Raw Foods

The first pea crop is coming in heavy this year and I’m reminded of my first exposure to the raw food movement.  No, not the current movement embraced by supermodels and celebrities.  Mine happened 50 years ago when I was a young tyke.

Back then, when visiting the family farm, my job was to shell peas and shuck sweet corn for dinner.  I was joined by my Uncle Chuck is this effort.  The fruits of our labor were then boiled, salted and slathered in butter.  But prior to releasing the bounty of our endeavor, we would eat some of the raw shelled peas and some of the raw sweet corn.    It was if we ate dessert before we sat down to supper, and in some sense, that’s what we did.

I have nothing against the three major food groups: starch, salt and fat.   However since those days, I have never understood why anyone would cook fresh peas or corn.

If you’ve never had fresh raw peas or fresh raw sweet corn, give it a try.



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28 responses to “Raw Foods

  1. It’s just so hard to imagine you as ever being young dnd.


  2. Patsi

    Brian — Keeping my fingers crossed for Tucker today. Was really sorry to read that he’s been sick.

  3. thanks patsi, really. Yesterday was a dark day for both him and me, but he’s better today. Heading to the vet at 1.

  4. dooty

    isn’t the 14th amendment the one about someone being born in the US regardless where the parents are from becoming a citizen none the less? How hard is it to amend an amendment? Does it have to be ratified by the states? The evil GOPs want to take away that part of the Constitution that they claim to love and defend.

  5. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

    Pleasure to see Patsi here — hello there! Please visit more often.

    Fingers crossed for Tucker and Brian.

    dnd: love the way photo stretches across top of blog; very attractive.

    And shall try a raw pea or two this summer. Corn as well.

    Ripe tomatoes in summer. Yum.

  6. dooty

    “Ain’t nothin’ in the world I love better
    that’s true love and home grown tomatoes”
    Guy Clark

  7. dooty

    actually the line is this:
    ” Only two things that money can’t buy and that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.”

    Guy Clark

  8. dooty

    the wife and I used to eat Snow Peas maybe not raw but nearly. She was telling her mom about them once and her mom said, “Oh, we love them. I usually boil them for about 30 minutes.” We had a big laugh at that.

  9. dog's eye view

    We should meet at the blog tonight and chat through the President’s speech.


    From AP story by Erika Werner on Gulf spill and presidential response.

    Last paragraph, re making an Oval Office speech to the nation during primetime:

    “Obama hasn’t used it yet. Not even during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Not to explain painfully high unemployment rates. Or bank and auto company bailouts. Not to speak of terrorism threats. Even when his health insurance plan was in peril, he did not speak from the Oval Office to rally support or explain to Americans why he considered it vital.”


    True, that, and I personally feel that Obama should be making way more use of the primetime public addresses during a series of crucial crises.

    Americans are getting outright false news from Fox and other sources; they should see their president in his own words and decide.

    They’re public airwaves, for Christ’s sake. We’re not getting smarter watching “Dancing with the Stars” or “Biggest Loser.”

    But paragraph above:

    One of these issues Werner cites is not like the others. Did you notice it?

    (She stuck in at least one other false equivalency — Bush promised to clean up after Katrina and did not, therefore [it’s implied] Obama’s promise to clean up the Gulf is false too.)

  10. Talk about a long retched day! Ok here’s the poop (as a certain backchanneler would say). Tucker has lymphoma, he has a large mass in his chest, depending on how this serious of labs go we’re going to start him on steroids tomorrow which hopefully will shrink the mass and give him a few more quality months. Tough day.

  11. dog's eye view

    Hope Tucker’s lymphoma responds well to treatment, and that he does get some good New York summer and fall months in.

    Speech on yet? Cannot get any video or sound yet …

  12. dog's eye view

    TPM had a working link.

  13. ub

    sorry to hear that news…..very sorry 😦

  14. Brian…

    Sorry to hear about Tucker. Hope his treatments go well for him as well as for you.

    I still think of Ginger every now and then and it seems like only yesterday when I would walk in the door to her waiting for me to reach down and rub her belly.

    No matter what happens you will always have him with you and I will pray for his recovery.

    Take care my friend and …

    God Bless.

  15. dog's eye view

    Here’s transcript of Obama’s speech.


    David Brooks wasted no time on PBS reminding viewers that Obama is no FDR.

  16. dog's eye view

    A-P: good to see you, buddy.

  17. dooty

    Brian sorry about Tucker I know you will do the best for him.

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