A Record of Accomplishment

I don’t know about you folks but I for one am getting sick and tired of listening to the chattering classes drone on about what they see as the failures of this president and this congress.  I expect this noise to be coming from the right but even some so-called liberals have joined the chorus.  The following is a list of just how much has been accomplished since the president has been sworn in, by no means is this a complete list so please feel free to add to it. 

  1. Kept  the economy from going over the cliff.
  2. Expanded health care coverage to 30 million Americans.
  3. Starting the process of ending don’t ask, don’t tell.
  4. Expanded health care for poor children.
  5. The first increase in the mpg standard in over 20 years .
  6. Increased education spending.
  7. Increased funding for green research.
  8. Increased funding for medical research.
  9. Raised VA benefits.
  10. Eliminating more high level Al Qaeda leaders in 1.5 years than Bush did in 7 years.
  11. Signed Lilly Ledbetter.
  12. Set aside 2 million acres of wilderness land for protection.
  13. Saved the American auto industry from collapse.
  14. Expanded federal benefits to same sex couples.
  15. Lifted the federal ban on stem cell research.
  16. Closed the “donut” hole in prescription drug coverage for the elderly.
  17. Funding for high speed rail.
  18. Increased funding to restore America’s transportation infrastructure.
  19. Secured 20 billion dollars from BP to compensate the victims of the Gulf oil spill.


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27 responses to “A Record of Accomplishment

  1. Oh stopped the fed from going after the users of medical marijuana! How could I forget that one!


  2. TempeBev

    I also am sick and tired of all the crap people are laying on Obama. I even was pissed at Jon Stewart the other night. Rachel and Keith took the prize.

    He didn’t cause the oil spill and he’s trying to do the best he can. The US doesn’t have oil spill capping capabilities – the oil company’s are supposed to have the equipment.

    However, I sincerely think that O’s ending of his speech with all the prayer message was unnecessary.

  3. dog's eye view

    Thank you Brian.

    It’s sad that this reminder is necessary.


    Bev: I am becoming afraid that the spill is way worse than expected, and that Obama and the administration know it’s going to take faith and any comfort known to get through this one.

    The Gulf has recovered from previous spills, but we may never see the pre-spill environment (and perhaps industry) again in our lifetime.

    There was apparently an Ixtoc oil spill in 1979 in Mexico’s Bay of Campeche (600 miles south of Texas) that occurred at 200 feet (wellhead depth). It took Red Adair and other experts over 10 months to cap that one.

    Ixtoc was spilling far less oil, and at a more accessible depth. It spilled up to about 150 million gallons over the eleven-month period.

    BP’s wellhead is 5,000 feet under the surface. It will take months to drill appropriate relief wells.

    Could account for the lack of specificity in Obama’s speech. They’re still getting a handle on what they can do to stop the BP “natural disaster.”

    In between shaking BP down “Chicago Style”, of course.

    From NOAA’s Office of Response and Recovery “Incident Report” site.

    “On June 3, 1979, the 2 mile deep exploratory well, IXTOC I, blew out in the Bahia de Campeche, 600 miles south of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. The water depth at the wellhead site is about 50 m (164 feet). The IXTOC I was being drilled by the SEDCO 135, a semi-submersible platform on lease to Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). A loss of drilling mud circulation caused the blowout to occur.

    The oil and gas blowing out of the well ignited, causing the platform to catch fire. The burning platform collapsed into the wellhead area hindering any immediate attempts to control the blowout.

    PEMEX hired blowout control experts and other spill control experts including Red Adair, Martech International of Houston, and the Mexican diving company, Daivaz. The Martech response included 50 personnel on site, the remotely operated vehicle TREC, and the submersible Pioneer I. The TREC attempted to find a safe approach to the Blowout Preventer (BOP). The approach was complicated by poor visibility and debris on the seafloor including derrick wreckage and 3000 meters of drilling pipe. Divers were eventually able to reach and activate the BOP, but the pressure of the oil and gas caused the valves to begin rupturing. The BOP was reopened to prevent destroying it. Two relief wells were drilled to relieve pressure from the well to allow response personnel to cap it. Norwegian experts were contracted to bring in skimming equipment and containment booms, and to begin cleanup of the spilled oil.

    The IXTOC I well continued to spill oil at a rate of 10,000 – 30,000 barrels per day until it was finally capped on March 23, 1980.”


  4. Bev I fully get your point about the prayer but I tend to look at these things as throwing the wackos a bone.

  5. dog's eye view

    Bev: thinking more on your comment, and didn’t mean to be so dismissive.

    I was surprised at the heavy use of religious faith at the end of Obama’s speech too. Personally believe in separation of church and state. Atheists, Hindus and Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics, whomever — should be able to be freely elected in this lovely but not specifically Christian nation of ours.

    That isn’t happening, but fodder for another post.

    I am wondering if Obama called on faith to underline the biblical nature of what we are living through.

    It’s all the modern, man-created plagues coming home to roost, after years of bad and no decision-making (not just 8 years, either).

    Institutional fail, as far as the eye can see, and very little political will to address the problem rationally and realistically.

    Maybe it was a tug at people to realize that Christians are meant to be stewards of the earth and our brother’s keeper, and we are failing badly and intensely at that right now.

    The Obamas worshipped in a primarily African American church in Chicago, and understand what a remarkable resource that can be.

    Recall that churches came through more quickly with aid post-Katrina than our better-funded government agencies (FEMA, etc.; Coast Guard and military did fine). They and people of faith and people without faith are going to be tested in the coming years.

    The religious references might be “throwing the wackos a bone” — I think that’s why Obama made the untimely pledge to open up more offshore drilling prior to this “natural disaster” — it was to co-opt that issue.

    But there was a lot of religion at the end of that speech.

    Which makes me think the administration knows the situation in the Gulf is worse than publicly admitted.

    • dnd

      All presidents call for divine intervention. NBD. And may God bless America, ’cause lord knows, we need it 😉

      • dnd

        I find it fascinating that the right thinks Obama is a socialist and the left think he’s a corporatist (unknowingly saying that he’s a fascist). I think a lot of this results from a deep sense of frustration about stuff they can’t do anything about. The economy and the oil spill being two examples.

  6. TempeBev

    Dog – no problem – you’re just fine!

  7. dooty

    Hayward removed from the Gulf Oil Spill operations. Not enough punishment if in fact is a punishment.


  8. I suspect he thinks it’s a gift doots!

  9. Never heard of him, must be a regional thing, like Bruce Springsteen.

  10. The Freedom to Say What You Mean, and Fight for What You Believe


    I didn’t realize Jane is the spokesperson for the progressive movement, I guess I didn’t get the memo. If her blog is such serious finicial trouble maybe she should ask her good friend Grover Norquist for some money.

  11. Bruce is a rock & roll composer, musician, and performer, he’s rather popular, here in the North East.

  12. She’s a nightmare with a bad, really bad bleach job.

  13. You know from Spinal Tap?

  14. dog's eye view

    I bookmarked that Playboy Teahadists article from another source.

    Isn’t it nice that we just read Playboy for the political analysis?

  15. dog's eye view

    PS: agreed from what I know of Jane Hamsher.

    Believe they call them “Firebaggers.”

    Hanging out with Grover Norquist?

    Mmmm mmm mmm.

  16. Morning peeps, Yes dog Jane & Grover:

    Jane Hamsher, Grover Norquist Call for Rahm Emanuel’s Resignation

    Today, Grover Norquist and I are calling for an investigation into Rahm Emanuel’s activities at Freddie Mac, and the White House’s blocking of an Inspector General who would look into it. The letter follows:


  17. dog's eye view

    A recent thread on Balloon Juice (my favorite “big” blog) dealt with Brian’s theme a few days ago. 572 comments; it’s long but worth scrolling through.


    John Cole kicked off with a reader comment from day before.

    commenter: “I think the frustration that supporters of the president have (at least it is for me) is that his critics give him credit for nothing. NOTHING.

    He gets a health care reform bill passed that is sweeping in scope and more than anyone has done in decades. And the left-wing critics say “Not enough.”

    He gets a stimulus bill passed that pretty much kept a massive recession from getting worse and all the left-wing critics said was “Not enough.”

    He’s on the verge of getting DADT repealed through law as opposed to using a reversible executive order and all the left-wing critics say is “Not enough.”

    He gives a speech that talks about peak oil, points out how government corruption played a role and begins to lay out the way forward towards an alternative energy future and all the left-wing critics say is “Not enough” while having orgasms to Rachael Maddow’s satisfying-but-completely unrealistic “Fake President” speech.

    Never mind Lily Leadbetter, killing the F-22 (something BUSH couldn’t do), expanding SCHIP, credit card reform, tobacco regulation…but no, it’s not enough. It’s NEVER enough with some people.

    There is legit criticism to be made when it comes to President Obama, especially in the civil rights arena. But to hear the WATBs on the left [whiny assed titty babies, aka Firebaggers aka extreme leftwing on Firedoglake and Daily Kos] tell it, he hasn’t done a damn thing. And that is simply not true.”


    Cannot say it better myself, but Mr. Cole does in his own post — rather graphically — and then the commenters have at it.

    Some fun, if you have some time to kill.

    On this beautiful Saturday.

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