Sell Out!


Elton John performs at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding

by Stephen M. Silverman

Talk about an odd couple: conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh and outspoken gay civil-union advocate Elton John.

But, according to a News Corporation (which owns Fox News) wire report, the Rocket Man, 63, serenaded the 400 guests into the wee hours Saturday night to celebrate the marriage of Limbaugh, 59, to Kathryn Rogers, 33, in the Ponce de Leon ballroom of Florida’s fabled Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. Sir Elton’s fee: $1 million, the report notes.

Amid dozens of giant bouquets of white roses (and very tight security), reports the Palm Beach Post, guests at the wedding included former Bush adviser Karl Rove; actor-politician Fred Thompson; former Kansas City Royals slugger George Brett; Fox News commentator Sean Hannity; former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft; former Clinton adviser James Carville and his wife, GOP analyst Mary Matalin; and golfer Tom Watson. A wedding guest also tells PEOPLE that among the others was Supreme Court Justice Clarence



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46 responses to “Sell Out!

  1. ub

    anything for a buck……pffft just notice the thread title. Absolute sell-out!

  2. dog's eye view

    Lurking and speechless. I rather like Elton, but still …

    However, if he separated Mr. Limbaugh from a million of his dollars, that’s OK by me.

    ‘Cause you’re pretty sure the new Mrs. Limbaugh will do that herself in a few years.

  3. ub

    “pop schmaltz” very fitting description….however some of his very early stuff was good, but I think that was someone else’s work ? Bernie Taulpin (sp)

  4. ub

    They ask for him to get angry, and then he says this and, maybe it appeals to some Americans, but I was sorry he worded it this way.

    I have no doubt that Obama can and does get angry…but this sounded like it was staged, awkward and red-neckish…like an effort was put forth to use “safe” bad words.

  5. Gay Couples Get Equal Tax Treatment

    The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that same-sex couples must be treated the same as heterosexual couples under a feature of California tax law. Advocates for the change say it is the first time the agency has acknowledged gay couples as a unit for tax purposes.

  6. dog's eye view

    Full video of Helen’s comments on Palestine. link is embedded within this Balloon Juice thread.

    I can’t tell what her escort says, “Helen is one” or Helen is a …” Can you make it out?

    Anyhoo, establishes that Helen did herself in with an intemperate response (even though IMHO she’s right that Israel was created out of land to which Palestinians had a valid and, in many areas, more recent, claim.)

    She was not baited (as I’d feared), she was asked politely for any comments she might have on Israel.

    And she warmly encouraged young Jewish visitors to take up journalism, because you always learn something.

    Painfully, sometimes.

  7. dog's eye view

    Here’s a transcript of the video, courtesy of Balloon Juice (from which I swiped this in entirety).

    Q: Any advice for these young people over here for starting out in the press corps?

    Thomas: Go for it. You’ll never be unhappy. You’ll always keep people informed, you’ll always keep learning. The greatest thing of the profession is you’ll never stop learning.

    Q: Today they are covering the Jewish Heritage Month.

    Thomas: … and meet the President.

    A: Any comments on Israel? We’re asking everyone today, any comments on..

    Thomas: Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.

    Q: Oooh. Any better comments?

    Thomas: Remember, these people are occupied, and it’s their land. It’s not German and it’s not Poland.

    Q: So where should they go, what should they do?

    Thomas: They can go home.

    Q: Where is home?

    Thomas: Poland. Germany.

    Q: So you are saying Jews should go back to Poland?

    Thomas: And America and everywhere else. Why push people out who have lived their for centuries? See?

    Q: Now, are you familiar with the history of that region and what took place?

    Thomas: Very much. I’m of Arab background.

    {It goes on for a little while with friendly banter about languages they both speak with words I can not even begin to spell. *** }

    Q: Thank you.

    Thomas: All the best to you (directed at the Jewish students). Go for it- go for journalism, you’ll never regret it.


    dog: *** Helen tells interviewer she does not speak Arabic because she was too busy “Americanizing” her parents.

    • dnd

      Pondering the relief well solution to the BP oil spill, I conducted a physics experiment in my back yard. The idea is that the relief well will solve the problem. So I attached a “Y” connector to my garden hose. Each branch of the “Y” has a valve. I turned both valves off, and turned the water on to the hose. I then turned on the valve on one of the branches of the “Y.” As expected, water began gushing out. Then I turned on the valve on the other branch of the “Y,” representing the relief well. Interestingly, both branches spewed water, though at half the rate with one valve turned on.

      So I’m not convinced the relief well is the be-all and end-all of the problem. I will accept the engineer’s assessment that this is the road to the fix. This is an incredibly complicated problem, and there’s nothing engineers like more than incredibly complicated problems. I just wish they’d give us a more detailed assessment of how this is gonna fix things.

  8. dog's eye view

    That would still be half the flow, though? So sounds like progress.

    I hope we’re going to see a lot more safety engineering and environmental protection out of this disaster.

  9. Obviously someone around here has far too much time on his hands!

  10. dog's eye view

    AP projecting South Carolina GOP governor’s primary will end in runoff, per NY Times.

    Strange race. Pleased that Nikki Haley may not have pulled it off outright; maybe more shoes will drop.

    I have always wondered if the 2 guys claiming “improper physical relationships” (identical wording) are actually working with her camp. Get out in front of any other stuff that might come up — it will be old news — and work on a sympathy vote too.

    The blogger, Will Folks, claims to support her candidacy.


    Any guesses on Blanche Lincoln primary? Rooting for Halter, although residual respect for Lincoln. Bad healthcare reform vote, though.

  11. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, June 08, 2010 — 10:58 PM ET

    Senator Blanche Lincoln Wins Democratic Runoff in Arkansas, A.P. Projects

    Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas won a Democratic primary
    runoff on Tuesday night, The Associated Press projected. Mrs.
    Lincoln narrowly beat back a strong challenge from Lt. Gov.
    Bill Halter and secured a chance to run for a third term in

    Mrs. Lincoln avoided becoming the second incumbent Democratic
    senator defeated in primaries this year. Arlen Specter lost
    his Senate primary in Pennsylvania last month.


  12. dog's eye view

    Interesting re Lincoln.

    I wonder if she could win in November.

    People worry she’ll just be lining up a corporate job.

    I wonder if she might move towards Halter voters.

    dnd: what thinks you?

  13. dog's eye view

    No one out to play with tonight.


    Picking up a good book. Ciao.

  14. MadMustard

    dnd… be warned… conducting physics experiments in the backyard is important and laudable… just don’t track any mud into the house. Because the term ‘relief’ will take on added significance, believe me.

  15. dooty

    WRT to the gas fire in Granbury, TX the other day, 1 dead several others injured. The operator of the drill was killed and his body was found over 200 feet from where they were working. The tallest building in downtown Fort Worth is about 560 feet high and it was estimated that the fire at its most intense was about 600 feet high. The drill crew hit an underground pipeline with a 36 inch diameter. The company was finally able to turn off the flow of gas to that segment of pipeline and end the fire. Work crews are supposed to call somewhere to ask where the pipelines are and allegedly they did this. I am sure there will be an inquiry to try and sort out this accident.

    • dnd

      Sharron Angle wants to ban booze in Nevada. The teabaggers must not be too bright.

      • dnd

        Blanch Lincoln’s win demonstrates:
        1. Moderates can win when partisans get all the press.
        2. Outside union money in a not-very-unionized state may not be effective.
        3. Bubba still holds sway in Arkansas.
        4. Pundits are often wrong but never in doubt.

  16. dog's eye view

    Do you think the close call will bring Blanche Lincoln more in line with the “progressives” who supported Halter?

    (In apostrophes, because I believe moderates can be progressive as well, in line with Teddy Roosevelt, etc. I think liberals and Firebaggers appropriated the name.)

    Don’t see how she can win the general without them.

    • dnd

      “Do you think the close call will bring Blanche Lincoln more in line with the “progressives” who supported Halter? ”

      I doubt it. While true she can’t win w/o the “progressives” who are they gonna vote for? The Republican? Lincoln is the lesser of two evils for the “progressives.”

  17. dog's eye view

    Progressive, per the Free Online dictionary.

    pro·gres·sive (pr-grsv)

    1. Moving forward; advancing.
    2. Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments: progressive change.
    3. Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods: a progressive politician; progressive business leadership.
    4. Progressive Of or relating to a Progressive Party: the Progressive platform of 1924.
    5. Of or relating to progressive education: a progressive school.
    6. Increasing in rate as the taxable amount increases: a progressive income tax.
    7. Pathology Tending to become more severe or wider in scope: progressive paralysis.
    8. Grammar Designating a verb form that expresses an action or condition in progress.
    1. A person who actively favors or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government.
    2. Progressive A member or supporter of a Progressive Party.
    3. Grammar A progressive verb form.


    First three sound like they would fit moderates as well.

    “Steadily by increments” vs. throw the baby out with the bathwater. (Which is radical, if you think about it.)

    Nothing in there about denouncing those who already agree with 80% of your principles, or setting your own hair on fire.

  18. Afternoon peeps, on my way home I on the train just now I sat next to a real live PUMA, a woman about 75, angry looking wearing both a Hillary cap and pin her lapel. I kept my mouth shut.


  19. Wow , wouldn’t that have been a great pic!

  20. Made me wish I hadn’t retired my Obama cap after the inauguration. But I didn’t want to be “one of those peopel”.


  21. “those people” such a familiar phrase…..they call us that at the dog park because we have Siberian Huskies……how ridiculous.

    I be one of “those people” on more than one level…lol

  22. but I am not a PUMA ….kind of make me mad they stole such a cool animal…..(I know it’s an acronym)

  23. Oh you be one of those people on oh so many levels! LOL

  24. lol……lol… I be, I swear (shut up…okay even if I said it)

  25. You may not be a puma but you’re certainly a cougar!


  26. Actually I have not seen anyone wearing anything political….for a while…except the big SUVs that drive around here with the current “don’t tread on me ” or “W’s” sticker from the last decade….

  27. possibility there…but I think the newer cougar is more like Sandra Bullock looking at da’ ladies……

    (it’s a shame that sarcasm and humor is often lost in the written word)

  28. OMG you change your avitar again!

  29. it’s a problem…I can’t keep my account straight….this is the current….Gulf of Mexico avitar….the “party eye” Ice’s eye is a different account , but I don’t know which one…

  30. u say potato, I say yams.


    The Spill, The Scandal and the President

    “I [Obama] was wrong in my belief that the oil companies had their act together when it came to worst-case scenarios.”

    Hmmm heavy times

  32. I think i’ll treat myself to a mint 3 musketeers.

  33. dog's eye view

    Re stickers on cars:

    spied a “Faith, Hope and Charity” sticker, with Shepard Fairey graffics and George Washington and Ben Franklin as Faith and Charity.

    And yes, it’s constitutionalist teabagger swag.

    Marketed by Glenn Beck.

    And spied on a gas-guzzling ginormous SUV in Orange County, with a humorless looking woman at the wheel.


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