Arizona Malfunction Injunction

SB 1070 becomes law today, with a few caveats thanks to U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.  It’s a bad law.  It’s unconstitutional.  It’s ineffective.  The cops hate it.  But politics is all about symbols, and this law symbolizes many things.

The objectives of supporters are trying to demonstrate that Democrats are soft on crime.  They want to show that Democrats disrespect state’s rights.  They want everyone to know that Democrats, and only Democrats, appoint activist judges (Bolton was a Clinton appointee).  They assert that government is ineffective.

SB 1070 is about a lot of things, but it has nothing to do with illegal immigration in Arizona.



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26 responses to “Arizona Malfunction Injunction

  1. dog's eye view

    I’ve not followed Arizona’s SB 1070 closely at all, and it sounds like too blunt a tool for its purposes.

    I do sympathize with those who are fed up with the negative effects of illegal immigration.

    It’s not fair to ignore the effects or the complainers, or lump them all as “racists.” Governor Brewer sounds extreme, but that does not mean her constituents aren’t frustrated by no federal enforcement.

    Effects: Overused and underfunded hospitals and health clinics, schools and social services.

    Desperate workers that drive down wages for everyone in similar employment.

    Too much population for an area with minimal water supply.

    It hits the working and middle class hard, much more than the wealthier who are likely the ones benefitting from off the records gardeners, housekeepers, laborers [and consumers].

    It would seem the abuse of agricultural workers could be the easiest fix, by adjusting the number of US temporary visas for seasonal and agricultural work up to the actual amount needed, and streamlining the process for employers to hire workers from abroad, and particularly from Mexico. It would not seem to be that hard to tell a farmworker from a terrorist.

    It’s not fair to act like this is all about one rancher killed on his border property, or that every immigrant crossing the border is a drug-bearing criminal. (PS: realize nationally many are here illegally because they overstayed their visas; sticking with border crossing, though, because we’re talking Arizona.)

    It’s also not fair to forget that many (especially) Mexican families have roots in the American Southwest that predate snowbirds moving south from the rust belt. There’s a tremendous heritage there.

    Whatever we do domestically, I hope we put real pressure on Mexico to make more opportunity available to its citizens. You cannot blame those who immigrate to a job rather than accept extreme poverty so that the oligarchy can keep more.

    shorter dog: what a mess, but it’s time to be honest and do something to address the root causes and symptoms.

    If you are talking “criminals” and “border fence”, you are not talking honestly, but simplistically.

  2. dog's eye view

    ps: not making the argument at all that those crossing the border from the South are only capable of agricultural work/unskilled labor.

    Far from it.

    However, addressing that as it’s the jobs magnet.

  3. The problem with this entire issue is that many of the right really don’t want to find a solution to the problem, they just want to demigod the issue and pander to their racist base.

  4. dog's eye view

    Brian: agreed re pandering. It goes on with the left too, where it’s assumed that “no person is illegal” and that, since we’re a nation of immigrants, anyone who wants to be here should be. And further, assuming that all immigrants support illegal immigration.

    However, that’s not to say that the problem is not festering. There are serious societal costs to large-scale illegal immigration. Arizona and other states are wrestling with them. Arizona pretty badly, from what one can see.

    Immigration reform is probably more complicated than health reform, and is best addressed without the pressure of elections bearing upon it.

    It’s how you set up your economic and societal future for several generations.

  5. dog's eye view

    NYT: Rangel is going to stand trial for ethics violations. No eleventh hour deal.

  6. dooty

    the above link is the only one I have found so I don’t know how accurate it is.

  7. dooty

    Dnd yeah I read that. There is an unfounded rumor that the Rangers got Jorge Cantu from the Marlins. it is listed on There is no confirmation by either team so this is probably a long way from being a good trade.

  8. dooty

    rumor firmed up Cantu to the Rangers.

  9. Newt crawls out from under his rock and….

  10. Morning peeps,

    Speaking of people crawling out from under a rock.

  11. dog's eye view

    Love how the Washington Post headlined the AZ injunction decision.

    Headline was that judge or her decision was “divisive.”

    They’ve taken it down, and now headline is that the judge is well versed in the immigration cases.

    WaPo has some rightwingers who do the heds. I swear it. Headlines don’t even match the story content sometimes.

  12. TempeBev

    Phoenix had riots from protesters against the changes. Sheriff Joe continues to do illegal sweeps. It finally rained in our area. Life continues as I look for someone to clean my house, someone to mow my lawn, paint my house, re-do my roof, change the sheets when I go to a hotel, wash my car, prepare food in restaurants etc. What? They’re not here anymore? The above is fictitious, but reality will set in when it comes time to harvest all the crops that come from Arizona and food prices continue to climb.

    Next on the legislatures agenda is to exempt children born in the US of illegal parents, to be denied US citizenship. My state and this country is soooooo out of whack.

  13. Stewart To Media: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy’ (VIDEO)

  14. TempeBev

    D – that’s true – I’m so sorry for Colo if he wins. Any chance? He’s nuts IMO.

    • dnd

      Not a chance Tancredo will win. Both of the Republican candidates have major baggage, and with Tancredo in the race, the Democratic candidate looks to be a shoe-in.

  15. There’s a sucker born every minute, second installment

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