God’s countin’ on me. God’s countin’ on you.

This should be the official song of the Obama administration.



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22 responses to “God’s countin’ on me. God’s countin’ on you.

  1. dooty

    Pete is a national treasure.

  2. dooty

    103 out there today here.

  3. The only good Republican is a DEAD Republican.

    Maybe its time for the Lord to send the Angel of Death down upon all those Republican Fascist Nazi’s and all Evil Seeds Of Satan that they have Spawned.

    May the Angle of Death appear in the form of True American Patriots who will use Sharon Angle’s Second Amendment Remedies and take them out.

    Get your Republican Hunting License now so you can bag your limit legally.

  4. dog's eye view

    Love the Seeger clip. Charming.

    Antidote to cynicism.

    “Hoping we’ll all pull through …. we’ve got big problems to solve, let’s get everyone involved. God’s counting on me …”

    Doots, he is a treasure. dnd, thanks.

  5. Morning peeps,
    Good catch on the Andy Griffith ad dog.

  6. Reagan’s budget director blasts the GOP on tax cuts

  7. dooty

    y’all may or may not be interested in this but this is a good friend of mine. He is playing a few songs and someone is live streaming it today at 3p mountain. If you can’t make it at 3p mountain the video will be up on the same link after a little while after the live broadcast. Enjoy!

    Mike Beck will perform a short solo acoustic show tomorrow live on the internet. You can watch it live or come back and watch it anytime as it will be there in the archives. This show is being filmed live at Music Villa in Bozeman Montana.

    Music Villa is just about the very best music store I’ve ever been in!

    Great stuff and great people who know what they’re doing and love what they do combine to make this one GREAT store.

    Here’s some info and a link to go to to watch Mike Beck in a special solo acoustic performance.

    Showtime :

    Monday August 2nd at 3pm Mountain Standard Time

    click on the link below to get there




  8. dog's eye view

    Good day.

    Glad that Pete Seeger is still up on thread. We should find a little place for him on the site, for a little while.

    Cool idea re Mike Beck online concert.

  9. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, August 02, 2010 — 4:16 PM ET

    Signs of Strength in Economy and Banking Lift Stocks; S.&P. 500 Up 2.2%

    Wall Street began August with a broad surge on Monday
    afternoon, fueled by positive news about bank earnings in
    Europe and a survey that said American manufacturing was
    stronger than expected in July.

    The widely followed Standard & Poor’s index of 500 stocks
    climbed more than 24 points, or 2.2 percent, in preliminary
    figures. The Dow industrials gained 208.44 points, or 1.99
    percent, to close at 10,674.38.

    While concerns over Europe have recently had an influence on
    investor sentiment, the banks’ earnings, results of the
    European banking stress tests and purchasing managers’ index
    for the 16 countries that use the euro appeared to ease some
    pessimism that a global credit crisis was imminent. In the
    United States, investors saw positive signs in the Institute
    for Supply Management’s survey, which fell less than expected
    in July, and in an unexpected rise in construction spending
    reported for June.

    Read More:

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