Carly Fiorina: “Doh!”

Memo to Ms Fiorina: When you’re in a TV studio and mic’ed up, chances are you are being recorded.



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27 responses to “Carly Fiorina: “Doh!”

  1. ub

    lol….open mics are the best, what an idiot…re Barbara Boxer: “God what is that hair” – Carly knew she was caught at that point….priceless.

    Off topic – what are her breasts doing in her armpits?

    • dnd

      Note to California voters: The way people behave when they think they’re off-camera is the way they really are.
      — Regards, your friends she laid off from HP after she drove the company into the ground.

  2. dog's eye view

    I will be very surprised if Fiorina wins the Senate seat.

    She was a disaster at HP, and it’s incredible she’s running on her record of business acumen. A lot of people have not forgotten what she did there.

    Meg Whitman (for governor) is the more credible business executive, and I’m rooting for Jerry Brown in that race.

    Wish Fiorina would just lose this race and then sidle off to save unborn babies or whatever she wants to do with the rest of her life.

  3. dooty

    I remember her being fired from HP!

  4. dog's eye view

    On reflection, it should be

    Carly Fiorina: “Dough!”

    • dnd

      I find it fascinating that in spite of this current anti-corporatism culture, where everybody hates BP, everybody hates the big banks, everybody hates their health insurance company, and we’re not too tickled with having to bail out the U.S. auto manufacturers, the day after the primaries Meg Whitman comes out and says that CA has nominated two powerful businesswomen. Neither is in business now. One made her fortune in the internet version of the shopping channel, the other ran one of the most stable, successful businesses into the ground. Both spent tons of money on their campaigns despite facing weak candidates. This is what CA expects to lead them out of the morass. Well ok then.

      I wonder how ol’ Meg feels about mean girl Carly since she’s got her snark on.

  5. dooty

    without appearing sexist, did Meg start the Ebay deal and was it her idea? I seem to remember it was her significant other’s idea and he let her run it.

  6. dog's eye view

    FYI: video has been removed.

  7. dog's eye view

    Doots: eBay founded in 1995 under a different name; became eBay in 1997. Meg Whitman joined as CEO in 1998, when company had 30 employees and left a decade later when it had 15,000+ employees and over $7 billion in revenue.

    No apparent romantic relationship to Pierre Omidyar, company’s creator.

    At least, that’s per wiki.

  8. Afternoon peeps,
    Boy it take a lot of nerve for Fiorina to criticize anyone’s fashion sense. On the up side, it’s nice to see d post a thread with bitchy overtones!

    • dnd

      “it’s nice to see d post a thread with bitchy overtones!”

      I believe it was she of the plaid flannel thongs that asked: “what are her breasts doing in her armpits?” 😉

  9. dooty

    thanks dog good info. there was a story in the local paper today about how everyone hates the gov banks car companies big business and now the Repukes have nominated to women from Big Business. Stupid.

  10. dog's eye view

    Hey doots.

    I’m not sure it’s “the Republicans nominated” as it is the ladies bought the nominations.

    Each spent millions upon millions of her own money.

    Executive compensation is out of control in this country and now it’s flowing directly, too, into politics.

    Laughable that Fiorina, a business failure, succeeded with the nomination though.

  11. dog's eye view

    PS: put up the local story link, doots, if you would!

    Out for some sunshine. Catch you all later.

  12. The entire thread has bitchy overtones, don’t blame those who have chosen to follow up on it!

  13. TempeBev

    She’s off to a great start – it will be fun to watch.

  14. dooty

    dog, looked for the story and I don’t find it on line. Will look again later.

  15. Bev I’ve been wondering where you got off to. Sup?

  16. TempeBev

    Been on another planet thinking about life. Miss Nanny, Eprof2 and others.

  17. Their absence is of their own choice.

  18. ub

    Coffee spill a BP

  19. burrito the woman in that vid is a regular on the Big Gay Sketch Show, she does a killer Barbara Walters.

  20. I see your all talking about the Wicked Witch of HP today.

    She should be the last person to talk about someones hair.

    Well when you have two of Hitler’s Judges sitting on the SCOTUS who are Fascist Corporate supporters I’m sure that there will be a lot of Corporate Money in the General Election this November.

    And don’t forget that when BP appeals all the fines and lawsuit awards against them to the SCOTUS they will downsize those fines and awards like was done with the EXXON judgments.

    Anyway I’ll see you all another time, another place.


    God Bless.

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