Happy 70th Ringo (70? geez)



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31 responses to “Happy 70th Ringo (70? geez)

  1. He’s awesome! Just saw his show last weekend in AC and wrote a bit about it: http://denwrites.com/2010/07/06/tales-from-ringo/

  2. dog's eye view

    Happy Birthday Ringo. (And welcome Dennis. Look forward to reading your review.)

    I think of John Lennon often, still.

    OK: who here is a Beatles fan vs. a Rolling Stones fan? They’re both so excellent in their own way. Myself, can’t vote for one over the other.

    I do wonder which current groups might have similar long careers, with a great catalog.

    Maybe Red Hot Chile Peppers and Green Day?

    Any other contenders?

  3. R.E.M. and Bruce dog, just to mention two, of course there is U2 and Eminem too.

  4. Yes, welcome dennis, congrats on getting to see the concert!

  5. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, July 07, 2010 — 4:05 PM ET

    Wall Street Shares Surge Nearly 3% on Day

    Wall Street indexes closed higher for a second day on
    Wednesday, something traders have not seen in more than two
    weeks. The three major indexes closed up nearly 3 percent,
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  6. dog's eye view

    Very good choices, Brian. Embarrassed not to have thought of them within 30 seconds!

    Who else?

  7. REM & U2 & MnM & Chilies? You guys aren’t going back far enough.

    Aerosmith has been going forever with essentially personnel changes.

    Dylan still tours – I saw him two years ago.

    Blue Oyster Cult is still doing the State Fair circuit – with few personnel changes. My band actually opened for them a couple of times.

    I will surely think of a few more.

  8. dog's eye view

    We just had another earthquake. Two distinct shakes, mild but noticeable.

    I don’t remember this kind of stuff going on last summer.


  9. Moe

    Ringo is 70 – no comment.

    How about the Dead? Beach Boys (they may not qualify actually)? Heavy metal bands?

    A lot of solo artists have lasted.

    By the way Brian – here in south FL, it’s been in the 80’s this week. Breezy too. Heh.

  10. “Beach Boys (they may not qualify actually)?”

    You’re right, they don’t! LOL

  11. I don’t think the Dead are touring/recording anymore (if that was one of the original criteria).

  12. Well they certainly areen’t touring in this dimension.

  13. But can it really be the dead without Jerry?

  14. I hadn’t heard about that dnd, pretty damn disgraceful!

  15. dooty

    was a big post yesterday on KOS about it. very disgraceful.

  16. Frankly I don’t think it’s an argument MSNBC can afford to win, their liberal base accounts for far more of their revenue than the morning joe crowd does. I suspect they are being heavily flooded with emails, I just sent them one!

  17. Angle Bashes $20B BP Oil Spill Damages Account As ‘Slush Fund’


    I love this woman, I was so worried Harry was going to lose his seat!

  18. dooty

    the wife and I had a semi fancy Italian dinner last night to celebrate our 34th year of marriage. Went well and only got 2 food spots on my white shirt.

  19. congrats on the 34 years and only two spots! Who washed the shirt, you or her?


  20. dooty

    she had started the washing machine last night to wash her work clothes and I removed the shirt and stuffed it in the wash my own self at her suggestion.

  21. It seems like the supposedly biased lefty moonbat network would have dumped Scarborough instead – if in fact they were a biased lefty moonbat network.

  22. You mean when they wear a shirt at the dinner table right d?

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