Sharron Angle and the Press



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  1. dog's eye view

    Is Fox running that spot in heavy rotation?

  2. dog's eye view

    dnd beat me to it but

    Happy Birthday Mr. President!

    We are all a better country for having you at the helm, although too many of us don’t admit or realize that.

  3. dog's eye view

    Other birthdays today. (President Obama is celebrating his in Chicago; dinner with friends and a night in his Hyde Park home.)

    Helen Thomas is 90.

    Alberto Gonzalez is 55. And still clueless.

    Billy Bob Thornton is also 55.

    Kym Karath, who played the youngest Von Trapp, Gretl, in The Sound of Music, is 52. (*sigh*)

  4. TempeBev

    Sharron Angle is another nutty repug who answers questions with nonsense and hypercritical blather. “If the press would only ask questions we want to answer . . . .” It would make her job running for office and being elected so much easier.


    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, August 04, 2010 — 1:32 PM ET

    Alex Rodriguez Hits 600th Career Home Run

    New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez homered to
    center field with two men out and a man on base in the bottom
    of the first inning off Shaun Marcum of the Toronto Blue
    Jays, giving him 17 for the season and 600 for his career so
    far. The blast gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead in the game.

  6. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, August 04, 2010 — 4:54 PM ET

    California Gay Marriage Ban Overturned

    A federal judge Wednesday struck down a California ban on
    same-sex marriages as unconstitutional, according to reports.

    The ruling by Judge Vaughn R. Walker of Federal District
    Court in San Francisco represents an important victory for
    gay rights advocates in a case that many believe may end up
    eventually going to the United States Supreme Court.

  7. TempeBev

    Some, sooner than others, are recognizing that LGBT people are really people and should be given the same rights as those that many consider “normal.” Ah, the crux of the matter – who gets to define normal? IMO, definitely not the religious right or even the religious left some times.

  8. I wish that I could be happy for you Brian, but I would say please don’t get to excited about the courts ruling.

    We all have to remember that this will end up before the Supreme Court and there are two of Hitlers Judges sitting on it. Chief Nazi Judge John Roberts and Nazi Judge Samuel Alito.

    And I also believe that it will go to the Ninth Circuit Court before heading to the Supreme Court.

    Do not forget that we have a Nazi War Criminal Jay Bybee sitting on the Ninth Circuit so if and until both Courts hear this all gays and lesbians are still second class citizens according to the American Evangelical Nazi Christian Taliban.

  9. As to Sharon Angle I still think and believe that its time true American patriots used her Second Amendment Remedies and start taking out all Republican Fascist Nazi’s and all the evil seeds of Satan they have Spawned.

  10. TempeBev

    Thanks, D. I have to offer congratulations to your Rockies. I don’t follow sports that much except for football. However, I just looked up the standings for the Rockies and the Dbacks. We suck!!!!!

  11. 3rd place in their division warrants congratulations?

  12. TempeBev

    Congrats because they’re better than the DB’s. They both suck!

  13. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.


  14. dooty

    yesterday, to carry the sports theme farther, the Texas Rangers Baseball Club was in Bankruptcy Court. Two perspective owners had come forward and the judge had decided that an auction was necessary. The proceedings started about 9AM and was over last night just after 1AM this morning. Just as the news started to leak out (no cameras or recording devices allowed in Fed Court) via Twitter that there has been a winner, Michael Young Texas Rangers all time hit leader hit a grand slam home run to put the game against Seattle out of reach.

    Congratulations to the new owner group Chuck Greenberg and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. This should allow the Texas Rangers finally make it over the hump in the playoffs.

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