thought was inevitable. As soon as Edwards denounced his war vote I jumped on his band wagon.

  25. ub

    I was a Hillary supporter, in part, because I had not taken the time to even look or learn anything about Obama…(at least that’s how I remember it.)

    I don’t recall a Kucinich supporter, but I am sure there must have been at least one “out” there somewhere.

  26. dog's eye view

    You are all very right; I am forgetting about Richardson and Edwards.

    An overstatement, and my bad.

    Anything else happening in the news?

  27. Now a gas well explosion. If I were a religious man I’d say god is trying to send us a message.

  28. dooty

    Gas well explosion is about 40 to 50 miles from where I write this note. The area in geo terms is called “The Barnett Shale”. There is drilling all thru and around Fort Worth. I am astounded that something like this hasn’t happened before. This has been going on for about 2 or 3 years.

    Granbury is the closest little town to this explosion. There is a pretty big lake there and fisherman and antiques are the source of income besides ranching.

  29. ub

    there 2 gas well explosions….WV and Texas…

  30. ub turn on your google chat!

  31. dog's eye view

    The vagaries of memory.

    How soon we forget Bill Richardson (to our regret) and Rielle Hunter’s soulmate (blessedly; Mr. Edwards: I would love my political contributions back, please).

    Oversimplifying a more complicated picture.

    A good thing about the internet: real time corrections.

    • dnd

      As we’ve forgotten about Richardson and Edwards, I think they’ll continue to be in the media spotlight. Edwards for the salacious behavior. As to Richardson, I think once Obama is re-elected, Hillary will step down and be replaced by Richardson. Secretary Clinton has on numerous occasions that she didn’t want to serve a second four years. The best qualified candidates to replace her are VP Biden, Senator Kerry and Gov. Richardson.

  32. ub

    You have to simplify or the post would be too long (TLDR) and no one would read it.


  33. I’d love to see Kerry as SOS, he’d do an outstanding job of it.

    • dnd

      I think of the three, Richardson has the best track record to be SoS, though all three would be excellent choices. Politically, you don’t want to replace the veep unless there’s a scandal (e.g., Agnew), and the Dems need to keep all safe seats (e.g., Kerry), so that leaves Richardson.

      Plus Richardson speaks Spanish, so he can tell Gov. Brewer: “vamonos!”

  34. dog's eye view

    I go with Richardson, Biden in that order.

    Kerry: too long-winded and pompous. (Sorry, Brian.)

    On that note:

    ub: gd advc. Tks.

    C U later. Out for appts.

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