A Moment of Silence For The Gulf

I keep thinking I should write something about what is happening to the Gulf of Mexico, but all I can do is think about what a horrific tragedy and assault on the planet  is unfolding before our eyes. 



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44 responses to “A Moment of Silence For The Gulf

  1. dog's eye view

    This has been horrifying.

    Maybe we will have a new generation of kids who help save the planet, because they’re so traumatized by what they watched, and watched, and watched.

  2. Pope Pleads for Forgiveness Over Abuse Scandal


    I wonder when he’s going to ask forgiveness from the gay community for trying to make us the scapegoat. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. dooty

    you know, I am not hearing as much bs from the the close the border nuts since this occurred. Go figure.


  4. ub

    Re: the BP oil gusher – There is not a thing we can do to change what has happened.

    Looking forward, there will be choices to make, both individually and as a country, and hopefully this will remain in our minds as something we don’t want repeated.


  5. dooty

    anyone got any theories on how this unemployed guy named Greene in South Carolina got 60% of the vote for the Democrats? It costs over $10k to just to file to run. GOP plant? dumb luck? the man has no campaign had no rallies and did not go door to door. The fish are starting to smell funny.


  6. dog's eye view

    That one’s beyond strange, doots.

    If he was an authentic candidate, it’s a wakeup call to his “supporters” to learn more about their candidates and not just go for a name.

    We learned that in Virginia through Lyndon LaRouche-affiliated candidates on ballots.

    It’s sad that “John Adams” or anyone with a patriotic sounding name — even a dead man — can beat an actual candidate through lazy voters, but that happens to.

    Saddest of all, though, is that Jim “I’m not the smart senator from South Carolina” DeMint gets a Strom Thurmond cakewalk to reelection.

    Yours in freedom,
    dog “Abigail Kennedy Jefferson”‘s eye view

  7. ub

    I saw Greene on KO last night. omg! I was half asleep but he was absolutely ridiculous, not even close to trying to walk the walk or talk the talk. Just some guy someone plucked off the street.

    As Jon Stewart likes to say, ” South Carolina you are always there for me. Thank you South Carolina”

    • dnd

      Since they have open primaries in SC, getting Republicans to vote for Greene isn’t illegal. Unethical, but not illegal. But if someone gave him the $10,400 to become a candidate and didn’t report it, that’s a violation of campaign finance rules. Since he claimed indigence to get a public defender and then comes up with $10k to run, I’m guessing some prosecutor tell him” if you lied and weren’t indigent, you’re in a heap of trouble. If someone set you up to run, along with the money, you’d better tell us, or you’re in a heap of trouble.”

  8. Afternoon peeps,
    Sadly regarding what’s going on in SC is that the local Dem party bares some responsibility. You’d think someone local Dem would have the good sense to find out who this guy Greene is once his name appeared on the ballot.

  9. btw : I updated my pic – it is from today. A big day for me, because I didn’t know that I would live to see it. I am very happy my youngest child graduated and I was there.

    enough said.

    peace .

  10. Now if those two aren’t reason enough to support a constitutional amendment against hetro marriage I don’t know what is!

    Congrat UB!

  11. dog's eye view

    For me, the best part of the Carville clip was seeing Mary Matalin on camera with her mouth shut for 2:17.

    Very worthwhile.

    Burrito (and Mr. Burrito and graduate Burrito): congratulations!

    Now you have to stick around for this kid’s eventual triplets, after grad school.

  12. Big day for grads, my niece graduates today.

  13. TempeBev

    Yea for the USA in South Africa.

  14. TempeBev

    It’s 86 in Tempe AZ on 6/12 – unbelievable.

  15. dog's eye view

    Enjoy it, Bev!

    Hear that was a pretty good soccer game.

    Still need to rent “Invictus.”

    Everyone having a good weekend?

  16. ub

    “One season following another, laden with happiness and tears”
    love that.

    Just back from a wedding…. (bride and groom ages 50+) it was really interesting to me that they even bothered, but after going I recognized the importance of it all. So sweet.

    Any couple who wants to get married should be able to under the law.

  17. *stretches and yawns*
    top of the day peeps

  18. The president is badly losing the optics battle on the spill and I’m really starting to question whether Salizar is the right man for the job at Interior.

  19. I’m watching Fareed right now and I did see his opening comment and fully agree with it. None the less, I am disturbed by the fact that it appears a greater priority wasn’t placed on cleaning up MMS. And don’t pull that “most people east of the Miss.” crap with me, I’m fully aware of just what Interior’s function is thank you very much!

    • dnd

      “And don’t pull that “most people east of the Miss.” crap with me, I’m fully aware of just what Interior’s function is thank you very much!”

      Are you most people east of the Miss.?

  20. And although you might pay little value on the optics if the president doesn’t do something to change what’s going on he won’t be re-elected.

  21. sadly no, but fail to see what point you’re trying to make in regard to my comment except to dismiss it.

  22. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

    It would seem that the Department of the Interior might affect those in the Western states more, due to development pattern and terrain (i.e. East of the Mississippi River is pretty well settled; way more government-owned lands elsewhere).

    Sounding like a sycophant, but Brian is better informed than most college graduates on either coast.

    As to impulse control …. leaving that alone ….

    Look forward to catching Fareed Z via internet.

    Talking about the “optics” of something pretty much acknowledges your argument won’t fly on merit, but perception can trump substance again and again.

    A lot can happen in 2 years, for good or ill.

    Obama does not use the bully pulpit enough, and your average American DOES listen to him when he speaks, whether they agree with him or not.

    I don’t know why he doesn’t address the public more.

    God knows, Bush the dumber never hesitated to use public airwaves to sell us a fake war or anything else dear to his little heart and ambitions.

    Why doesn’t Obama make more television addresses? The internet is not enough.

  23. “Sounding like a sycophant, but Brian is better informed than most college graduates on either coast.”

    Well said!


  24. dog's eye view

    How is New York today, Brian?

    Heard from a friend in Nashville that it’s 102 and humid; might be hyperbole….

    In a cleaning mood, believe it or not. The thrice yearly impulse…

    All these ….. Am reminding myself of someone I strive mightily to …. forget ….

  25. very nice here today, no need for a/c, any day I can keep the windows wide open is a good day in my book. Little worried about Tucker, we’re seeing the vet Wend for a follow up on his visit last week and get his lap results and such. I of course am fearing the worst.

  26. dog's eye view

    Hope Tucker’s labs are fine. What else is going on with him that took you to the vet?

    Seems to be a slowish news day.

    Any recommended NPR rebroadcasts I should check out? Trying to listen rather than surf while cleaning …

  27. He’s been losing weight, fairly rapidly despite the fact he’s eating as normal.

  28. dog's eye view

    Ah, that is concerning. Hoping the vet will diagnose correctly and there are some good remedies providing quality of life.

  29. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sun, June 13, 2010 — 9:22 PM ET

    U.S. Discovers Nearly $1 Trillion in Afghan Mineral Deposits

    The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in
    untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any
    previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter
    the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself,
    according to senior American government officials.

    The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of
    iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals
    like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that
    are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could
    eventually be transformed into one of the most important
    mining centers in the world, the United States officials

    Read More:

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