Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is 92 today.  His anti-apartheid activism changed the face of South Africa, and in doing so changed the discussion of race the world over.   One person can make a difference.

ps. Thanks to Brian for all his hard work over the years.  His contributions have made this a great place for discussions.



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11 responses to “Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

  1. dog's eye view

    Dana Milbank has an interesting column up today on that idiotic Iowa billboard equating Obama to Stalin and Hitler.

    Milbank, “The Tea Party makes Trouble with a capital T”


    Which was probably taken down more because it spotlighted that radical leaders (ie. your Tea Partiers and, sadly, the Republican congressional leadership) actually DO prey on the naive and fearful than because of any reticence to conflate Obama with two of the 20th century’s most brutal dictators. [dnd mentioned this at the time, but the billboard’s double meaning was amusing to anyone with more grip of history than its creators.]

    I skimmed the earliest pages of reader comments.

    Start from the “last page” — which are the earliest posts (no clue why the Post does that, but up is down too often with that paper of late) and you will see that the rational are out in force, at least early on.

    Which is unusual on a Washington Post reader comment thread these days.

    And maybe grounds for hope.

  2. dog's eye view

    Happy birthday to a class act. A wise and courageous man.

    I hope Nelson Mandela continues to live a happy and productive life.

    Thank you for spotlighting something positive!!

  3. dog's eye view

    Brian: like your newest blog and post about Tucker.

    I think the old guy has some life in him still.

    And Tucker too.

  4. Tea Party Federation Expels Mark Williams Over ‘Offensive’ Response To NAACP’s Racism Charge


  5. TempeBev

    Another new low for the Catholic church.


    Thank you, Brian, for all you did for the blog. Thank you, Dog, for taking over. I’m glad it will continue.

  6. TempeBev

    Apologies to DND – I miss read the administrator’s name. Thanks DND for assuming the responsibilities.

  7. dooty

    keep Tucker well and you too Brian.

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