President calls out the repugs on obstructionism



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6 responses to “President calls out the repugs on obstructionism

  1. dooty

    morning Brian hopefully less active today had to run mom errands all afternoon yesterday. Took her to the dr for a check up go to the drug store to get her new scripts cook dinner stay up late to watch the Rangers win a game in LA from the Angels. Am also Dr shopping for a cheaper mechanic to replace the compressor in my truck’s a/c gonna be expensive regardless.

  2. I thought people in Tx liked it hot and dusty.

  3. dooty

    Boy Brian have you got a lot to learn about Texas and hot and dusty. and D yes, contrary to popular opinion we in Tx do actually live in the 21 century, regardless of how it looks politically. A/c is life giving. I remember when my parents got their first a/c for the house. It was an old swamp box that dad installed on top of the house it blew into the hallway and then into the other parts of the house. We thought we would freeze to death. We used to sit out in the yard in the evening to let the house cool off from the high temps of the daytime. Now with the advent of a/c no one does that anymore and I wonder if that is not what killed the concept of knowing your neighbors around you.

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