Increasingly weird, increasingly racist.



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  1. Moe

    Dear Elvis, what’s with all the god stuff – I clearly haven’t been paying sufficient attention to our special Mr. Beck.

    But when did he get off his astonishing conspiratorial chains-of-proof-of-something-or-other and get on this weeping about jesus stuff???

  2. I guess you didn’t see Keith tonight Moe! You missed the part where he’s spouting about how the Jews killed Jesus, you knew it was bound to happen that at some point he would start with us Jews.

  3. Apparently his ratings are dropping so I guess he’s turning up the heat so to speak.

    The Los Angeles Times’ Joe Flint reports that News Corp.-owned Fox News cable news ratings are still high above the competition. But Glenn Beck’s total number of viewers are down by almost 30%, from 2.9 million in January to 2.1 million in April.

    Read more:

  4. His mother died last year, try to keep up.

  5. That’s a little extreme d

  6. Actually it’s beyond extreme it’s an absurd comparison.

  7. dooty

    weird, I was just reading about Beck accusing the Jews of killing Jesus on another site. One of the commentors their said that Beck was heading for an open mic statement that will effectively end his career. Hope it is sooner than later. I need the entertainment.

  8. got a link to that site doots?

  9. Well i’m off to brooklyn, have a good one peeps

  10. Moe

    dooty – “for an open mic statement that will effectively end his career”

    Lonesome Rhodes

  11. TempeBev

    Beckhead is also now criticizing Michele O’s outfit when visiting the oil-spill beaches. His repertoire of expert opinion subjects is just amazing. As someone on Huff said, he dresses like a Mormon missionary. Next will be the Beck version of the encyclopedia (online, of course) at a low price of $19.95.

  12. TempeBev

    PS. It’s HOT!!!!! predicted 115 in Phx with humidity.

  13. dooty

    try this can’t seem to copy the image directly.

  14. dooty

    raise you to 105 here on Sunday.

  15. dooty

    hell, it is 99.6f right now at 2:58pm on Friday.

    humidity is 39% and the heat index is 109f

  16. dog's eye view

    Ann Telnaes animated cartoon from the Washington Post.

    Sarah Palin defends the Tea Party.

    More properly belongs on previous thread; linking to it there too.

  17. Afternoon peeps, 94 here, humidity 48%, it sucks.

  18. Sometimes it sucks to be rich!

    Elderly couple dies while trapped in home elevator

  19. dog's eye view

    Couldn’t get through it Brian. Tried to listen to Beck, but just too many other (sentient) things to do today.

    If he’s planning to get through the pearly gates, though, based upon his “works” ….

  20. dog's eye view

    PS: didn’t know that Olbermann dated Laura Ingraham. Wonder which of them would disavow that one faster? And whether it was really a “date.”

    But can see a little of what might get them a first date. They are both articulate, attractive and in the media field; one’s loopy and mean; both are histrionic …

    As for a second date …

    • dnd

      Overheard at an Obermann/Ingraham date:

      Obermann: I can’t believe your audience buys the bullshit you spew.

      Ingraham: I can’t believe your audience buys the bullshit you spew.

      Both in unison: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

      Obermann: Let’s go to the bank and deposit our filthy lucre.

      Ingraham: Oh Keith, you know how hot that makes me.

      (smooch, smooch, smooch)

  21. Sometimes you really scare me d.

    • dnd

      “I don’t give ’em hell. I tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”
      — Harry Truman

      Me too!

  22. dog's eye view

    And then, a few days later, you hear the sound of a garden hose gushing through Olbermann’s window or mail slot, slushing water and crinkling his baseball card collection and 3,000 tapes of his onscreen appearances.

    [Allegedly Ingraham hosed house of some other ex-beau of wannabe, but cannot confirm it. I heard it on the internets!]

    That said, Olbermann gets it right a lot of the time.

    Just think he’d be more effective without the histrionics and with a larger cast of go-to experts.

    Clue: There are legal analysts other than Jonathan Turley out there. Get on some of the sensible conservatives (Theodore Olsen on gay rights) and co-opt them.) NOTE: he might have done this. I don’t watch much anymore …

    • dnd

      Without the histrionics, there would be no Countdown. When Countdown began, it was a non-partisan news show. Then they figured out that they’d get better ratings with histrionics. That’s when they lost their credibility.

  23. Moe

    Re Olbermann – I can’t handle the nightly outrage anymore either, although I do tune in now and again. (Still enjoy Worst Person).

    It says something – about me – that I loved KO when George W was prez. I’m working on that!

  24. dog's eye view

    Same here, Moe.

    Nightly outrage/poutrage — you called it.

    When W was president, we were in despair about our political leadership and waiting for relief.

    Now, because of all the “gifts” and bombs left for Obama, we have our change, and it’s still a white knuckle ride.