South of the Border, Down Mexico Way (dooty, first in a series)

I am of two or more minds when it comes to the southern border of the United States of America.  I can see that the ranchers are upset about the trespassing and trashing of their land that they are paying for and I can see the mojado’s (wetbacks in Mexican slang) point of view.  If you are hungry and you have no prospects of getting a job where you live the things you have to do are what you have to do to rectify that situation. 

The illegal immigrant has been crossing the southern border of the US for years.  I don’t think it will change much any time soon.  The country is harsh and dry and the walk is long and hot and dusty.  Most of the crossings are done in the dark of night.  It makes the illegals hard to spot and while the temps in the summer make for hot nights they are not as hot as in the day.  Also, the Border Patrol is now using pretty high tech equipment to run surveillance on the border.  I have personally seen tethered blimps with down looking radar that can scan a huge amount of land and transmit the images back to the BP tech operations and dispatch.  There are rumors that the unmanned drones will be brought to the area to help increase the eyes on the border.  These are the same types of unmanned aircraft that is used in Afghanistan.  There is even a web site you can monitor and watch for activity there on the border and you can call a phone number to report what you have seen.  Big Brother is coming to the Mexican border, to coin a phrase, if you will.

The ranchers are rightfully upset about the trespassing and the trashing of their ranches.  It has been said that some ranchers are losing cattle to slaughter and in some cases range land has been set on fire by people in trouble and trying to signal the BP for help.  There are not any convenience stores out in the desert and if you run out of food and water you have a great chance of dying.  Mexicans have, in desperation, approached ranch houses and asked for help.  Most of the time the Mexicans will get the aid or food and water required but the ranchers will also call the local BP headquarters and tell them to come get the mojados. 

After the Mexicans are picked up and processed at the BP headquarters, if the Mexicans don’t have a US criminal record, they are moved to the border and released.  The Mexicans will generally attempt another try at the border after resting up.  This cycle will be repeated several times before the US will jail them.  The BP also requires that all gates on the border ranches have combination locks with the same combination so the BP can enter and search the land for illegals. 

The US Mexican border is over 2,000 miles of some of the most hostile and brutal country in the world.  My opinion that this border may not ever be secure.  I don’t think there enough resources to do that.  More on this subject will be written in the not too distant future.



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  1. Nice post….

    After the Mexicans are picked up and processed at the BP headquarters, if the Mexicans don’t have a US criminal record, they are moved to the border and released.

    Of course, the will now automatically have a criminal record if they are in Arizona….

  2. dooty

    Thanks hippieprof. this is the procedure as it stands as of today before the law becomes law. I will deal with the “law” in one of the other posts in the series.

  3. Doots I agree it is unlikely that the border can ever really be secured which IMO is why the repugs are so aggressively pushing for a fence, it’s all about the politics for them. If they were really serious about doing something about the problem they would be going after the employers who exploit the undocumented something they have been extremely resistant to.

  4. dooty

    Tancredo never ceases to amaze me with the stupid shit he says.

    • dnd

      Good post Doots.

      W.r.t. Teabag Tom (thanks hippieprof), I remember him debating Markos Moulitsas on Hardball, and Tancredo was saying how down on the military the dems were. Moulitsas asked Tancredo if he served in the military and noted that he had. Chickenhawk Tancredo was left making excuses. Priceless.

  5. Teabag Tom is certainly a scary guy. What a surprise – he is telling a bunch of rich white folk that the black guy in the White House is the greatest threat to their liberty.

    Tancredo really wants to take us back to Jim Crow – he said as much in a speech he gave at the Teabag convention back in the spring. I wrote an article about it on my blog back then – and I was amazed how many people came out in support of him….

  6. dooty

    remember how crime and kidnapping is out of control in AZ? San Diego and El Paso are two cities that are either on the border (El Paso) or near the border (10 or 20 miles San Diego) that are listed a 2 of the top SAFEST CITIES in the US last year and this year so far. Gilbert, AZ is also on that list. Gilbert for those unfamiliar with the geography of AZ is a suburb just south of Phoenix. So much for the crime out of control argument.

  7. Yeah doots, the crime issue really doesn’t hold up to the fact. To my way of thinking the real problem is separating the border security issue from the immigration reform issue. I really do see them as two separate issues.

  8. Lots of interesting stuff in that link – like San Antonio listed amongst the safest cities, Dallas listed among the most dangerous. Which has the higher Hispanic population?

  9. Gosh – and El Paso on the safe list too…..

  10. dooty


    I think I can say without a doubt that San Antonio has the larger Latino population. I used to go to S A a lot when I was working and I don’t think I ever felt particularly unsafe there.

  11. Dooty – I know – that was supposed to be a rhetorical question with an obvious answer.


  12. dooty

    well, they don’t call me Mr Without a Clue for nothing.

  13. Today’s topic has put me in the mood for tex-mex.

  14. dooty

    here is what I was thinking of when I wrote that headline.

  15. Right now I have this more in mind.

  16. dooty

    slow day here is Dana Milbanks take on the Gov of Az and her lies.