P.U.M.A., The Movement That Didn’t


Ok,  this will be my last comments on what I consider to be a very unfortunate aspect of the history of the last general election.  For those of you who don’t know what P.U.M.A. (party unity my ass) is,  they are a small (very small) group of Hillary Clinton supporters who two years after the fact nurse a falsely inspired  resentment that somehow the party nomination was stolen away from Mrs. Clinton and handed to Barack Obama.  They are easy to spot in case you don’t know how.  They brag on blogs two years after they fact that wrote Hillary’s name in when they voted in 2008, they pause in the middle of conversations and sigh and say things like “I was just thinking how it would be if Hillary had won”.  They say stupid things like “Well you know Bill would have put on a wet suit and dove down to stop the oil spill in the gulf” or every time an opening comes up on the Supreme Court they ponder if the president will nominate her.  They are also  fond of engaging in irony (though it escapes them) by pointing to Obama supporters and calling them “Obamabots”.   Now don’t get me wrong,  I by no means mean to imply that all who supported Hillary are P.U.M.A., just a small few who have decided to elevate the Clintons to deity status.    Also understand that  being  P.U.M.A. has nothing to do with the Clintons themselves.   Oh one other point, P.U.M.A will never admit to being P.U.M.A.

The fact of that matter was that after the last election many Ps (I’m tired of typing out P.U.M.A.) envisioned that they were going to become a power block within the DNC, very much in the manner of what has happened with the Teabaggers and the GOP.  It couldn’t happen and it didn’t happen, for a very simply reason, it was not in the best of interest of the Clintons themselves to be seen as alternate power center within the party.  The lesson of Teddy (god bless him) in ‘80 was not lost on either Bill or Hillary.   Hillary had a choice to make, she could either get on board or spend her remaining political career as a senator from NY lacking seniority within that body.  Fortunately for us, she choice the later and accepted the president’s invitation to become Sect. of State and is doing a bang up job of it.   But here’s the thing the the P crowd needs to start thinking about, we are swiftly coming up on the mid-term elections and after that the presidential election cycle will begin anew.  The Ps  are going to have to decide to side with this Democratic president or  side with the Republicans, the choice is yours.  Discussions of what happened in 2008 do nothing to advance a liberal (progressive) agenda, the re-election of Barack Obama does.



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93 responses to “P.U.M.A., The Movement That Didn’t

  1. Brian, how many PUMA’s do you think are really still out there? I was never really clear how many of them were there to begin with either. They certainly didn’t end up having any major impact in the last election. They did create some fear down the stretch because they claimed that they always said “Obama” when questioned by a pollster – and hence might create a type of “Bradly Effect.”

    I also wonder how many of them would have voted for any democrat other than Hillary – regardless of the circumstances.

    • dnd

      I got this email from the President today. He likes to send me email, though he appears to be too busy to reply to mine 😉

      Good afternoon,

      As the father of two young daughters, I know that being a father is one of the most important jobs any man can have.

      My own father left my family when I was two years old. I was raised by a heroic mother and wonderful grandparents who provided the support, discipline and love that helped me get to where I am today, but I still felt the weight of that absence throughout my childhood. It’s something that leaves a hole no government can fill. Studies show that children who grow up without their fathers around are more likely to drop out of high school, go to jail, or become teen fathers themselves.

      And while no government program can fill the role that fathers play for our children, what we can do is try to support fathers who are willing to step up and fulfill their responsibilities as parents, partners and providers. That’s why last year I started a nationwide dialogue on fatherhood to tackle the challenge of father absence head on.

      In Chicago, the Department of Health and Human Services held a forum with community leaders, fatherhood experts and everyday dads to discuss the importance of responsible fatherhood support programs. In New Hampshire, Secretary of Education Duncan explored the linkages between father absence and educational attainment in children. In Atlanta, Attorney General Holder spoke with fathers in the criminal justice system about ways local reentry organizations, domestic violence groups and fatherhood programs can join together to support ex-offenders and incarcerated individuals who want to be closer to their families and children.

      Now we’re taking this to the next level. Tomorrow, I’ll make an announcement about the next phase of our efforts to help fathers fulfill their responsibilities as parents — The President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative. You can learn more at http://www.fatherhood.gov.

      This Father’s Day — I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a dad to two wonderful daughters. And I’m thankful for all the wonderful fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and friends who are doing their best to make a difference in the lives of a child.

      Happy Father’s Day.

      President Barack Obama

    • dnd

      Is that a Strat? Do you have any audio of your playing?

  2. Two good questions Hippie and I can’t really answer either, my perspective on this may be off because of my former presence on Craig Crawford’s blog. It’s been amusing for me to see over the past few days him attempting to run away from his PUMA reputation (I suspect it’s proving to be very unprofitable for him). Many of them seem to have been absorbed by the “always angry left”. BTW glad to see you back.

  3. BTW hippie if you have a thread you’d like us to post we do welcome guest threads! Please feel free to send me whatever you’d like to post if you feel so inclined.

  4. dnd – that is a Schechter C-1 classic. It is more like a poor man’s PRS than a strat.

    These days I am plying a lot more bass than guitar – and in fact I am not sure if there is any video of me online playing guitar.

    Some video of me playing bass can be found here – both audio and video quality is pretty low:


    and here:


  5. Obama, EPA to push for restoration of Superfund tax on oil, chemical companies

    Now the Obama administration will push to reinstate the so-called Superfund tax. The Environmental Protection Agency, which rarely urges passage of specific bills, will send a letter to Congress as early as Monday calling for legislation to reimpose the tax.


    Strike while the iron is hot!

  6. Strike while the iron is hot!

    Hear hear!!!!

  7. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, June 21, 2010 — 10:36 AM ET

    Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Support of Terror-Linked Groups

    The Supreme Court on Monday upheld a federal law that bars
    “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations,
    rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid

    The 6-3 ruling said that the government may prohibit all
    forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the
    support consists of training and advice about entirely
    peaceful and legal activities.

    Read More:

  8. dooty

    anyone heard that Senator Kyl and President Obama had a “private” meeting in the WH and Obama told Kyl he would not protect the border? Can’t find anything to confirm it other than what the righties are spewing.


  9. First I’m hearing of it doots, seems very unlikely to me that the prez would have a one on one in the Oval Office with Kyl.

  10. Tea partiers wary of regulation, even in BP spill

    Congressman’s BP ‘shakedown’ remark resonates with conservatives wanting small government


  11. Congressman’s BP ‘shakedown’ remark resonates with conservatives wanting small government

    Do these idiots realize that Exxon Valdez is STILL in the courts? Is that what they want? A protracted legal battle, during which settlements are not paid?

  12. Hippie for me shit like this just reinforces everything I’ve said about the teabaggers from day 1. It’s not about taxes, it’s not about the size of govt., it’s about the black guy living in the White House.

  13. dooty


    I think you are right about Obama and Kyl having a private meeting. He did have a meeting with that woman governor of AZ on the same day. No mention of Kyl though but he may have been there. I can’s ever see Obama saying anything like that to the opposition.

  14. It just don’t pass the stink test IMO

  15. Bachmann Worried Obama Will ‘Politicize’ Spill Fund


    I guess she doesn’t see the irony of her making rounds to be sure the fund isn’t “politicized”. Then it’s a quick leap into her socialist fear mongering. She’s at her best on Newsmax because she really is preaching to the choir.

  16. dooty

    who would have thought that Kyl would be a liar? Oh wait…he’s a repuke.


  17. dooty

    boy that Rand Paul is one stupid MF! Tone deaf but hey he is giving the Dems the ammo to defeat him. Make it happen.

  18. dog's eye view

    I truly wonder if the GOP is going to pick up as many seats as “expected” (by them, press and pundits) in midterms.

    The mainstream press won’t say it in so many words, but the GOP has several batsh*t crazy candidates running, whose ideas will not work in real life.

    Joe Barton got into trouble mainly because he does not realize how rarified the GOP talking points are; that they’re crafted in an echo chamber.

    The public has not forgotten what an absolutely foul mess 8 years of Bush-Cheney and 6 years of a lapdog GOP Congress wrought.

    You have your foolish folk who expected the Democrats in Congress to unilaterally fix everything from January 2007 to November 2008.

    And an alarming contingent, PUMAS among them, who either over- or under-expect from our president, who is expected to be a magic Negro.

    Seeing that Charlie Crist’s numbers are up in Florida, and that Sarah Palin is not popular with the public, even while she’s cable and pageview catnip …

    We have some smart Americans out there.

    That’s lost on cable news, which focuses on the sideshow freaks, and the “mainstream” media, which picks up juicy stories but not necessarily important ones.

  19. Dog I’ve never thought the Dems are going to lose as big as the repugs have been hoping for. I’ve long felt we’ll lose 12-20 in the House and 3 in the Senate.

  20. I suspect we will retain both houses, narrowly. A lot of the “landslide” predictions are based on Rasmussen polls – and those have to be taken with a grain of salt.

    The BP situation is problematic, of course – though if repubs continue shooting themselves in the foot over the “shakedown” then it will work in our favor.

  21. BP changed everything, the truth of the matter is it and the way the repugs have reacted is a gift to the Dems.

  22. Simpson cracks me up, I don’t know why moveon is running with this video as if it’s a big deal.

  23. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, June 21, 2010 — 4:54 PM ET

    Faisal Shahzad Pleads Guilty in Times Square Bombing Attempt

    Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty Monday to attempted use of a
    weapon of mass destruction in last month’s failed Times
    Square car bombing.

  24. “Rand Paul, Joe Barton, Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachmann, Marco Rubio”

    Be grateful!

  25. “Rand Paul, Joe Barton, Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachmann, Marco Rubio”

    Be grateful!

    Or be very very afraid. I just guess I am not confident enough that the electorate will do the right thing….

  26. It’s always a leap of faith!

    • dnd

      Just clicked on Countdown to see KO interview Robert Redford about the BP spill. Redford was saying how we need to get clean renewable’s and conserve. In the background was an empty chairlift running (presumably at Park City, Utah). Empty and running at 6:30 pm MDT. Not good optics for conservation. 😉

  27. haha I caught that too d!

  28. Something for the late night crowd:

  29. Something had to save Canada from the disgrace that is Celine Dion:

  30. TempeBev

    The gov and Obama had their meeting in DC. Nothing in local papers about Kyl in attendance. Supposedly, WH reps are coming next week or sometime to check the border etc. and what the gov and O discussed.

    Maybe McC and K will be at that meeting in AZ if they can tear themselves away from the Senate. Whoopee.

    Going on vacation – have a great blog.

  31. Have a great vacation bev.

  32. dooty

    I am thinking that the war in Afghanistan may be winding down since I think General McChrystal is getting fired over the Rolling Stone Mag. If he is not fired then maybe they really are “wimps in the White House.” Incredible.

  33. dooty

    blogging without coffee is making me inaccurate.

    *Rolling Stone article*


  34. Morning peeps,
    Sounds like McChrystal has come down with a bad case of MacArthur Syndrome.

  35. Gay Workers To Get Family Leave From New Labor Department Regulations


    Damn Obama and his right wing agenda!

  36. White House Disputes Jon Kyl’s Claims That It’s Stalling Border Security


  37. dooty

    Awkward to say the least. McChrystal should tender his resignation and Obama should accept it.

    • dnd

      As I see it there are four options:

      1. Fire McChrystal complete with dishonorable discharge
      2. Force resignation
      3. Bust him down to E1
      4. Keep him
      5. Try him on Article 134 (or 89) of the UCMJ

      With 1 or 2, McChrystal gets a job with FoxNews and trashes the administration. With 3, he’d resign and go get a that job with Fox. With 4 Obama looks weak. Sending him to trial sends a message.

  38. I think the real question is if the VP will be at the meeting!

  39. Based on what Gibbs is saying today McChrystal is a dead man walking.

  40. dog's eye view

    Or could he be given a really unappealing new command, with option to take the transfer or face trial via UCMJ?

    You know the Foxbots and then the rest of cable news is going to use this occasion to whine about Obama, no matter what he does.

    How best to get across the point that commander in chief is commander in chief, period, Democrat or Republican?

  41. dog's eye view

    Did anything like this happen during Bush-Cheney?

    Other than General Shinseki, who gave his best professional estimate of troop strength required for Iraq and got cashiered because Rumsfeld didn’t want to hear the truth?

    • dnd

      “Did anything like this happen during Bush-Cheney?Other than General Shinseki”

      When Cheney was SECDEF under Bush 41 he (Cheney) fired Michael Dugan for comments about Kuwait.

  42. Frankly I think it’s almost impossible for the president not to fire him. I assume McChrystal will offer to resign and the prez will accept it, I suspect it will be a very short meeting.

  43. Sadly, the right will spin this. In fact, they already are. Here is quote from another blog I frequent:

    Ah, as the military turns on the gutless useful idiot-in-chief. Obama’s domestic policy failures pale in comparison to his woeful foreign insight. How’s that dialogue with Mahmoud working for you numb nuts?

  44. Sounds like a fun place to hang hippie, they must love you! 🙂

  45. dog's eye view

    hippie: you are braver than I am there.

    Comments from the fighting keyboarder that you posted depress me.

    So much derision and stupidity. It’s like wading in toxins.

    I am sure McChrystal has lost the respect of 95%+ of his fellow generals and top military, and a lot of the troops.

    Deplorable lack of judgment.

  46. dooty

    question about fired generals: Do they give up their 6 figured per year retirement pay or do they just collect and go off and do what ever? If it were me, I would tell him, I will accept your resignation on one condition and that would be that you never talk to the media (Fox or others) about this and if you do you will then consider yourself fired and lose your benefits.

    • dnd

      McChrystal is only 55. My guess is that he’s already been contacted by Roger Ailes about a TV job and a book deal. Probably get an offer from a right-wing think tank too. Probably a better deal than his military pension and Tricare.

      • dnd

        My guess is that McChrystal’s boss (Petraeus), his boss’ boss (Mullen), his boss’ boss’ boss (Gates) and his boss’ boss’ boss’ boss (Obama) are having a little chat today about this Rolling Stone piece.

        If I were McChrystal, I’d be drinking heavily on the flight home 😉

  47. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tue, June 22, 2010 — 2:09 PM ET

    Judge Blocks Obama’s Moratorium on Deep-Water Oil Drilling, A.P. Reports

    A federal judge in New Orleans issued an injunction against a
    six-month moratorium on new deep-water oil and gas drilling
    projects that was imposed by the Obama administration after
    an explosion on a drilling rig led to a vast oil spill in the
    Gulf of Mexico, the Associated Press reported.

    The White House said the administration would appeal the

    Ruling in favor of oilfield services companies whose business
    suffered under the moratorium, District Judge Martin Feldman
    said that the Interior Department failed to provide adequate
    reasoning for the moratorium, and instead merely seemed to
    assume that one rig failure meant all deep-water drilling
    posed an imminent danger.

    Read More:

    • dnd

      “Ruling in favor of oilfield services companies whose business
      suffered under the moratorium, District Judge Martin Feldman
      said that the Interior Department failed to provide adequate
      reasoning for the moratorium, and instead merely seemed to
      assume that one rig failure meant all deep-water drilling
      posed an imminent danger.”

      Guess the Honorable Judge Feldman didn’t see the 60 Minutes piece on the deep water rig “Atlantis.”

  48. Orrin Hatch: Drug Test The Unemployed


    Another fine example of how the repugs are working to keep big govt. out of your lives!

  49. Today’s amazingly stupid comment of the day, copied from the you know where blog, it’s so damn stupid!

    Does anybody know much about the Sharia Law?

    Interesting that Obama has never brought his wife with him to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or Iraq. Why Not? If Obama is a Muslim he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries that adhere to the Sharia Law.

    Posted by: vadaryl Author Profile Page | June 22, 2010 2:48 PM

  50. dog's eye view

    I think it’s good that nice General McChrystal is keeping our president on his toes.

    It’s not like Obama has much else to do this week to earn his $400,000 salary plus bennies.

  51. dooty

    Huffpo has submitted his resignation. Does the President accept it?

  52. dooty

    Huffpo is reporting that the good General has submitted his resignation. Does the President accept it?

    sorry for the double post

  53. TempeBev

    Haven’t left just yet – accept the resignation/fire the bastard.

  54. dooty

    now they are saying that McChrystal has not tendered his resignation. That will happen just after the general walks into the room and salutes the CINC. I use CNN.COM for my homepage and they have a non scientific poll everyday. Today the question was:

    “Should Gen. Stanley McChrystal be relieved of command because of his controversial remarks?”

    yes or no. at this time 62%voted NO! Fucking NO! How stupid are these people?

    • dnd

      I wonder how many of the CNN poll know the importance of civilian leadership of the military, the importance of the chain of command, and how acceptance of insubordination in the military could lead us down the slippery slope to a military dictatorship.

  55. dog's eye view

    Bev: have a good vacation!

    That judge’s decision on the moratorium seems flaky; wonder what the next court will do, or if the administration will retool the moratorium language.

  56. dog's eye view

    At least that CNN poll is a question most people can answer.

    When I see them, they’re usually so broad an answer is worthless or about some celebrity or stupid ass issue I’ve never heard of and don’t care about. Outrage du jour or celebrity infotainment inside game.

    I cannot say how CNN attained the 62% percent result, but it is a nonscientific poll.

  57. dog's eye view

    doots: maybe it’s the true patriots in our country weighing in, hmm?

    The best of the fighting chairborne, at your service.

  58. dooty

    the keyboard rangers 🙂

  59. dooty

    “The best of the fighting chairborne, at your service.”

    Post of the day Sra dog.

    I agree!

  60. dog's eye view

    I rather liked those Rangers!

    What a strange feeling for McChrystal. Might be his last flight as an active duty officer, and the whole debacle was entirely avoidable. (Or not, if he’s got a temperament problem…)

    Frankly, I think Rolling Stone performed some journalism there.

  61. dooty

    Are you accusing Rolling Stone of journalism there Mz Dog? I am surprised since Gonzo journalism has passed on to the great dog park in the sky.

  62. New pics of the blog of mascot

  63. and his side kick:

    I def think Tucker is on the mend.

  64. dooty

    Tucker looks Tuckered out.

  65. getting healthy is hard work!

  66. TempeBev

    Thanks for the good wishes – going to Los Alamos then SLC then home in about 2 weeks. Will be going thru Flagstaff on the way home. Hope it’s out by then.

  67. Top of the morning peeps

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