Final Notice

Folks for quite some time I’ve been debating whether or not I wish to keep this blog going, to be honest it’s increasingly become more a chore than a labor of love for me.  I have decided to shut down the blog.   I may in a few weeks restart the blog as a personal blog, I’m not sure yet, for now I need a break.   I wish you all the best, take care.




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7 responses to “Final Notice

  1. At dogs request I’ve opened this “thread” for comments”.

  2. dog's eye view

    OK, drama’s over.

    Kudos to Brian for carrying the rest of us and resume those music videos and poutrage examples, please.

    In other words, back to business as usual and get cracking on writing some blogposts.

    And sweltering. It’s summer.

    dog, finished one excellent martini (olives with almonds) and grilling a steak

  3. dog's eye view

    Dream real estate: Brentwood hacienda owned briefly by Marilyn Monroe on market for $3.6 million.,0,4315074.story?jajja

    Love this house for the pool, plantings and setting. You can see it well on realtor’s website.

    Anyhoo, I could hang out at that pool with coffee this morning. In dreams.

  4. dnd has agreed to take over the admin duties of this blog, if you have any issues regarding the blog or wish to post a thread get in touch with him.

  5. dog's eye view

    Sounds like a plan.

  6. Moe

    Wait a minute! I just got here – it’s not fair . . . Bryan I hope you continue to visit at my place. Always need curmudgeons you know.

    And dogseye – I saw that pix of that house last week and was so smitten iwth it that I forwarded it to quite a few friends saying “here is a perfect house”. I loved the scale of it, how everything was right sized, and I think that’s the first kidney shaped pool I ever saw that I really liked.

    Anway, glad y’all will still be here and Bryan – kudos and keep visiting. Please.

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