Let Them Eat Cake

In a great big fuck you to some of America’s neediest the GOP has decided it’s in their best interest to block the benefits of those who need it most.  Beyond disgusting. 

Senate GOP again kills jobless aid extension


WASHINGTON — For the third time in as many weeks, Senate Republicans on Wednesday successfully filibustered a bill to continue providing unemployment checks to millions of people.

But this time, since the slimmed-down measure attracted two Republican votes, its passage seems assured next month once a replacement is in place for Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., who died on Monday.





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53 responses to “Let Them Eat Cake

    • dnd

      My dad use to live in Dallas and I remember that people would go from air conditioned houses to air conditioned cars to air conditioned stores or offices or other people’s houses. They’d keep the a/c at 65 degrees when it was over 100 outside, so it was quite a shock to your system to go from inside to outside.

      Now Houston’s another story. Not only is it hot, it’s really, really humid. And you’re always stuck in traffic 😉

  1. Doots I remember when first got a/c too, we had it in two rooms, my parents room and the den, we kids would all camp out in the den when it was really hot.

  2. The problem, Brian, is that the GOP will be able to turn around come November and claim that the misery of the unemployed is Obama’s fault. They will get away with it because, to be honest, not too many people are paying attention to politics right now.

    This will certainly earn me a commie label – but sometimes I swear that the American public is too stupid to vote…..

  3. For those who missed it yesterday:

    Chris Matthews Grills Rick Barber: ‘Are You A Metaphor… Or A Real Candidate?’ (VIDEO)


  4. Hippie I’m not sure you are right, if the pres keeps doing what he did yesterday I don’t think things will be as dire as predicted come November. This election is going to be all about him, he needs to fight back and fight back hard.

  5. Brian, I hope you are right. I get depressed and pessimistic at times like this…. perhaps because of all the crowing I hear from conservatives. I would like nothing more to see them surprised in September.

  6. Understood hippie and this president does have a tendency of waiting longer to react than I’m comfortable with. But when I get like that I think about to the primaries and how his timing then proved to be spot on.

  7. dooty

    wouldn’t the best “stimulus package”be the re-upping of the unemployment benefits? Won’t poor unemployed spend every dime they get? Makes sense to me.

    • dnd

      Good point. If one has no income, one tends to spend less. The argument that “we can’t afford it” doesn’t wash. The notion that those who get unemployment don’t want to work and won’t look for work is bull when you see what unemployment pays. I don’t know about other states, but here in Colorado, you must document that you’ve applied for work in order to get your check. So the only motivation to deny unemployment benefits is to continue a down economy in hopes of regaining power.

  8. spot on doots. The repugs don’t want to stimulate the economy, that’s really what’s at the root of this issue.

  9. Does anyone know if there is anything preventing the jobs bill from being passed using reconciliation?

  10. dooty

    I think the unemployment bill will pass once they get a replacement for Byrd. If they can hold what few repukes they got now, that is.


    last time I was laid off I had to sign up in person and do a couple on “how to get a job seminars” and then I had a phone # and a time of day and a day that I had to call and they had an automated audio response deal and then they would send the check the next Wednesday. As far as I know, no one ever checked to see if I was looking for a job. They workers were pretty overwhelmed as far as I could see.

  11. dooty

    Dnd, most people still go from a/c houses to a/c cars to a/c stores and office buildings. While Houston is certainly more humid than Dallas and Fort Worth, it is plenty humid here. This guy I go fishing with just got back from a trip to the west and up to Montana with his wife, she is from Ogden, UT. One of the things he liked about that trip was that his sinuses dried up out west. Here everyone has the sniffles because of how humid it is.

  12. Senator Robert Byrd’s dog, Trouble, finds new home

    The Senate has not only lost Sen. Robert Byrd but also his beloved dog, Trouble, a regular in his office. Byrd’s spokesman told our colleague Rachel Saslow that the Shih Tzu, 8, misses her master, the lap she cherished and especially “the little treats he used to sneak her.”

    But fear not: Trouble is moving to the Virginia home of Byrd’s daughter, Mona Fatemi, her husband, Mohammad, and their two four-legged playmates: Sally, a mix breed, and Danny, a Maltese. Byrd was the Senate’s most unabashed dog lover; his family has asked for contributions for the Humane Society instead of flowers.


    I had no idea Sen. Byrd’s daughter was married to a terrorist!

    *big eye roll*

  13. dog's eye view

    Good discussion re unemployment benefits.

    Why can’t someone explain, as doots and dnd did, that the unemployed will spend their “benefit” money on goods and services that will keep other people gainfully employed? And avoid a further cascade of failures?

    I don’t understand why there is much consumer confidence at all. We are looking at a possible double dip recession.

    What idiocy to be spouting off about the deficit when these same folks were potted plants for all of the Bush-Cheney administration.


    I think the American people are smarter than their Republican congresscritters. I really do.

  14. dog's eye view

    The idiocracy share of the voting public seems to be about 27% of the Republican party. (And that dovetails with the fools who voted for birther queen Orly Taitz to be California secretary of state.)

    This is who the Republican Congress is playing to.

    I hope their words come back to haunt them this fall.

    Hippie: what you are seeing is Republicans and pundits crowing in advance of any voting. A lot can happen in four months. And will.

  15. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Fri, July 02, 2010 — 8:36 AM ET

    U.S. Economy Lost 125,000 Jobs in June; Unemployment Rate Fell to 9.5%

    The path to economic recovery remained a twisted one on
    Friday as the government reported a net loss of 125,000 jobs
    in the American economy last month, driven by the evaporation
    of temporary Census jobs, the Labor Department reported.

    The unemployment rate, meanwhile, fell to 9.5 percent from
    9.7 percent in May.

    The job loss was in line with expectations. And with the
    anticipated loss of hundreds of thousands of Census jobs —
    jobs that had accounted for almost all the growth in the
    labor market in May — economists were focused in particular
    on the change in private-sector hiring. There, the news was
    better but muted, with 83,000 new jobs created.

    Not as bad as I thought it would be!

    • dnd

      I think the disappointing number was the average workweek hours dropped, though not by much. That’s much more correlated to spending and consequently economic recovery.

  16. TempeBev

    Dooty – yes, the heads are just rolling in the streets of Phx. Did you see her on Countdown pissed about the signs that the Feds supposedly put up to warn about illegals? 80 miles from the border and 30 miles from the capital. She’s a peach! Did you also see how a man running for the AZ corporation commission wants to turn off the electricity of illegals?

    I swear Arizona is really full of crazies. I, of course am not one of them.!! LOL

  17. New poll – over 25 percent of Americans can’t name “Great Britain” as the country we declared independence from.

    Yet these people get to vote?


  18. Michael Steele Says Afghanistan Was ‘War Of Obama’s Choosing,’ Not Something The U.S. ‘Wanted To Engage In’ (VIDEO)


    I never get what this guy is talking about. Weird.

  19. Moe

    [Yet these people get to vote?]

    Prof: not to make you all depressed again, but . . .

  20. “Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

    Winston Churchill

    Hi Moe, glad to see you put up a pic of yourself, now I know you’re a female.

  21. Ah, I see Michael Steele’s latest bit of stupidity caught your eye too.

  22. Moe, I was starting to have a better day, and now I am depressed again….


    Oh, I am sure that plenty of people were asked and answered correctly – and they don’t make it into the video – but that there are even this many idiots…. sheesh…..

  23. Want a hit on the bong hippie?

  24. Want a hit on the bong hippie?

    ahhh…. my kids and some of my students read my blog…. so I wouldn’t admit it if I did….


  25. It will be our secret, swear.

  26. TempeBev

    dnd – I just heard about it. Maybe those are the ones who are “beheaded” as referred to by the astute Gov. Jan. LOL

  27. Mentor Says McChrystal Is ‘Crushed’ by the Change in His Circumstances

    Under Army regulations, four-star generals must serve three years in that rank before they can keep it in retirement, but the president can waive the rule. General McChrystal was awarded his fourth star only last year, when he was made the top American and NATO commander in Afghanistan. He announced his plans to retire on Monday, five days after being fired.

    The White House decision means that General McChrystal, 55, will receive 85 percent of the base pay of a four-star general with 34 years of active service, amounting to an annual pre-tax retirement income of $181,416, according to Pentagon calculations. Had he retired as a three-star, the Pentagon said, General McChrystal would have received an annual pre-tax retirement income of $160,068.


    Don’t remember who, but I think someone was wondering about this.

    • dnd

      It’s important to remember that McChrystal didn’t get relieved because of incompetence. He got relieved for insubordination. And he didn’t have to retire, he chose to. Probably because he can collect his military pension while making a ton of money working for some company in the military-industrial complex.

  28. True to form this White House took the high road where McCrhystal is concerned and let him keep his 4th star.

  29. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sat, July 03, 2010 — 10:43 AM ET

    Serena Williams Wins Fourth Wimbledon Title in Dominating Fashion

    Serena Williams of the United States powered her way to an
    easy, 6-3, 6-2 victory to capture her fourth Wimbledon
    singles crown over Vera Zvonareva of Russia on Saturday.

    The match victory, her 13th career Grand Slam title, moved
    her ahead of Billie Jean King on the all-time career Grand
    Slam list. She had 89 aces in seven matches, including nine
    in the championship, to dominate her opponents the entire two

  30. dooty

    Ok, I am back after formatting and partitioning the old hard drive and re-loading software and drivers. since I am a retard it took me longer than I thought it would.

  31. Oh no, you said ‘retard”, now Palin is going to be bitching all over the blog!

  32. dooty

    it was a weird problem I was having. I had to restart my computer if I closed Firefox and then tried to re-start Firefox. Got a message saying that firefox was still running. Then we would have assorted errors where you couldn’t close the program you had been working on. So, I killed the computer about noon yesterday.

  33. dooty

    “Oh no, you said ‘retard”, now Palin is going to be bitching all over the blog!” said Brian.

    That is exactly why I said that. LOL 😉

  34. dog's eye view

    Speaking of Palin: it’s a big holiday weekend.

    The Mudflats celebrates Alaskan Independence Day. Something else happened last July 3, besides Michael Jackson still being dead.

    “One year Palin-free. Her administration still lives on, but she at the helm has jumped overboard and swam for the golden shores. We have a new crop of candidates vying for the job and we wobble along wondering what things will look like in year 2 A.P.

    But, let us pause in a bipartisan moment to gather round, and raise our glasses. Here’s to lessons learned, battles fought, and a Palin-free future. …”


  35. 87, I guess the heat wave has begun.

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